Vapor Visuals: GWAR Fluids Release!

Hey there vape fans! Welcome back to another Vapor Visuals from Mt Baker Vapor, your home of the highest-quality electronic cigarette e-liquid at the lowest prices.  The day is finally here, the release of the three new GWAR Fluids flavors!

GWAR Fluids Full Line-up
Quite the sinister lineup. Have you tried all eight GWAR Fluids?
GWAR Fluids Keyslyme Pie
Keyslyme Pie is Tim’s personal favorite. He just can’t get enough.
GWAR Fluids Antarctic Ice
There’s nothing cooler than Antarctic Ice!
GWAR Fluids Zac
Zac chooses Spew. Every time.
GWAR Fluids E-Juice
Eight flavors consumed by cloud.
GWAR Fluids Immortal Corruptor
Immortal Corruptor is finally here!
GWAR Fluids Summoning Circle
May the circle be unbroken…
GWAR Fluids Jesse
This is the face of Jizmoglobin. This face right here.
GWAR Fluids Flavors
Try all eight flavors! Which GWAR Fluid reigns supreme?

Photography Major from Western Washington University .
I joined MBV back in December 2014 and am happy to be working in an industry focused on helping others.

24 thoughts on “Vapor Visuals: GWAR Fluids Release!

    1. Thank you! Figgs takes amazing photos! The flavors are awesome and I cannot wait to hear what you think about them 🙂

    1. Vape more and try the new flavors! Thank you for the compliment about the pictures. Figgs does an awesome job at taking them and takes great pride in his photos!

  1. Absolutely love key slime pie. Favorite desert vape! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try out GWAR

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