Vaping in The Year 2017

See the handsome fellow above? Yes, him. The ancestral man with the old fashioned tailored grey suit, salt and pepper hair and genuine million-dollar smile. Dashing, is he not? Yeah? We thought so, too.

See the archaic machinery he’s holding in his hands as if it were something worth writing home about? If you can believe it, at one point, way back before dinosaurs roamed the earth and before selfies and yoga pants were a thing, this Motorola DynaTAC 8000X—exhale, known colloquially during those times as, “The Bricks” were a hot commodity. Hot enough to garner a price tag as high as—are you ready? $4,000 each! Good Lawd!

Ok. Now you can reach down and fetch your jaw up off the floor.

But as ridiculous as 80’s cell phones were, they are not the subject of our focus today. Nor is the jarring fact that there are more people in the world equipped with mobile phones than there are with toilets. I repeat, more people have phones than toilets! Stunning, isn’t it?

I wonder where “mod holders” are in relation to people with cell phones? No comparison I’m sure. Nevertheless, an interesting topic for next time perhaps.   

Today though, through the use of minimal verbiage and a few grouped google images, we will look at the evolution of the cell phone in comparison with the vaping module or “mod”.

From the Motorola DynaTAC’s ridiculously large design, to the pocketsize Nokia 3310 that we’ve all used at one time or another, then back again to “gigantic city” with the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 that literally has a 6-inch display screen.

The cell phone as a device itself started out big with a small screen, then went small with the introduction of a slightly bigger screen. Time passed and the device reverted back to being large and in charge but with a screen nearly the size of the entire device.








In relation to the cell phone, the vaping module, starting with Herbert A. Gilbert’s, rudimentary 1963 design, once the size of the thin rolled cylinder it was meant to replace, has steadily increased in size. Who knows whether there’s truth behind the image of the ridiculously large mod on the trailer. If it is though, God help us all!

Happy vaping Vapers!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. The point of the post was to draw similarities between how cell phones came to be (as these are one of the most universally owned devices on the planet) verses how the vaping industry (specifically mods) have grown since their invention. We do appreciate your feedback on our post – and we thank you for reading.

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