A Vaping FAQ for Anyone Interested in Trying E-Cigarettes

When members of any group that shares a common interest write about that interest, there can be a tendency to assume a high level of reader knowledge. They might use lingo and phrases unfamiliar to the layman. The information available on vaping, the use of e cigarettes and e cig juice, can certainly be that way. One of the most basic assumptions a lot of the information out there takes for granted is that people know what vaping is! That’s not always the case. So if you’re unsure about what vaping is or have some questions about it generally, read on, the following covers some of the basics.

What is Vaping? What Are E Cigarettes?

“Vaping” is the use of e cigarettes, and e cigarettes are devices (most of which don’t look like cigarettes, though some do) used for vaporizing e cigarette juice/vape juice. E cig juices are virtually always flavored blends of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and nicotine in suspension. There are vape juices without flavor but with nicotine and those without nicotine but with flavor. The vaporized e juice can then be inhaled just like dragging on a cigarette.

Why Do People Vape?

Many people use e cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system. Some are using it to quit smoking, others find they simply prefer it to cigarettes or just enjoy it in general. Many have switched over from smoking because they consider it a more enjoyable option. Some people vape because they love the taste of their preferred vape juice flavors and the wide varieties available.

What Kind of Vape Product Should I Choose?

The best option for a beginner or someone getting into vaping for the first time is picking up a vape starter kit from a reputable vendor. Those generally come equipped with a device, batteries for the device, a tank for the device (where the juice is stored), and a spare coil (the part of the device vaporizing the e cig juice). A kit from a reputable vendor should have everything you need to start vaping, but you’ll want to pick up some enticing e juice flavors to pair with it. For those, pick out a selection that sounds good to you. Vape juices are available with varying nicotine content, so it’s also worthwhile to get a variety of both flavors and nicotine content to try out. Some people choose to gradually wean themselves down to a lower nicotine content.

Can Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking by transitioning to vaping is one of the most common reasons people take up the vape, but… does it work? The answer is it depends on the person, but it absolutely can. Countless people have successfully quit tobacco by switching to vaping. Of course, there’s no magic bullet that is always going to work for everyone. But if other methods you’ve tried in the past have been unsuccessful and you’re still trying to quit smoking, vaping could certainly be worth a try.


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