All About the Cartomizer

What is a Cartomizer?
A cartomizer is typically a cylinder shaped cartridge, containing an atomizer (heating element) and surrounded by a wicking material that is used for wicking and vaporing e-juice and screws directly onto the battery.

How do I install a cartomizer?
Typically a cartomizer is installed into a tank or clearomizer, every piece of hardware is different but this process typically involves unscrewing the cartomizer or sliding it out of the tank and screwing or sliding a new one in. Sometimes cartomizers are referred to simply as refill cartridges.

How do I punch my cartomizer? Why would I? How many holes if I do?
Some cartomizers come prepunched with a specified amount of holes where others won’t come punched with any. You can technically drip straight from a non-punched cartomizer if you want to that may be a reason for buying it, however if you want to punch your own you can control draw tension and control how your liquid travels through your cartomizer depending on where you place your holes and how many you put into it. To punch a cartomizer you need to have a cartomizer punch which is the specific tool used to perform this task, your punch should have a hole in the middle with a screwable bit on the side, simply loosen the bit so you can slide your cartomizer in, then screw the bit until it punched through the metal of the cartomizer. Then unscrew the bit and either rotate the cartomizer to punch it again or slide it out and be done. Make sure before you punch you look over your tank so you can decide where the hole needs to sit, you don’t want tank trim to cover the hole, and you don’t want your hole so high that you’re unable to completely drain the tank.

If you would like to purchase a cartomizer punch: http://www.mtbakervapor.com/smok-cartomizer-punch/


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