Can You Handle It? Try Mt Baker Vapor’s Most Extreme Flavors—If You Dare

Mt Baker Vapor is well-known throughout the vape community for the deliciousness of their e juice flavors. Sometimes, however, deliciousness isn’t the only thing you need. Fortunately, Mt Baker Vapor offers a selection of e cig juices that go beyond the bounds of the flavors the average vaper is used to, serving up truly extreme flavors. Small wonder, since they’re the only vaping outfit in existence extreme enough to attract the attention of the intergalactic musical overlords that are GWAR. Here are just a few of the most extreme flavors offered by Mt Baker Vapor.

GWAR Fluids: Immortal Corruptor

No entity in the galaxy that knows corruption better than GWAR. That forbidden knowledge undoubtedly guided them, and the Scumdog (GWAR fan) flavor geniuses at Mt Baker Vapor, in the creation of the GWAR Fluids e cig juice flavor Immortal Corruptor. It’s a delicious blend of sweet pineapple, the richest whipped cream, and marshmallow drowned in an infernal ocean of pistachio pudding.

Extreme Ice Vape Juice

How can Mt Baker Vapor’s Extreme Ice Vape Juice be anything but an ultra-extreme blast of chill vape intensity? It can’t, is the answer. Extreme Ice Vape Juice is like inhaling a hurricane-gust of arctic wind on a planet where their ice is formed of mint and menthol.

GWAR Fluids: Uncolored Jizmoglobin

This GWAR-summoned hellbrew was colored originally—that was before it went to one of GWAR’s live shows. The terrifyingly mind-melting spectacle it experienced that night turned out to be too much for poor Jizmoglobin, because its color fled before the third song—it was frightened clear. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this intoxicatingly creamy blend of blueberry kissed with nuts and custard.

Beast Treats Vape Juice

Is there any more demanding feeling than the ravenous beast inside you roaring savagely for a delicious treat? Sometimes the only thing to soothe a beast with flavor needs that extreme is to feed it Beast Treats Vape Juice. Mt Baker Vapor created this masterpiece of flavor by combining oranges, grapes, strawberries, lemons, and limes. After one hit, you’ll undoubtedly be ordering this vape juice wholesale extremely quickly.

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The Most Patriotic Vapes for the Summer Holidays From Mt Baker Vapor

Summer is the time that every American can celebrate our most patriotic holidays. There’s July 4th, of course, but also Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as Columbus Day and Veterans Day once summer has passed. While there’s never a bad time to celebrate being an American, those holidays are a great reason to indulge in the most patriotic, summer-themed vape juice flavors Mt Baker Vapor offers. The following are just a few of the standout flavors in their vape juice lineup.

USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice

What says “America” more than a Mt Baker Vapor vape juice flavor featuring not only tobacco but also “USA” in the title? Probably not much. The USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juicefeatures the flavor profile of sweet, light USA tobacco for a pleasurable, smooth vape.

Watermelon Vape Juice

This vaping juice represents the incomparable experience of enjoying a juicy watermelon slice on a hot summer day. As watermelon is red, Mt Baker Vapor’s Watermelon Vape Juice can also represent the red of the American flag.

USA Menthol Vape Juice

Rugged and independent while cool, chill, classic, and refreshing. That description applies to both Americans in general and the USA Menthol Vape Juice blended to smooth, brisk perfection by the proud folk at Mt Baker Vapor. Since it’s a clear vape juice, it also gets to be the white of Old Glory.

Blue Moo Vape Juice

Blue Moo Vape Juice has the honor, among all of Mt Baker Vapor’s vape flavors, to complete the colors of our flag. It also has the honor of being incredibly delicious. The flavor-master patriots at Mt Baker Vapor took the very essence of plump, ripe blueberries and the richest cream and mixed them together for a refreshing vape experience that’s hard to beat. Celebrating America never tasted this amazing.

Vape-A-Vet T-Shirt

Patriotic as all of those flavors may be, Mt Baker Vapor has given us a way to show our patriotism in another incredibly important way. They’re proud supporters of the Vape A Vet Project, a nonprofit organization that supplies vets, both in the USA and outside of it, access to a variety of vaping products. Check out and pick up one (or more) of their Vape-A-Vet T-shirts. Not only is it a super-stylish investment, but $5 of every shirt purchased also goes to the nonprofit.

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How to Help Friends and Family Members Switch From Smoking to Vaping

Almost all of us have an impulse to share the things we appreciate and enjoy. It’s what makes it so satisfying to get someone into a band or recommend a movie or book they end up loving. When it comes to sharing something like vaping with friends and loved ones, though, that impulse can be even stronger. There are a lot of good reasons to switch to vaping—some people do it to quit smoking and some people just do it for the fun e cig flavors. For some tips on how to help friends and family members switch from smoking to vaping, read on. 

