Vape Predictions for 2017

Recently, James Dunworth of named Mt Baker Vapor’s own Tim Mechling (me!) as one of 2016’s top vaping experts, and asked for my vape predictions for 2017. To view the original content, check out the Ashtray Blog’s The Future of Vaping. You can read my predictions for 2017 below:

The initial shock of the Deeming Regulations has worn off. In its place, the vaping community faces a grim reality with sober eyes. 2017 will be a trial-by-fire for bigger vape companies, and a death knell for mom-and-pop vape shops.

Americans will see fewer vaping options in 2017. Some bigger names in the vaping industry have already fallen on hard times.  Flavors, DIY supplies, and much of the customizability vapers have come to love will be restricted in the coming year. The prohibitive cost of PMTAs will coerce vape companies to strip down to their bones; a few blockbuster flavors will be available in select nicotine levels, and anything off-beat will be eliminated. Scoff-laws will be crucified. Vape shop owners will pace the floors, pondering how to keep their doors open.

Distrust for government and its agencies is at a fever pitch, which may bring hope to the vaping community. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump are symptoms of social unrest, and a bulging, red middle-finger has been thrust at the establishment. How the frenzy of furious populism plays out remains to be seen, but the anti-regulation conservatives and libertarians that fill the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House are apt to challenge Federal regulations. An optimistic vaper would foresee the Trump Administration taking a sledgehammer to the Deeming Regulations. A cynic would distrust any starry-eyed promise from a politician, no matter the packaging. I personally lean to the latter.

The amount of wealth held and shuffled by Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Government is nearly unfathomable. Vaping has risen to challenge the status quo, and has marginally upset the momentum of cigarette revenue, and its peripheral markets. There is no doubt these behemoth agencies will further flex their muscle.

The idealist in me sees an uprising of vapers, and a David-versus-Goliath triumph. The realist in me sees the vape industry slithering, ragged and lugubrious, unto oblivion.

Thanks for reading my prediction for 2017, and a huge thanks to James Dunworth of for making this great piece of of vape journalism happen.

To fight against my grim projections, there are a few options. Turn the tide against society’s negative view of vaping by educating your skeptical peers. Put your money where your mouth by contributing to R2BSF. Support advocacy groups like CASAA, the Vaping Militia, and SFATA.  Write to congress, governors, and FDA officials.

We can win the war against vaping.

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Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

19 thoughts on “Vape Predictions for 2017

  1. The big tobacco companies are so concerned over their loss of revenue due to the popularity of ecigs! I was a heavy smoker until 5 years ago when I discovered vaping! I never bought another pack of cigarettes. Think of all the money they lost just from my husband and me, who both never touched another cigarette! They have a lot of lobby power, and have spread so much bad press against ecigs and ejuice. In my opinion, they are responsible for so much of the new legislation against vaping. As for my Dr, he said vaping is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

    1. We just absolutely love hearing all of these success stories. It makes it so much easier to come to work every day when we keep hearing positive news and stories like this. Congrats to you and you husband for getting off of cigarettes.
      With all the negative press vaping seems to get it is important we get more stories like this out there. Hopefully the media will pick up on it one day soon and start publishing more positive articles concerning vaping.Cheers, and vape on!

      1. I am 35 years old and I’ve been vaping for 5 years now, before that I smoked for 15 years. I tried vaping with the hope that I could quit smoking and it was a piece of cake! Within a week I enjoyed vaping more than I had ever enjoyed smoking and soon my lungs cleared up and my cough was gone. I believe vaping is a miracle and I’ve seen a whole lot of smokers regain their health and dignity and I want to thank everybody who is standing up to the tyrannical efforts afoot aimed at taking this miracle away from the people. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Vaping came a long way in such a short amount of time; now that it’s so big, it’s tough seeing its presence being quelled by the powers that be. I can see it becoming an enthusiast-only sort of hobby in the near future.

  3. I’ve heard all the negative and the positive but I’ve been vaping instead of smoking for over 5 years and I don’t miss time with my kids cuz I’m outside smoking, I’m not killing my lungs I don’t stink and food tastes better I love vaping and only hope the politicians don’t ruin it for us!

  4. Every time I get used to the changes more come and it doesn’t seem like its gonna stop.Its starting to get really disheartening.

  5. Congrats Tim! How awesome. The government is becoming more and more ridiculous in their regulations. My state (Indiana) in particular has passed unfathomable laws that, basically, only allow ONE select company from the state to produce nicotine juice for sale throughout Indiana. As I was reading the bill, I couldn’t help but laugh at the way our government officials will do anything to promote their own agendas with no regard to the effects on others. This IN law states that in order to manufacture juice to sell in our state, a company must have at least one employee “certified in fireproof steel rolling doors” and “an architectural hardware consultant” and “certified locksmith” among other things… adapting this “law” so that their favored company would be the ONLY company allowed to manufacture. If this is not corrupt, I don’t know what is! I’m sure soon enough I won’t even be allowed to purchase online because they will find a loophole for that too! This makes me so angry. Definitely the big tobacco companies at play here. I will keep fighting and writing about this, but sometimes it truly feels like a lost cause considering the players on the other side.

  6. It is discouraging. People who use tobacco often won’t even consider ecigs. I used to see a few people using ecigs outside but never now. I even went into a bar once and it wasn’t allowed. I continue to use ecigs but who knows what is ahead ?

    1. We will definitely have to see what the future holds in regards to the vaping industry. We are very happy to hear that you have found electronic cigarette devices to work well for you! Vape On!

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