Vape Quiz 41 | Test Your Knowledge!

It’s Monday again, ladies and gentlemen! That means it’s time to test your vape knowledge and quiz yourself on all things vape with vape quiz 41. Let’s go over last week’s blog posts. Whether we are reviewing Mouth to Lung vs. Direct to Lung Vaping and a study saying COPD can be improved by switching to vaping, this vape quiz covers all the vape knowledge! Make sure to go over the blogs before you take the quiz! Pull up a chair and get your thinking caps on for Vape Quiz 41!


Welcome to your Monday Vape Quiz 41

What does MTL stand for?

What does DTL stand for?

Which should you have a higher percentage of in your e-juice if you do DTL vaping?

Where was the study published that suggests that vaping improves COPD?

How many COPD patients participated in the study published in the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

To what is the tobacco plant closely related?

Who was the first person to bring back tobacco from the New World in 1492?

What was the first tobacco company established in the US?

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