What Does Your Heart Tell You?

According to a 2014 Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center study, piloted by Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos a well-known heart doctor and advocate of vaping for an alternative lifestyle choice to smoking, vaping does not have any measurable effects on the myocardial tissue of the heart.

Dr. Farsalinos’ study focused on the myocardial functions of those who had smoked previous but stopped in favor of vaping as well as subjects who were still smoking after many years. The purpose of the study was to examine the immediate effects of e-cigarette use on the left ventricular function, compared to the well-documented acute adverse effects of smoking. The team found that the smoking participants, who had been asked to smoke a single cigarette, showed significant delay in Left Ventricular myocardial relaxation. Meanwhile, the vapers who had been asked to vape for seven minutes straight showed no measurable change to their rate of LV myocardial relaxation. (referenced from this article)

In Dr. Farsalinos’ very own words:

“The study provides the first clinical evidence that e- cigarettes have less acute adverse effects on myocardial function when compared to tobacco cigarettes.”

As stated in Churnmag, this is yet again another piece of major news as a great many governing bodies continue to side with smoking despite the evidence that continues to be revealed.

Dr. Farsalinos, admits,

“…more research needs to be done, but at the same time, this highlights the need to actively study e-cigarettes for smoking cessation.”

While the scientific community continues to disseminate more and more legitimate research on the topic of vaping, anti-vaping lobbyist continue to do their part at fighting the truth. Some argue that even though vaping has been proven to be much less harmful than cigarettes, they still pose the same level of risk as cigarettes.

Dr. Farsalinos goes on to say that,

“…to equate the dangers of vaping to the much more well understood dangers of cigarettes is not only misleading but actively harmful, as it suppresses the potential desire of individuals to switch to a far less dangerous substitute.”

Other scientists say people should caution the use of e-cigarettes despite contradictory data.

Just the other day, I opened up my web browser on my laptop and low and behold, there on my 13-inch screen, were several different media outlets proclaiming that e-cigarettes containing nicotine may increase the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks. Scientist in Stockholm, Sweden said regular vaping with nicotine liquids or being exposed to the vapors produced by other e-cigarette users could cause lasting damage to blood circulation. Interesting stuff to say the least. Read a full article from “The Sun” here.

While I am not here nor am I qualified to disprove the findings of licensed professionals in the medical industry, it does strike me as odd that we in the vaping community are having to repeatedly fight a “False Narrative.”

One thing we know is true, more research is needed – on both sides. Do you, our readers, know of any other studies to show one side or the other?

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