Vape Quiz 58 | Test Your Knowledge!

It’s Monday again, ladies and gentlemen! That means it’s time to test your vape knowledge and quiz yourself on all things vape with vape quiz 58. Let’s go over last week’s blog posts. Whether we are reviewing mechanical mods or Fruity Hoops Vape Juice, this vape quiz covers all the vape knowledge! Make sure to go over the blogs before you take the quiz! Pull up a chair and get your thinking caps on for Vape Quiz 57!


Welcome to your Monday Vape Quiz 58

What are mechanical mods made out of?
What is the difference between and mechanical mod and a regulated mod?
What is the amp limit you should shop for in a battery when using a mech mod?
If you are going to build coils, what is an absolutely necessity?
What group of people is credited with the first appearance of cereal?
John Harvey Kellogg, an early cereal creator, also ran what?
Which cereal dominated the market in 1941?

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