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Hello guys! Once again it’s time to test your knowledge with our weekly Vaping Quiz! So, look back over last week’s blog posts and settle into a comfy chair. Our Vaping Quiz #25 is a bit challenging, but we are confident you will pass with flying colors!

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Welcome to your Monday Vape Quiz 25

What does RDA stand for?

What size is the Vandy Vape Phobia RDA?

What is the term for the vaping trend that Vandy Vape popularized in use with RDA? This trend consists of wicking the cotton from pressing a reservoir in box mod. 

How many vape manufacturers did the FDA send out letters to, warning about enticing vape packaging?

Which company's product was targeted in a blitz against teenagers vaping and their pod mod system being available to underage consumers? 

What percentage of vapers last year tried to quit using a vape?

What does NRT stand for?

What size are the MBV flavor shots available in?

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