Vaping Abroad – Part One

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Webb.

5 differences between vaping in the United Kingdom vs. the United States

Part one of an ongoing blog series.

  1. 1. Bottle Size: All e-liquid bottles that contain nicotine must be in 10 ml bottles by UK standards versus the US where there are no restrictions on bottle size.
  2. 2. Flavor Preference: Menthol flavors and fruit-menthol blends are the top vape selling e-liquids in the UK, as opposed to the US where no one flavor style dominates.
  3. 3. PG/VG Preference: UK customers, by and large tend to appreciate a higher PG content in their e-liquid.
  4. 4. Elderly Vapers: Even grandma vapes in the UK! The UK government considers vaping to be a healthier alternative to smoking and promotes its use to all ages.
  5. 5. Vape Culture: Due to the government promoting vaping as a healthier option to smoking, the UK has a more open and accepting vape culture. In the US, vaping continues to be a hot button social and political issue.
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5 thoughts on “Vaping Abroad – Part One

  1. Enjoy your time in the UK. Where you at exactly?
    I didn’t expect that so many elderly vape in the uk…
    What I can say about germany – People still smoke a lot of cigarettes here but the vaping continues to grow here and there already many stores in Berlin, Germany.

  2. That’s interesting about Germany. Are you from Germany originally? As for me, I’m stationed out of the Perth area near Auchterader.

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