Guess What Happens When You Smoke? Your BUTT Gets Caught!


And that is exactly what happened when a Florida duo burglarized and ransacked a DeLeon Springs residence during the emergency evacuation caused by Hurricane Irma last year.

“If only you’d been vaping, this wouldn’t have happened!”, was probably what Oscar Bravo shouted into the face of Cassandra Taylor once authorities connected him with the cigarette butt Taylor discarded during the criminal act.

The victim(s) explained to deputies that they evacuated their domicile on September 9, 2017, in anticipation of Hurricane Irma making landfall only to return to a home burglarized and ransacked. Not only were couches cut up and overturned as well as bedroom drawers opened, but several items were found missing from the home.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution or, deputies were having a hard time piecing together evidence in an effort to apprehend the culprits until investigators received information during a different burglary investigation that Taylor and another possible suspect may have burglarized the home. Investigators then received DNA results from a cigarette butt recovered from the bedroom floor, which matched Taylor.

Due to the nature in which the crime was committed (occurring during a state of emergency), Taylor faces a harsher charge of burglary to a dwelling during a state of emergency, as well as a charge of grand theft.

Among the stolen items were six purses, 31 pairs of jeans, 6 pairs of sneakers, 50 chair covers, a DVD player and a piggy bank full of money.

Now if only Taylor had been vaping she very well could have gotten away scot-free.

Anyone know why?

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4 thoughts on “Guess What Happens When You Smoke? Your BUTT Gets Caught!

  1. i don’t find this really funny! Stealing someone’s stuff during a state of emergency is horrible! Even worse, is the fact that the person in the article seem’s to be “promoting” stealing is right to do by saying he could have gotten away scott-free if he had only been vaping!? WHAT THE HECK???? Then to add at the end “Still looking for a reason to make the switch?” That is just wrong. It is promoting stealing and getting away with it. I really dislike this article! This person who wrote this needs to think about what he actually said, because it’s a bad message being received!

    1. Relax! The author was poking fun at the fools who decided to burglarize homes. He is not promoting going out and stealing anything you can especially not saying if you vape and steal you won’t get caught. He was using humor to report a story.

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