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Vapor. Puffy cumulonimbus clouds high in the sky. The ethereal fog clinging to the rolling moors on a cool morning in Scotland. The mist rolling down the hillsides high in the cascades near beautiful Mount Baker. It’s clean, it’s brisk, and, for a select few E Cig enthusiasts, it’s a flavorful and more satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The traditional “Analog” cigarette experience is something that has become somewhat archaic. It requires striking flint against stone in order to achieve a spark. That spark sets alight a small gas flame, that is then used to ignite a combustible paper cylinder, inside which is rolled a loosely packed collection of chemically-treated shredded plant matter. After a short period of inhaling combusted particulate (along with god knows how many assorted chemicals), you are left with nothing but ashes. Walk along any city in the world and you will find the remnants of this outdated ritual. Cigarette butts littering the gutters and sidewalks of streets and alleyways. For many, this has become a part of life. Habit gives way to necessity, and expenses mount as a pack purchased at a time becomes two, two become four, and before long, a carton at a time is the most cost effective way to keep up the ritual.

Although seemingly innocent, this ritual is not without its casualties. Before long you will begin to notice them. Burns on carpets and upholstery. Small holes innocuously popping up in various articles of clothing. Butts piling up in half empty bottles, stagnating in some forgotten liquid, producing a vile slurry. Breathing becomes heavier. A nagging cough develops that you just can’t shake. Flavors begin to lose their sharpness… At the edge of it all is the ritual, still compelling you to continue.

You’ve no doubt heard of them, these “E Cigarettes.” They’ve come a long way from the dubious mall kiosks of the past, and they have truly come into their own. You can pick up a standard “E Cig” at most corner drugstores, or even your local gas station now. There is nothing wrong with purchasing one of these basic kits, and you could definitely be happier for it, but you’ve only just scratched the surface. There is an endless array of possibilities that are now open before you. At the heart and soul of “Vaping,” as it’s known, is customization. You are not limited to a simple “cigarette” shape, with the battery and cartridge, but you can have anything you want.

The main component of an E Cig or Vaporizer (Vape) is the “Mod.” The Mod is the body inside which the battery is placed. There is a nearly limitless selection of Mods available, including cigar-shaped mods, traditional tobacco pipe-style mods, and a plethora of custom mods that are only limited by your imagination. Mods can also allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of your vapor, by varying the amount of voltage that is applied to the heating coil. This leads to the next component of your standard E Cig: the atomizer. At the core, an atomizer is a basic heating element that turns the “E Liquid” or “E Juice” into sweet, glorious vapor. An atomizer can come in many different forms as well, from an atomized cartridge or “Cartomizer” that you will find in the gas station-style prepacked E Cigs, to a Tank style atomizer, commonly referred to as a “Clearomizer.” These tanks and cartomizers can be mixed and matched to taste, in order to produce a more unique experience that is tailored to you. Finally, there is the E Juice. E Juice is, arguably, the most important part of the vaping experience. E Juice is where your vapor comes from. You can pick nearly any flavor under the sun! From traditional flavors like your favorite Tobacco blends, mints, fruits or candies; to more exotic affairs like bacon or hot peppers, you will never be want for a new experience. With options like these, you are bound to find your own personal favorite. You can even customize your preferred level of nicotine, whether you’d like to step down to quit entirely, or just make the transition, either way you’re doing yourself a favor.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your electronic cigarette today!

Co-Founder of Mt Baker Vapor. Love e cigs and everything they have to offer. I have three kids and a wonderful wife. Also enjoy dirt bike riding, poker, and street bikes.

7 thoughts on “Vapors – A Better Choice

  1. Heyo! I’ve been loving ya’lls flavors for a few months now(awesome stuff) but had a suggestion to make. I wasn’t really sure where to toss it your way, so i figured here was as good as place as any. In the future it’d be great if every flavor page had some kind of indicator as to what the color of the juice is. Very dark liquids burn up quickly and badly in my setup and there generally isn’t a way of knowing a juice’s color until it’s too late(or a reviewer happens to mention it).

    I realize flavor shots kind of skews things and might make it difficult, but some indication of the base flavor would still be great.

    It’s not a deal breaker or anything to not have it. It’s just a quality of life thing that would just make everything so much better.

    Keep up the great work! Time to plan the next order 😉

  2. hello i want to order some liquid but the one i want is out of stock im guessing. its thug juice, when will you have some?

  3. I made the switch months ago, unfortunately we can only get non-nicotine juice in Australia. However, it IS legal to import for personal use, so I’ve tried a few of your flavours, notably the Virginia Fire-Cured and Coumarin Pipe tobacco flavours. I also ordered the Rum Maple tobacco and the Rum tobacco flavours, but I find them a little too ‘burnt’ tasting. Still, I will be ordering more of the first two in the future, and if you come out with a Marijuana flavoured version, put me down for a bottle…*g*

    That said, my question is: Has anyone thought of adding CAFFEINE to the cofee-flavoured variants? I’d try THAT in a heartbeat…*g*

  4. PLEASE help me. I’ve got people whom I’m buying flavors for with the juice but now a few of us want the entire atomizer (entire tube ensemble) because ours are broken or we just want to add more. I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING ANYWHERE TO GUIDE ME TO FINDING THIS EQUIPMENT. Your format is difficult except to buy parts of the atomizer. Can we just buy the unit already put together? Thanks so much, Sarah Michaels

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