The Weekend Vape Quiz – Part III

All in good fun, take our quiz to set off your weekend!

Welcome to The Weekend Vape Quiz #3!

What is the world’s leading cause of preventable death?
Someone smoking one pack of cigarettes per day spends roughly how much per week?
What celebrity recently snuck vape hits between segments on their show?
The Tobacco Products Directive or (TPD) is a directive of what union of member states?
A recent study conducted revealed that vaping can help with what issue?
The FDA’S Premarket Review of New Tobacco Product or PMTA deadline was recently extended until?
On this date in 1982, Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules laced with what deadly substance claimed the first seven victims in the Chicago area?

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18 thoughts on “The Weekend Vape Quiz – Part III

  1. Ummmm, $177 a week if you smoke a pack a day for a week??? That’s over $25 per pack. That answer can’t be correct unless you are rolling something special.

    1. Agreed!!! Even $95 a week is a little high. Last time I was putting gas in my car I saw a sign at the convenience store advertising a little over $5 a pack.

    2. I agree. I’m pretty sure the most expensive city for cigs in the US is something like $13 – $15/pack in New York and LA.

    3. I was thinking the same thing. That’s WAY too high. I work in retail, sell cancer sticks. I have a pretty fair idea of pricing.

  2. Cost of cigs varies from state to state due taxes…state, municipal, etc. I think it’s under $100 in a lot of places, for a week’s worth.

  3. Oh damn, teeny weeny mistake on my part folks. Confused New Zealand dollars with American dollars. Let’s just say that it was a rough Friday for me and numbers. Yeah, $177.00 per week equates to some expensive packs of cigarettes, huh?

    1. Well, you’d be depressed to know that a pack of 30, middle-range cigarettes in Australia costs $35 Australian ! Add to that the fact that our f***ed up Govt won’t allow nicotine in e-juice and we have to import it illegally and add it to our juice ourselves. Then you can feel even sorrier for us when you find out we can’t afford to have juice imported from overseas because of the horrendous shipping costs. Sigh

  4. I quit smoking four years ago. At the time, a pack a day cost me $65. That was in Portland, OR. Before that, I paid $80 in NYC. I know it varies but with four years inflation, I’m sure I’d be paying $95 now.

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