What’s Your Perfect Vape Setup? [Quiz]

We’ve made a delicious quiz for all you vapers out there! Whether you’re completely new to the craft, or a coil-building, cloud-chucking, battery draining fog machine, we’ve built this quiz to isolate your perfect vape setup. Check out our quiz to find your perfect vape setup!

Simply click the quiz below to figure out your perfect vape setup:

Be sure to SHARE your results so all your friends can see what you got! Also, we’d implore you to check out some of our mind-blowing vape devices!

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19 thoughts on “What’s Your Perfect Vape Setup? [Quiz]

  1. Kanger topbox mini. I’ve been looking at that one or the endura t22. I’ve been leaning towards the endura because I don’t build coils, mostly.

    Any reasn I should choose one over the other? I use a fairly basic vw/vv set up.

  2. MY Perfect Setup is: The Innokin iTaste MVP V3.0 Pro Starter Kit, which is VERY accurate! My “actual” favorite is MVP2 because I only use MT3S tanks!! Yeah that’s right….I’m old school! I’m not into the high price, high fashion, high vaping devices! lol

  3. Have been using a Smok Micro One 80 and a Smok Stick One Plus. Decided to give the stick a try as sometimes I find there are too many settings to adjust to get the right vape (I guess I shouldn’t complain about having the option, but wanted to try something a bit more ‘plug and play’). So far so good…

  4. For Low Price setup I go with the Eleaf Istick 100w. With a Tobeco Supertank Mini. Holds 4ml with Top Fill and can be found for under 25 dollars (.2ohms). I use two Listman 3000mah 35amp batteries. These are a hidden Gem found online. They blow away the performance of my H2 and Imren batteries. Best of all Always going with the 236ml bottles of Mount Baker Vapor Juice.

  5. Mvp v3.0. Actually using a flawless 26650 100w TC with either a tsunami dripper or a wotofo conqueror rta. Building coils is cheaper than buying them and use mohawk vapors liquid 120ml or 240ml

    1. I’ve never heard of the Flawless, I just checked it out and it looks amazing. 🙂 The Tsunami is an amazing dripper! We are stoked to hear that what you’ve got is meeting your vaping needs!

  6. The Sigelei Fuchai 200W. Only because you can’t harness Hoover Dam as a power source.

  7. I like to keep it simple, and discrete. So I go for the smaller batteries and tanks, and just keep a lot of them, so some are charging while I’m vaping.

  8. I currently use an IPV D2 with the Aromamizer RDTA. 24ga titanium coils 13 wraps each (.222 ohms) waiting to be able to afford the vapor flask stout, can’t wait to have that extra battery life and 25 extra watts, while keeping with a single battery and smaller pocket size

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