American Cancer Society Says Vaping Much Better Than Smoking

The American Cancer Society has come out in favor of e-cigarettes — or vaping — over traditional combustible cigarettes. In February of this past year, they acknowledged in a statement that e-cigs (ENDS) play a role in helping some smokers quit. This most recent statement, made on June 11, goes even further stating that the American Cancer Society vows to find out the effects of ENDS and report these findings to groups like the FDA:

“The American Cancer Society (the ACS) recognizes our responsibility to closely monitor and synthesize scientific knowledge about the effects of all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and any new products derived from tobacco.  As new evidence emerges, the ACS will promptly report these findings to policy makers, the public and clinicians.”

They say that physicians should encourage their patients to use e-cigs instead of combustible cigarettes if they refuse to use more traditional routes of quitting. The American Cancer Society also stressed the importance of battling misinformation and said that the public is very misinformed about the dangers of vaping, saying:

“current generation ENDS are markedly less harmful than combustible tobacco products,” but “[m]any adults believe, erroneously, that ENDS are as harmful as combustible tobacco products, and the level of public understanding has deteriorated overtime.”

American Cancer Society | Statement and the FDA

The statement then goes on to urge the FDA to consider the ramifications on public health of its regulations and policies put in place on the vape industry. The statement reads, “…FDA should assess whether e-cigarettes help to reduce tobacco-related morbidity and mortality, and the impact of marketing of e-cigarettes on consumer perceptions and behavior.” The statement advocates for overall regulation of the vape industry, but also seems to understand that vaping can help curb mortality cause by tobacco and wants the FDA to take that into consideration.

Essentially, this statement is a step in the right direction for the vape industry. The ACS is acknowledging that there is a vast knowledge gap between science and consumer knowledge, which is seriously affecting the health benefits offered by vaping as opposed to smoking combustible cigarettes. They admit that, according to numerous scientific studies, “ENDS are markedly less harmful.”

Vaping has science and some major health organizations on its side. Now we just need to get policy-makers to follow. Teenaged rates of smoking and vaping have drastically fallen since 2015 and, despite crusaders using this as the reason for strict regulations, the stats don’t seem to be rising. The public misconception of vaping is actually frightening and stems from a smear campaign. We all need to do our part by educating our friends and family on the truth and science behind vaping when we hear falsities being spread. Make sure to start by sharing this blog post or the original statement (linked at the start of this post).

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Caroline Sparks

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  • Judy Kelly says:

    I smoked for 45 years. I have COPD which is irreversible. However, I quit smoking & started vaping 5 yrs ago. All the chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia have disappeared. I no longer Need an inhaler. I’m still short of breath sometimes but that is just part of the COPD. I am a walking advertisement for vaping. I tell everyone I know or meet about it. I’m not stupid. I know I shouldn’t be ingesting anything. But vaping is the best alternative.

    • Morgan Harris says:

      Judy, I’m in pretty much the same place you are. Smoked for many years. Childhood asthma and now COPD. Started vaping about 3 years ago, quite cigs a few months after that. While smoking I was coughing constantly so bad that my rib cage always was in pain. Not long after I quit the cigs the coughing subsided and I can breath. Still need the inhaler, but one whole heck of a lot easier to breath. I never would have been able to quit without vaping. I know…I tried it all with on success. Vape On Sister!!!!

  • Pat says:

    I too smoked for 45 years and tried everything dozens of times to quit. Vaping was my lifesaver! I also tell everyone I meet that smokes regular cigarettes (analogs) the benefits in health, money, convenience, etc. I’m so thankful for this alternative!

  • Pamela Lyles says:

    I smoked for a little more than forty years and my Dr. told me that I had to quit. He said that I could vape if I wanted, but no more smoking. I have chronic bronchitis and since I quit smoking and started vaping, my bronchitis is the same as gone. My lungs are clear and I can breathe again. I have been vaping for six plus years now and I am so glad.

  • Robb Itkin says:

    Great info ! Thanks Caroline and Joe C!

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