4 Ways to Boost the Battery Life of Your E-cigarette

A common complaint among people who prefer vaping rather than smoking is that the life of the battery is often too short. For those of you who concur that this is a valid complaint, we have some tips you may find useful to avoid this annoying situation in the future. There are 4 ways to boost E-cigarette battery life. Read on to find out what steps you can take to extend the use of this vital component which powers your vaping device.

Keep the Battery Clean

The batteries used in E-cigarettes are constantly exposed to the oils and dirt which accumulate on our hands. This helps to attract more small particles of debris which attach to the oil and stick. When you have leaks of the liquids that are used, this can also coat the battery and cause a decrease in the performance and life of the battery. By regularly disassembling the e-cigarette and cleaning the battery and surrounding areas, you are helping to extend the life and strength of the battery.

Fully Charge Your E-cigarette Battery Properly

Keeping your e-cig battery running strong is a matter of keeping it properly maintained. Charging the battery should happen when the battery is at about 50 percent of its capacity. Waiting until it is at a considerably low level can cause stress which will weaken its ability to function properly even when fully charged. Another issue of waiting too long to recharge your battery is that it has a degenerative effect on the longevity of your battery, which means a full charge doesn’t last as long and you get fewer full charges before you need a replacement.

Avoid Leaving the Battery Out When Not in Use

Many people mistakenly believe that limiting the use of the E-cig battery will make it last longer. When e-cigarette batteries are not regularly used they have a tendency to discharge and weaken. The e-cig batteries are designed for frequent use, when we use them it actually keeps them performing longer and at a higher level.

Store Your Batteries Properly

The cases which are provided for your batteries have been designed to protect them by keeping them safe against damage such as accidental drops. However, placing then in a humid or excessively warm place can also cause damage. Keep your batteries stored in the case when they’re not in use and make sure the place where they are stored is cool and dry.

Spare Batteries

Depending on the amount of vaping you like to do, you may want to consider having a few extra e-cig batteries on hand. If you find that you are having difficulty keeping your e-cig battery charged above 50 percent of its capacity, you could benefit from using a spare which you keep fully charged while you wait for your primary battery to recharge back above the 50% threshold. By applying these 4 simple steps, you can help to greatly extend the life of your e-cigarette battery.


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