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When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in coastal Texas as a Category 4 hurricane, I received a phone call in the middle of the night from a good friend asking that I pray for him and his family. He was a newlywed at the time and had just moved into his first home. As the storm battered his city and neighborhood, sleep was impossible. Every minute of every day was spent watching the water, hoping against hope that his home would be spared. But then the water came. First it was his small residential street that turned into a river. Then the sidewalks, his lawn and ultimately his driveway. But by good luck, fortune or perhaps simply timing, the levels began to drop just as the water started to creep up his front steps.

FEMA and other disaster relief organizations have said that tropical storm Harvey has caused over 100 billion dollars in damage.

And now we have Irma. A Category 5 hurricane with 185-mph winds. The strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic basin, bearing down on Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, Dominican and possibly the US coast line.

Earlier today, I read an article about Delta Flight 431 and its daring rescue. With a little editing and piecing together, here’s some key descriptions of what exactly happened:

“DL431 is going for it! The plane quickly boarded and began taxiing to take off from San Juan. By this point, the bulk of the storm and its eye were still to the east of the runway where the Delta flight would take off—but the hurricane’s arm was reaching around to the west, leaving the plane just a very, very narrow, storm-free window to fly into before the eye zeroed in on the island. Total time on the ground was: 52 minutes. But the adventure wasn’t over. The plane had to navigate its way between the core of the storm and its arm to get in the clear on its return voyage.”

Maybe it’s just me, but the unified efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the Delta pilots who put their lives on the line to rescue those trapped by Hurricane Irma, are truly inspiring moments. These days feel cinematic as they are truly unprecedented.

What about life’s happenings lights a fire under you? What makes the hairs on your arms stand tall and your hands shake with conviction? WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

Tell us. We’d truly love to know.

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