Why It’s Worth It

As mentioned, there are a whole lot of reasons to switch over from smoking to vaping—finding vendors with delicious vape juice flavors being just one of them. One is also able to get rid of that stale smoker’s smell, enjoy the return of sharper senses of smell and taste, and much more.

Getting Them Started

One of the most common barriers to vaping among even those who are open to switching over is simply committing to doing so. The variety of hardware, which vape flavors to choose, and generally how it all works can be a bit intimidating. That means that the most crucial step in introducing someone to e cigarettes and vaping is just giving them the means to begin. Getting them a good vape starter kit with the necessary hardware and some enticing vape flavors is often exactly the thing that facilitates the switch.

Have Some Flavor Variety

Even if you know they love a particular food, drink, tobacco, or dessert, that preference may not transfer to a cloud of vapor. You should certainly include it as a selection when offering them a variety of flavors with their starter kit but add some variety. Consider including some flavors you love, some you think they’ll love: some sweet flavors, minty or menthol flavors, and tobacco flavors. Finding one they’re crazy about is a great motivator.

Have Some Nicotine Variety

Another common hurdle to successfully transitioning from cigarettes to vaping is a new vaper not getting the nicotine content right. All too often a long-time or heavy smoker will think that they should definitely go with a higher-nic juice to accommodate their smoking levels of nicotine intake, only to end up green-faced and nauseated from too much nicotine. On the other hand, they might vape a lower-nic juice and give up on vaping when they’re not feeling their craving met. Starting with low-nic juices but having higher content flavors available is always a good way to go so one can work their way up to a satisfactory level.

Have Some Transition Tips

While you may be all about your advanced sub-ohm RTA/RDA mod, a new vaper isn’t going to be, at least not right off the bat. Begin with a basic, user-friendly mod (which should be included in a vape starter kit). Additionally, be there to answer their questions, introduce them to other vapers, and generally show them the ins and outs of vaping. Remind them that having the occasional cigarette during the transition isn’t a failure. After all, it’s a transition, not a hard switch.

A Vaping FAQ for Anyone Interested in Trying E-Cigarettes

When members of any group that shares a common interest write about that interest, there can be a tendency to assume a high level of reader knowledge. They might use lingo and phrases unfamiliar to the layman. The information available on vaping, the use of e cigarettes and e cig juice, can certainly be that way. One of the most basic assumptions a lot of the information out there takes for granted is that people know what vaping is! That’s not always the case. So if you’re unsure about what vaping is or have some questions about it generally, read on, the following covers some of the basics.

What is Vaping? What Are E Cigarettes?

“Vaping” is the use of e cigarettes, and e cigarettes are devices (most of which don’t look like cigarettes, though some do) used for vaporizing e cigarette juice/vape juice. E cig juices are virtually always flavored blends of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and nicotine in suspension. There are vape juices without flavor but with nicotine and those without nicotine but with flavor. The vaporized e juice can then be inhaled just like dragging on a cigarette.

Why Do People Vape?

Many people use e cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system. Some are using it to quit smoking, others find they simply prefer it to cigarettes or just enjoy it in general. Many have switched over from smoking because they consider it a more enjoyable option. Some people vape because they love the taste of their preferred vape juice flavors and the wide varieties available.

What Kind of Vape Product Should I Choose?

The best option for a beginner or someone getting into vaping for the first time is picking up a vape starter kit from a reputable vendor. Those generally come equipped with a device, batteries for the device, a tank for the device (where the juice is stored), and a spare coil (the part of the device vaporizing the e cig juice). A kit from a reputable vendor should have everything you need to start vaping, but you’ll want to pick up some enticing e juice flavors to pair with it. For those, pick out a selection that sounds good to you. Vape juices are available with varying nicotine content, so it’s also worthwhile to get a variety of both flavors and nicotine content to try out. Some people choose to gradually wean themselves down to a lower nicotine content.

Can Vaping Help Me Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking by transitioning to vaping is one of the most common reasons people take up the vape, but… does it work? The answer is it depends on the person, but it absolutely can. Countless people have successfully quit tobacco by switching to vaping. Of course, there’s no magic bullet that is always going to work for everyone. But if other methods you’ve tried in the past have been unsuccessful and you’re still trying to quit smoking, vaping could certainly be worth a try.

Unexpected Benefits of Switching From Smoking to Vaping

People love vaping for all sorts of reasons. The variety of vape juice flavors is a common case for switching, replacing the smoking smell with much more pleasant aromas. Some people use vaping as a way to quit, or simply to more easily control their nicotine intake. There are a great many other benefits, too.

It Can Change Your Entire Perspective

This change isn’t a certainty, of course, but it can be the most profound and important benefit of switching over. Particularly when you’ve unsuccessfully tried quitting a number of times, smoking can become symbolic of features of a life you’d like to change but can’t. Quitting smoking by switching to vaping can be profound. Many find their senses are improved and the smoke smell is banished, among other benefits. It can also result in a change of perspective. Quitting smoking is not an insurmountable hurdle. With vaping, it’s achievable for many more people, and it can be extremely liberating.

