5 Outrageous Depictions of Vapers [VIDEO]

The public’s reaction to vape culture has ranged from bemused to outraged. As we’ve covered before, the public isn’t quite sure what to make of this new-fangled vaping thing. From that confusion comes some bizarre caricatures and truly baffling vaping videos. Here are my favorite five outrageous depictions of vapers:

1. ZOMBIES vs. VAPERS – “VaporActive”

The message is clear enough in this video. Smoking transforms you into a zombie, and vaping is the only cure. The video features plenty of angsty, hoodie-clad youngsters looking weirded out, with low-budget CGI and a cringe-worthy re-tooling of an IMAGINE DRAGONS song. This video troubled me more than any zombie movie I’ve ever seen.

2. VAPE NATION – h3h3 Productions

Ethan and h3h3 Productions have acted as a dadaist mirror to our troubling world for years now. Like many pioneers of the lo-fi alternative humor realm, h3h3 leaves viewers with a punch-drunk, bewildered glee. VAPE NATION is a masterpiece synthesis of public perception of vapers: delusional, oafish, and impossibly lame. This is far from a spot-on representation of the average vaper, but I’ve met a few people just like this guy.


The New Yorker has a storied history of confusing the bejesus out of me. Their cartoons are probably hilarious to aging college professors, but they make me shake my fist in rage. Their newest piece of magical realism/satire is entitled “CHECK OUT MY SICK VAPING VIDEOS, FILMED IN THE BASEMENT OF THIS CASTLE FILLED WITH MERMEN,” which touches on some familiar vapers-as-dopes tropes: complex vape tricks, vlogs, blasting E.D.M. music, etc… This bizarre vape vlogger narrative is a cry for help to escape the clutches of the gurgling, murderous mermen. Weird stuff.


Though it’s refreshing to see vaping in a positive light, this may be the least relatable vape video of all time. I don’t know if these cigarette-tossing dance parties exist, and I’m not sure I want to witness one in real life. I think a Penderecki tune would be a more suitable soundtrack for this odd little romp.

5. Typical Vape Lord

Like the VAPE NATION video shown above, this guy surely walks among us. There must be a Vape Lord out there, somewhere, but this guy is a hyperbole of an outlier. I laughed, but I cringed at his misuse of vaping terms. Maybe I’m becoming a vape lord, myself…

For additional insights into public perception of vaping (and additional laughs), be sure to venture into the comments sections of these videos. Some are hateful, some unreadable, some are ardently pro-vaping, and some appear to be written by malfunctioning spam-bots. This is the world we live in, vape fans.

Tim Mechling

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

  • Robert says:

    The zombie video is just ridiculous. Lol

  • Mark says:

    I am by no means a vaping expert. I have a very simple product that consists of a JomoTech 2200 mah 40 watt box that I got from a friend and I put a Derringer dipper on it and it keeps me off the cigs. I’m down to a 6 on my nicotine and I’m just a standard guy working in an office. I’m invisible in the vaping community but I have a voice wich is what we all need to fight for our rights as vapers to vape and not smoke. I urge all of you to sign every petition you can find and donate just one dollar to our cause. We need to educate not alienate.

  • Grace says:

    this is funny

  • Jason says:

    I notice a lot of vapers critisize other vapers for what mod they use, ohms they are at etc… it’s a shame everybody should encourage each other no matter what mod they use.

  • Evan says:

    exactly Jason. To this day i still vape on a MT3S tank. It’s easy…cheap…and vapes great! I don’t really care what other vapers are vaping on, i just care about what I enjoy vaping on! “to each is own”

  • Mark says:

    I hate to say it but it kind of like the clicks in highschool you got your preps, your techies and so on the vaping community is no different but I’m right there my device is easy, simple and it works for me and it is budget friendly the whole thing retails for a little over 20 bucks with tax and all. I wish there was someone that when I started would have told me that I didn’t have to waste 250 bucks to get started on something good. But you live and learn and I will help any Newby that is willing to ask.

  • Kristen says:

    hahha these are hilarious. You know it’s becoming mainstream when there are parodys

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