The Monday Vape Quiz

Test your knowledge in our fun Monday vaping quiz!

Welcome to The Monday Vaping Quiz!

If Johnny has a “butt load” of Berry Crunch Cereal E Juice, how much E Juice does he have?
If a rooster lays an egg full of Forest Berry Fusion E Juice on the highest point of a roof, which way will the egg roll?
Two 240mL bottles of vape juice in front, two 240mL bottles of vape juice behind, and one 240ml bottle of vape juice in the middle. How many bottles are there?
What gets moist as you heat it up?
What can run but can’t talk?
If there are 3 bottles of 30mL vape juice and you take away 2, how many do you have?
What goes up but never comes down?


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2 thoughts on “The Monday Vape Quiz

  1. Wooooah. I make my own juice now. I thank this company for helping me get there because of flavors. I still appreciate the flavors mt baker vapor provides. Loved forest berry fusion, captain crunch, fruity hoops. If I could get sent some samples I would be willing to buy again or at least be a test subject. Work for free just send me the stuff and I can do a thorough review.

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