Switching to Vaping May Relieve Symptoms of Smoking

Sometimes people switching over to vaping from smoking will be concerned that they’re coughing at the beginning of their transition. There’s no need to worry if they’re coughing more than they’re used to—it’s a good thing! Switching to vaping can result in a period of coughing (more) while your body clears your lungs of cigarette residue. Often, soon after, the smoker’s cough you’d taken for granted fades away. Many switching to vaping also find they regain stronger senses of smell and taste. It’s amazing what vaping can offer, beyond the variety of delicious vape flavors.

Hit Management: No Wasted Cigarettes

One of the most convenient things about vaping is that you are in control of your nicotine dosage, rather than a cigarette determining it for you. When you’re smoking and don’t feel like finishing the cigarette, or you’re interrupted, it often means a wasted cigarette. That, or carrying around a stinky, half-smoked butt that it seems anyone close by can smell. But when you’re vaping you can take as many or as few hits as you’d like. And if you’re interrupted there’s no expensive waste or offensive half-butt.

Easier Weaning Off

To say quitting cigarettes is hard, anyone who’s tried it (successfully or no) will recognize as a huge understatement. Even when the nicotine craving has been dealt with, the physical act of smoking can be at least as hard to forget or replace. When someone’s transitioned to vaping, however, that weaning process can be done more gradually and with more control over nicotine content, hit size, and hit frequency. For many vapers, when they feel like the time has come to kick the nic altogether, they can vape nicotine-free flavors for as long as they like while keeping the satisfying physical action.

Vladdin RE vs. SX Mini Mi Class | Compare and Contrast

The Vladdin RE is a pen style vape device that uses refillable pods and has a built in 350mAh battery. The Vladdin RE uses pods with a ceramic coil and a 1.5ml capacity. Depending on usage the average life expectancy of a pod is around one week. The pod is designed for use with nic salts but can be used with 50PG/50VG juices of your choice. The pods for the Vladdin RE can be refilled by removing the black mouthpiece from the pod. Once the mouthpiece is removed the rubber seal underneath will need to be removed as well. There are two large juice fill ports underneath the rubber seal that make filling the pods for the Vladdin RE easy. Pods for the Vladdin RE connect to the battery via a magnetic connection.

The Vladdin RE is perfect for vapers looking for a device that provides a tight mouth to lung draw. The draw of the Vladdin RE is very comparable to a cigarette and provides plenty of throat hit. This would be a great device for transitional smokers. The Vladdin RE does not use a button to fire the device and has no need for power adjustments. The Vladdin RE operates using an auto draw system. Battery life varies depending on the amount of usage. With heavy usage the battery will typically last up to four hours. The Vladdin RE Charges quickly via USB port. Average charging time for the Vladdin RE is approximately 45 minutes.

SX Mini Mi Class

The SX Mini Mi Class is a portable pen style vape device that uses refillable pods and has a 400mAh built in battery. The SX Mini Mi Class uses pods with a ceramic 1.0Ω coil and has a 1.5ml capacity. Depending on usage the average life of the pod is an average of one week. The pods for the SX Mini Mi Class can be used with nic salts and regular juice with a 50/50 blend. The pods for the SX Mini Mi class can be refilled by unscrewing the drip tip connected to the pod. Underneath the drip tip are two large juice fill ports. The device is easy to fill and the dual fill ports eliminate vapor lock when filling.

The SX Mini Mi Class is a mouth to lung device. This device is perfect for vapers who want a tight draw. The flavor and vapor production of the device are excellent but not as much as a direct to lung sub-ohm device. Higher levels of nicotine are recommended when using this device. The SX Mini is operated with a single button. The button needs to be pressed to fire the device and produce vapor. The SX Mini Mi is also equipped with an OLED screen that has a battery life indicator, voltage read outs and a puff counter. The brightness levels of the screen can also be customized.

Vapers looking for a device that is compact and portable while still being stylish are going to love the SX Mini Mi Class. The design of the device is elegant and the installation and removal of the pod system is unique. The YiHi name is also well know for manufacturing great chipsets. This device is for someone more vape savvy that needs a pod style device.

