Vape Quiz 56 |Test Your Knowledge!

It’s Monday again, ladies and gentlemen! That means it’s time to test your vape knowledge and quiz yourself on all things vape with vape quiz 56. Let’s go over last week’s blog posts. Whether we are reviewing Vape Tricks, Different Materials for Coil Building, or the study about vaping causing heart attacks, this vape quiz covers all the vape knowledge! Make sure to go over the blogs before you take the quiz! Pull up a chair and get your thinking caps on for Vape Quiz 56!


Welcome to your Monday Vape Quiz 56

What is the easiest vape trick to learn for beginners?
What quality of vape juice is necessary for tricks?
For which trick is it necessary to know how to blow o's ahead of time?
What is an advantage of using Kanthal for building?
What is the most significant disadvantage of nickel wire for building?
Who collected the data for the study of the relationship between vaping and heart attacks?
Where is the professor who conducted the study regarding vaping and heart attacks located?

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