Monday Vape Quiz

Happy Monday vapers! Start your February off right with the 13th installment of our vaping knowledge checker. If you have been reading our blogs, you should be able to pass this short quiz with ease. Furthermore, moved from Friday’s… here is your Monday Vape Quiz!

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Last week, the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee wrapped up a two-day panel concerning two separate FDA applications concerning what product?
What does Philip Morris’ “heat-not-burn” IQOS device stand for?

Washington’s HB 2165 would add how much sales tax to vapor products?
The tobacco industry has acknowledged using how many different additives in cigarettes?
What city in Scotland is also known as the “gateway to the Highlands?”
Which team was the victor in Super Bowl LII?
What state could be the 1st US state to ban menthol cigarettes?

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  1. Even without FDA approval of reduced-risk claims, ECigIntelligence analysts predict IQOS will do well in US But success seen in Japanese market will be difficult to replicate   Heated tobacco will play an important role in the future of the US tobacco alternatives market no matter what the FDA eventually decides, analysts at ECigIntelligence believe. We predict that heated tobacco products will be successful in the US market whether or not Philip Morris International (PMI) is successful in its application to use reduced risk health claims when marketing its IQOS product.

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