8 Ways to Get to Mt Baker Vapor’s AZ Retail Store

Mt Baker Vapor is thrilled to announce that we will be opening up our first retail store here in Mesa, Arizona! We have been working hard to get everything set up and ready for our opening day, July 8th. But all that hard work would be wasteful if we didn’t let you know where the store is and how to get to it. So we have put together a list of 8 ways you can get to Mt Baker Vapor’s AZ retail store!

8 Ways to Get to Mt Baker Vapor’s Retail Store

4049 E Presidio St
Mesa, AZ 85215


1.) via AZ-202

We’ll start with an easy one first. If you hop on the AZ-202 Loop W/E, what you will want to do is take the Greenfield Rd. exit, number 20. Once you’ve exited the highway, you will briefly follow Greenfield Rd for about 0.2 mi and then turn right onto E Virginia St. You will see some soccer fields and a park to your left. Just keep following E Virginia as it makes a few curves, changing street names along the way (N Norwalk and E Quenton Dr.), until you come to a stop sign. From there, you will turn left onto E Presidio St. and our fancy new retail store!91502275_thumbnail

2.) via E McDowell Rd

Maybe you’re like me and you’re not the biggest fan of driving along the AZ highway. That’s cool I get it, drivers be crazy. Well never fear, you don’t need to hop on the highway to get to the summit of flavor. All you need to do is find E McDowell Rd. and depending on which way you are coming from follow it until you reach N Norwalk. If you’re traveling east on E McDowell, you will pass by Falcon Field Airport before reaching N Norwalk. And if you are traveling west, your turn will be just before the WAXIE Sanitary Supply store, that has a big yellow bumble bee on it.

3.) Biking

Racing bicyclist with bike isolated on white background

With most of the direction taken care of we’ll shift focus from what way to travel to different ways you could use to get here. You could ride your bike! Cuts down on gas, it’s a great cardio workout, and it makes parking a lot easier when all you need to do is chain it up out front!

4.) Walking Print

Another great choice for those brave enough to weather the heat and get in a little cardio is walking. As beneficial as it is to go for a brisk walk, if you do choose this method of travel during these hot months, we would recommend that you pack yourself plenty of water for the trip. Don’t stress on getting lost either, we will have plenty of A-frame signs directing you towards our location.

5.) MotorcycleHiRes_2

Here at Mt Baker Vapor, we also cater to our biker friends as well. With designated motorcycle parking in front, and prime biking weather, why not hop on the old hog for day ride and some sweet sweet MBV e-liquid.

6.) SkydiveParagliding design

Maybe you have the passion to live on the wilder side of life and want to make a grand entrance. Skydiving in might be the choice for you. That’s cool with us, just be sure to stick your landing and know where you’re going from the sky. Our Longitude and latitude  coordinates are: Latitude of 33.4720216 and longitude of -111.742761. Good luck and well keep our eye to the sky for you!

7.) AirplaneHiRes_3

As I mentioned earlier, the retail store is relatively close to an airport. Maybe you’re a high roller and own your own plane, or maybe it really is more convenient for you to fly in. Either way Mt Baker Vapor has you covered. With Falcon Field Airport.

8.) WebsiteHiRes_4

You know, not everyone who wants to visit us in person is going to be able to just yet. It’s sad, but we understand. Lucky for everyone, we still have our great website with a full range of option to choose from and have shipped right to your home or mailbox!

What ever method of travel you choose, we are excited to say hi to all our vape fans old and new that take the time to stop by. We know it will be worth it! Looking forward to seeing you all here, July 8th. Until then, vape on!

Andrew Figgs

Photography Major from Western Washington University . I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

  • S says:

    Someone must have had a slow day at the office.

  • Joe says:

    Sadly only number 8 for me out here half the country away lol

  • Deb says:

    What time will the retail store be open? Will there be any specials on opening day?

    • Josh Hanna says:

      We are doing the soft opening tomorrow and we will be open 10-6 Monday-Friday. We are not going to be open on weekends just yet but soon we will change that.

  • Paul says:

    Awe man! I’ll be traveling from Maryland on July 16 to vacation in Scottsdale, AZ until the 24th. I was so hoping to stop in and check out your new diggs during that time. Give me a personal tour! No one has to know about it. 🙂

  • Moneytha Burns says:

    I’ll be out there visiting Ray Korte (your mixologist) but I’m leaving on the 27th. What time is the grand opening? I don’t have to be at the airport until 3pm.

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