21 Unexpected Vaping Benefits

Congratulations! You’ve successfully quit cigarettes. A reward in itself, but what about the other benefits of chasing clouds? Here’s a round-up of the unexpected vaping benefits that make this hobby so much more than just a way to stop smoking:

1. USB chargers everywhere!

fund usb cable

Sure you’ve spent the last two paychecks on eight different mods and your roommate is getting aggressive about the fact that the landlord keeps posting eviction notices because the rent hasn’t been paid, but you know what? When he needs to charge his phone you’ll be the hero once again.

2. Drinking WAY more water


As much as we enjoy vaping, there’s no denying that a couple long drags will leave you with a dry mouth. But this just gives you an excuse to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Something any health expert will say is a good idea anyways.

3. Say goodbye to burn marks everywhere.

Disgruntled Housewife

Nothing ruins a piece of perfectly good piece of fabric like having a crusty black hole punched through it. Get into vaping and the only adverse effect you’re shirts will experience is smelling like Hawk Sauce.

4. You don’t need a fog machine.

blur image of Stage lights

Trying to add some atmosphere to your next house party? No need to rent an expensive fog machine, just call your vaper friends and tell them to come over and start chuckin’. Note: relevant video.

5. Electrical knowledge = electrical power!


If you’ve memorized the above image, you know what I’m talking about. Many in the vaping community have their new hobby to thank for an education in basic electrical knowledge that they would’ve otherwise never cared to learn.

6. A new language that only you and fellow vapers understand.


There’s something great about having a language that only you and a few others know about. In these early days of the vaping we get to enjoy this quirky benefit with everyone else who knows what it means to experience some sub-ohm clouds of two-month steeped Thug Juice on a perfectly wrapped Clapton.

7. Your bumming days are over.


I try to be a generous person, but I have no patience for people who think that the fact that someone is smoking gives them a pass to harass them for free stuff. Start vaping and stop worrying about listening to a drunk person’s sales pitch next time you go out for a drink.

8. Indulge your sweet tooth without the weight-gain.


If you’re trying to improve your health by not smoking, why not try to cut out sweets as well? Grab some Cinnamon Roll e-juice and vape away your cravings for sticky-sweet goodness.

9. No worries about crushing something in your pocket

No smoking

One of the most annoying parts of smoking for me (other than, you know, tasting like an ashtray) was the fact that I had to carry around a fragile paper box full of fragile paper sticks. As a self-described clutz, it was a recipe for disaster. Nowadays I carry an Innokin MVP4 that I’m pretty sure could stop a bullet if I needed it to.

10. You get to keep cozy.

Man in cloack

If your habit forces you to leave the warmth of your house in the dead of Winter, it’s probably not a habit worth having. Just saying.

11. You get to experience learning a new hobby.

Woman looks up

As human beings we love to learn. There’s something inherently rewarding about picking up a new subject and working hard to educate yourself about it. When you start vaping, you expose yourself to a whole new world of skill sets to practice and perfect.

12. The flavor options, oh, the flavor options.


With smoking you get two options: tobacco and menthol. With vaping, you can have those traditional flavors along with a myriad of fruits, deserts, and drink options. And who doesn’t like more options?

13. Vaping creates a brand new industry.

vaping industry employment

As we’re covered before, the vaping industry helps the economy by creating a brand new group of jobs for people to learn. At a time when much of the world is still struggling to recover from the global 2008 recession, it’s nice to know that your hobby helps other people find employment.

14. It gets you involved in politics and local government.


As important as government is to our everyday lives, it’s easy to insulate ourselves from learning about even our local government (let alone national politics). While we wish we didn’t have to educate ourselves about the legislative process under such trying circumstances, the experience we are all gaining of learning how to fight a grassroots political battle as a young community is invaluable.

15. Your trash can doesn’t smell like cigarette butts.

Used cigarette butts in green waste bin on white background

In my mind the only thing that rivals the terrible smell of cigarettes is the terrible smell of many used cigarettes collected over time. Add in any kind of moisture? Instant smell-nightmares.

16. You don’t have to devote time to a whole cig. Vape and go.


We live in a world where the average person gets antsy if their YouTube video doesn’t load in three seconds. Who has the time to waste minutes of their lives sucking down cigarette smoke? Vaping lets you get what you want, when you want it, fast.

17. The mailman is your adult ice-cream man.

Delivery man asking for a signature

The beauty of living in the 21st century: you can order a bottle of e-juice from your phone and have it delivered within days right to your door. But vape mail would never be possible without your local Mailman. Keep that in mind next February 4th.

18. You don’t need gum anymore!

Chewing gum and mint

Every mouth deserves to be kissed sometimes. How can the tobacco companies sleep at night knowing they ruin millions of kisses every day? Gum is one more expense vaping will spare you!

19. Kill mosquitoes with vapor clouds.

Fogging to prevent spread of dengue fever

This has been rumored online, but have never been able to try this. Apparently you can rid yourself of swarming mosquitos if you have potent enough clouds. Somebody, please go out and get this on video!

20. Get rid of nasty smells (dog fart screen).


Start vaping and experience the joys of constantly carrying around a good-smell generating machine.

21. Clear your sinuses with menthol vape.


I almost never vape mint but I make sure to keep some 0mg menthol around the house in case I get sick. Take a couple rips and say goodbye to the horrors of nasal congestion.

 Something to think about:

What are your favorite unexpected vaping benefits?

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Kenny Spotz

Kenny joined the Mt. Baker Vapor crew in November of 2014 because he was excited by the idea of working in such a cutting-edge industry. Beyond MBV, he's an avid musician, writer, and hiker.

