4 Most Outrageously Dumb Pieces of Anti-Vaping Propaganda

Whether you believe that big tobacco, the government, or anti-cigarette groups are behind them, there’s no doubt that anti-vaping propaganda seems to be everywhere these days. While it can be a little annoying, the silver lining is that these publications are unintended comedy gold mines. Here are our favorite pieces of outrageously dumb vaping propaganda.

1. “The Dirty Truth About E-Cigs”

Discovery Channel, how far you’ve fallen. This piece of anti-vaping propaganda is narrated by Laci Green, an “internet celebrity” that likes to brag about the families she’s broken up. In this three minute video she discovers that: vaping is “just like cigarettes,” there is “propylene glycol” in vapor, and that sponsoring rock concerts is “youth driven marketing.”

Basically, do not watch this if you have blood pressure issues related to getting angry.

2. Kansas Family Partnership Pamphlet

kansas pamphlet

Full Pamphlet

Sometimes I wonder if this stuff is being produced just for comedic purposes. This pamphlet tells us the story of “John” a good kid whose life is turned upside down when a simple trip to the bowling alley and offer of a hit from his friend’s vape turns into a trip to the hospital, a $10,000 fine, and a drug possession charge. Seriously. Try not to die from laughing.

3. Anti-Vaping Kristy


anti-vape kristy

Look, by no means do I feel unsympathetic to Kristy’s story. As someone who has tried to cut tobacco out of his life as best as he can, I applaud anyone who has quit cigarettes. Good on you for getting off cigs, Kristy.

However, I do take issue with the CDC’s logic in this ad. Why does vaping need to be mentioned? Just because something didn’t work for Kristy doesn’t mean it contributes to the health issues caused by cigarettes. Nicotine patches don’t work for some people; should they be demonized? The casual mention of vaping makes me think someone is just trying to drag the community’s name in the mud.

4. CBS 2 Orange County

No round-up of ridiculous anti-vaping propaganda would be complete without a cheesily produced local news segment. You know, the type of TV content made for people who only know that something is bad when its image changes from colored to black and white.

This video really jumps the shark at the 1:24 mark. After a policeman notes that some e-cigs could be used for vaporizing marijuana products, the reporter adds that this creates a clear path to the use of “methamphetamine and heroin.” Later, a local women argues that bubblegum and strawberry flavorings are obviously targeted toward children (because we all know adults hate sweets).

The statistical evidence to back all this? Curiously absent.

Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.