Vapor Visuals: Beast Treats Mt Baker Vapor E Juice

Feed the beast! Beast Treats E Juice is a rainbow-blast of fruit on the inhale, and a fierce cloud of candy sweetness on the exhale!

*EDITED Beast TreatsCustomer Review: Marie H. – “I really liked Beast Treats, originally I bought a small bottle but as soon as I tasted it I had to have more. I then bought 2 30 mL bottles. Unlike other juices I have tried from other places, you can actually taste it on the inhale and exhale. Great juice!!!”
*EDITED Beast Treats 2Customer Review: Darragh K. – “If you want to blow delicious clouds, that bittersweet, Beasty treat vapor is for you son! Hot diggedy damn! Mt Baker is my jam!”
*EDITED Beast Treats 5
Customer Review: Pedro C. – “One of my favorite flavor I always order it once a month from Mt Baker”
*EDITED Beast Treats 3
Customer Review: Heather F. – “I like fruity flavored juice….and I’m very cautious about trying new flavors or brands. This juice very much did not disappoint! Packs a ton of flavor in every hit. Will definitely be getting it again!”IMG_3446Customer Review: Jay T. – “I ordered several juices from Mt Baker Vapor for the first time and the experience was exceptional. The juices can very quick, I think within 3 days, they were all very tasty, and you can’t beat the prices. Beast Treats was really good. I highly recommend giving Mt Baker Vapor a try if you have not already tried their juices.”
BS_Beast_Treats_Blue__96954.1468532739.1280.1280Taste the Beast Here: Beast Treats E Juice

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