  • Stanley Churchill says:

    Now instead of collections of cigarette butts in ashtrays, I have collections of mod and attys that I can play with…………

  • Don Strashinsky says:

    #21 is NO lie!! I spilled some “Extreme Ice” and wiped it up with my handkerchief and took a strong whiff. HOOEEE!! Much better than Vick’s Vapo Rub!!!!

  • Ian says:

    Menthol flavours work wonders on a sore throat too! Whenever I feel I am coming down with a cold, I switch to a menthol flavour and it works like magic, especially the black ice flavour from mbv.

  • I’ve smoked for 42 years and wouldn’t even consider quitting until I tried an E-Cigarette. I bought my starter kit two months ago and haven’t touched or wanted a regular cigarette since.

  • Ks says:

    Not getting rid of mosquitoes… I’m sitting in a hunting stand now getting swarmed and now about to pass out trying to fog them out…

    • Kenny Spotz says:

      Looks like we might need to find a new #19. Any suggestions?

      • Teia May says:

        Not having to worry about burning your gloves when it’s cold out or your hair when it’s windy out with your lighter! Or trying to get a cigarette lit when it’s windy. Or how about the difference in long term cost!!! There are soooo many things!!

  • Ks says:

    How about propaline glycol the main ingredient in most eliquids is actually approved by the Fsa for use in hospitals to sanatize air and it supposedly actually kills viruses

  • Ks says:

    Ok so I got really high ml nicotine liquid and turned my vape up to 60 and not only does it seem to repel bugs (for the moment the clouds hanging out) but it seems to drop them dead. I suspect due to the fact that insects body’s work off of nicotinamide receptors alone unlice humans who have multiple receptors. In other words it causes them to start seisureing and die almost immediately after they take it in through their nose( speticles that line their sides. The problem I’m facing now is nausea and sweats lmao

    • John Swanke says:

      Well, with more advanced vaping setups, high wattage and sub ohm capabilities, you will definitely be getting more nicotine from your vape. I highly recommend cutting down your nicotine level or adjusting your wattage to a lower setting so as not to experience nausea and sweating. Nicotine sickness is nothing to mess with. We want you to be a safe and healthy vaper! If you’re having insect problems please consult an exterminator or use some proper bug repellent. We ask that everyone please be respectful of nature and creatures while vaping. #buglivesmatter

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  • Shad Morris says:

    A friend of mine is trying to stop smoking, but wanted to try e-juice to see if it helps him. Its’ interesting that you can actually get different flavors that taste great. Since he is trying to lose the taste of cigarettes, this might be a great option for him.

  • Very informative post, I did quit smoking after trying naked ejuice, vaping saved my life and lungs

  • PETER says:

    I stopped smoking and start vaping yesterday, and I never lit any cigarettes since I started vaping, I am actually amazed how this thing works, I don’t crave for cigarettes anymore.

    • Corey Gefroh says:

      That is great news! We are very happy to hear that you were able to kick the traditional cigarettes! Vape on!

  • Dan says:

    Using it to quit smokeless tobacoo. Day two so far, actually surprised how much I enjoy it and how easy it has been. Now just need to find some juice that actually taste like a real cigar, not big on the fruity stuff.

  • Giovanni says:

    Great post! Number 18 would be me, I used to carry gum around religiously because of my smoking.

  • Pat says:

    Vaping has helped me to lose weight. When I feel hunger pangs, I have a couple of draws on my vape stick flavoured with iced black currant and it takes the edge off my appetite. It also leaves my mouth with a nice fruity taste for a while so I feel like I’ve had a sweet. Sweet!

  • Naked 100 says:

    Sweet for I personally love naked 100 very smooth perfect nicotine not harsh not light , I tried berry lush naked lately and it is amazing

  • Vapelover6969 says:

    Great post!!! Helped me out a lot✌ keep up the great work!!!😃😉

  • This is a nice post providing information.
    Thanks for posting.

  • Jackey says:

    One day I woke up from a nap and I had that dry spot in the back of my sinuses that you can never do anything about. I grabbed my vape took a few deep hits and blew out my nose and like magic the dry irritated spot was gone!

  • Joy Butler says:

    Thanks for helping me understand more about the benefits of vaping. Every time my cousin Sydney is around and vaping, I would ask her, “What is it in vaping that you really like it?”. She would just smile and say, “I just love it!”. Well, now that you have explained this, particularly not having the terrible smell of cigarette butts, I won’t be asking her anymore!

  • I like when you said that you get to choose among the several kinds of fruity flavors and dessert options when you resort to vaping. It’s like candy and the invigorating effects of cigarettes in one which makes it more fulfilling. I’ve been a smoker for 10 years and one of the things that bothered me a lot is the stinking breath that it leaves in your mouth and body each time I smoke. Vaping sounds new that I’m curious about trying it for myself; exploring my options online will make a good idea to buy one and try it on for myself.

  • Melanie says:

    I was a 2-pack per day smoker. It got so when I laid down at night, I could hear myself wheezing. I was winded just walking up one flight of stairs. I had to do something. Nicotine “gum” made my jaw ache, patches gave me awful rashes and there was no way I was messing with Chantix. So I bought my first E-Go and filled it with 36mg juice. Haven’t smoked a cigarette since. I’ve walked my nicotine intake down to 3mg. Once I get to zero, I’ll just have to tackle the hand-to-mouth habit and I’m clear! I now hike 10-12 miles in the hot Florida sunshine without getting winded. My diabetic husband puts dessert flavors in his tank. He gets the taste of the sweets he craves without the deadly blood sugar spikes.

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