Vladdin RE Package Contents:

  • 1 X Vladdin Device
  • 1 X Vladdin RE Replacement Pod (Refillable)
  • 1 X USB Charging Cable
  • 1 X Instruction Manual

SX Mini Mi Class Package Includes:

  • 1 X Mi Class Device
  • 1 X SX Mini Mi Class Replacement Pod
  • 1 X Warranty Card
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X User Manual

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Vaping is Safer Than Cigarettes Says Long-term Study

In general, the UK seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of the United States in their acceptance of vaping as a method for quitting cigarettes. This is seriously benefitting their public health outlook, while the U.S. is taking time to warm up to idea of making the switch. The number of smokers in the UK fell from 20.1 percent to 17.2 percent and this is attributed to the popularity of e-cigarettes. Public Health England touts vaping as a healthier alternative to combustible smoking. They say that it “may be 95% safer than smoking tobacco.” Because they generally accept that vaping is safer, they don’t have the misconception that the U.S. does. Americans believe that vaping is just has harmful, if not more harmful, than traditional smoking.

65 percent of Americans believe vaping is harmful. But a new study released by Cancer Research UK, seriously discredits those beliefs. Cancer Research UK conducted a long term study which is the first of its kind. This study analyzed the effects of vaping “by looking at long-term human body-level exposure.” The study concluded that vaping is safer than smoking combustible cigarettes. Scientists looked at five groups. They were traditional smokers, former smokers who now vape, former smokers on NRTs, and current smokers who also vape. The last group may also use NRTs.

Cancer Research UK found that the NRT only and vaping only group had “significantly lower levels of carcinogens than combustible cigarette-only, smokers of both cigarettes and e-cigs, and smokers of cigarettes who are also NRT users.”

Scientists Conclude Vaping is Safer

The majority of traditional smokers die due to cancer and high levels of a chemical called NNAL causes cancer. Ex-smokers who now vape had levels of NNAL 99.7 percent lower than traditional smokers. Seemingly, this long-term study, the first of its kind, conclusively proves that vaping IS safer than cigarettes.

Lion Shahab, one of the scientists working on the study is quoted as saying:

“The take-home message for smokers and e-cigarette users is that using e-cigarettes long-term is likely to carry substantial health benefits. This is certainly in relation to cancer risk, compared with continued smoking. E-cigarettes are certainly safer than combustible cigarettes.”

So, if you are a member of the vaping community, you can sleep a little easier at night knowing that a long-term study has revealed very promising results!

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Environmentalism and Vaping: The Overlooked Devastation of Cigarettes

There is no question that cigarettes are unhealthy. The health effects of inhaling combusted smoke are well-documented and horrific; it is the number one preventable cause of death globally. An overlooked aspect of smoking’s devastation is the environmental impact. Cultivation of the plant, production of the paper cigarettes, chemical processes, and mind-blowing torrents of pollution add to smoking’s long list of offenses. Environmentalism and vaping are not typically paired, but let us investigate the environmental effects of vaping versus combustion.

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Spearmint E-Juice | The Vape Juice, The Myth, The Legend

For our flavor spotlight this week, we are going over one of our favorite menthol flavors, Spearmint E-Juice! Spearmint E-Juice is classically cool with a sweet flavor, perfect for the summertime and for those that like a sweet, menthol flavor. Here is the product description: We could’ve been overzealous and named our cool, minty vape– garden mint, common mint, lamb mint or even mackerel mint, but we decided to stick with Spearmint.   

It is a simple flavor, but with a fascinating history. Let’s go over the history of Spearmint E-Juice!

Spearmint History

Spearmint, whose scientific name is Mentha spicata, was brought to Europe by the Romans. It is native to the Mediterranean and common names for this mint include lamb’s mint, garden mint, Our Lady’s mint, and sage of Bethlehem. The Lamiaceae, or mint, family is very extensive with over 30 species (spearmint being one). However, only those of the Mentha genus are referred to as “true mints”. Mints are able to cross breed very easily, which create hundreds upon hundreds of hybrids. When Europeans brought the plant over to North America, it thrived and naturalized throughout the continent.

In Chinese medicine, Spearmint is used for sore throats, the flu, inflammation, head colds, headaches, gas, and digestive issues. According to the Chinese, when Qi (or life force), becomes stagnating in the liver, the use of Spearmint can clear it.

The name “mint” actually derives from ancient Greek and Roman Mythology. The goddess Persephone was jealous of Pluto’s love for the nymph Minthe. Persephone transformed her into an herb. Because Pluto could not change her back, he made sure her scent would always be smelled throughout gardens. Pliny the Elder suggested that students use mint to stimulate their minds for studies, whereas Aristotle forbade soldiers from smelling mint before battle because he though it may make them cowardly. Spearmint has been used for centuries to repel rodents. Mints were also used as teas during the American Revolution because English tea was so heavily taxed.

So there you have it, Spearmint has a rich and interesting history which contributes to the allure of Spearmint E-Juice. Let’s take a look at some of Spearmint E-Juice reviews:

Spearmint E-Juice Reviews


Nothing taste as real as Spearment. My favorite flavor by far.

Lisa S.

Used to smoke newport cigs. This has a refreshing spearmint taste with no harsh aftertaste.


Love this juice, tastes exactly like Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. Amazing!

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