Record Numbers of Smokers Using Vaping to Quit

You’ve heard the story before — your friend picked up vaping three years ago and hasn’t had a combustible cigarette since — or maybe this is your story. This is extremely common in the vaping world to hear, and in fact, a recent CDC report shows that more smokers are using vaping to quit than NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapies). 60% smokers trying to quit last year used a vape. Personally, I started on an AIO four years ago then shortly graduated to a box mod. Haven’t smoked since. These stories are countless and I have heard hundreds of them. Using vaping to quit is an effective means of harm reduction, according to many different experts.

So why does the FDA want to ban vaping, or at least seriously regulate it? Here’s what the CDC says, “There is no conclusive scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are effective for long-term cessation of cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation aid.”

Using Vaping to Quit, Big Pharma Gets Hit Where it Hurts

Tell that to the many people I know who have been off cigarettes 4+ years due to vaping — many of whom have transitioned to either 0 nic or no device at all. Many people don’t know that Big Pharma and the FDA/CDC have a lot to lose if the NRT market tanks. Big Pharma would lose billions of dollars just from that niche market, and as vaping takes over, they are getting hit where it hurts. The FDA gets a kickback every single time they approve an NRT or medication product for use, something that isn’t happening with using vaping to quit. So, it stands to reason that they don’t want to support vaping and would rather back more “traditional” methods. It seriously benefits them and their agenda.

After the CDC published the results of their survey, it proved what we already knew — that more and more people are using vaping to quit and are doing so successfully. See the results of the survey below:

  • 74.7% of respondents claim to have tried multiple NRTs simultaneously during their last attempt to quit smoking.
  • 65.3% tried the cold-turkey method
  • 62.0% refocused more on reducing cigarette intake rather than quitting.
  • 35.3% attempted to reduce their smoking intake by substituting vaping to a limited degree.
  • 24.7% claimed to have quit smoking completely via a transition to vaping.
  • 25.4% claimed to have tried one or more of the FDA-approved NRTs (nicotine patches, gums and lozenges) with varying degrees of success.
  • 15.2% admitted to having solicited the help of a medical profession in their efforts to quit or reduce smoking.
  • 12.2% admitted to trying FDA-approved medication as prescribed by a physician.
  • 7.1% used “stop smoking” websites and online information to help curb their smoking addiction.
  • 5.4% used telephone “stop smoking” services.

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  1. It is nice to see Big Pharma and the FDA hurting every once in a while haha. FDA-approved cessation methods are safe but hardly more effective than placebo. Now that e-cigarette technology has gotten cheaper, more powerful, and more advanced, it is more of a valuable cessation tool than it has ever been in my opinion. Down with Big Pharma, the FDA, and big tobacco!

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