Vapor Visuals Abroad: Aberdeen, Scotland

Over 8,000 years old, Aberdeen is currently the third largest city in Scotland. Historically an important trading hub, the city’s economy boomed with the discovery of oil in the North Sea during the 1970’s. Aberdeen became home to the North Sea oil operations and as a result, the city has become top earner for the country.

Located on the east coast of Scotland, Aberdeen boasts lovely views of the North Sea.

The Torry Battery has overlooked the city’s harbor since 1860 and was used during both World Wars to defend the city.

A short walk from the coast into the city will take you past the harbor.

On the historic Shiprow near the harbor, you’ll find the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. The museum is home to displays of the North Sea oil operations as well as shipbuilding, fishing and port history.

In the city center, a few blocks from the museum you’ll find our partners, Vaporized on Union Street. Pop into stock up on your favorite MBV e juice.

Near Vaporized you’ll run into the famous Scottish Poet, Robert Burns.

“I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under any slavish bond.” – William Wallace

Just 15 miles outside of Aberdeen you’ll find the Sunhoney Stone Circle. The circle is 25 meters in diameter and formed by 11 granite stones.

The head of the stone circle lines up with the horizon of the hills to the south and the laying stone’s surface is covered with 31 cup marks. It is thought that these markers are meant to show where the moon rises or sets throughout the year.

Since the stone circle is located on the Sunhoney Farm, be sure to say hello to the ‘coos’ on your way out.

As winter in Scotland progresses I’ll be heading up north to Inverness to explore the snow-covered castles and Cairns. Don’t forget to follow us on all your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay up to date on everything vape related.

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