Upgrade Your Vaping Experience with Sub Ohm Tanks

If you have any vaping experience at all, you have undoubtedly heard about Sub ohm tanks and vaping. Customizable sub ohm tanks are nothing new to advanced vapers, but all the jargon and technical info surrounding them can be confusing and intimidating to newer vape enthusiasts. Sub ohm vaping tanks are the ultimate accessories for enhancing your vaping experience, and they really are not as complicated as they appear at first.

What Are Sub Ohm Vaping Tanks?

The name “Sub ohm tank” aptly describes the purpose of installing this component on your mod. Simply put, it is designed to allow you to atomize your vapor at resistances below 1 ohm. Just like a liquid current, a lower level of resistance means that more electricity can pass through your coils. The end result is that your e-liquid will be vaporized at a quicker rate and at a higher temperature than standard mod tanks. In the early days, you would have to buy individual wires, wicks, and have an understanding of Ohm’s law to build your own sub ohm atomizers. Now all you have to do it screw on a tank that is already designed to operate at sub ohm resistance.

Three Reasons You Want a Sub Ohm Tank for Your Vape Setup

Now you know what a sub ohm vaping tank does; but, why does superheating your vapor matter? There are three main reasons that experienced vapers note when they talk about their favorite sub ohm tanks:

  • Giant Vapor Clouds – Every participant in cloud blowing contests uses a sub ohm tank. If you want to exhale massive vapor clouds, a sub ohm tank is a necessity.
  • Warmer and More Relaxing Vapor – The hotter atomizer coils allows the vapor to maintain a higher temperature as it enters your mouth and lunges. Just about every vaper loves the warming sensation a sub ohm tank creates.
  • More Intense Flavors – Both the larger clouds and warmer temperatures allow more of the e-liquid’s flavor to be experienced. You will instantly notice how much tastier your vapor is the first time you use a sub ohm tank.

Find out how much better your vaping experience can be when you add a sub ohm tank to your mod. Take a look at our high-quality sub ohm tanks and take your vaping to the next level. If you’re not sure which tank is right for your mod just send us a message and we will help find a sub ohm tank that’s perfect for you.

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23 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Vaping Experience with Sub Ohm Tanks

  1. I actually do use the AMIGO TOP FILL TANK. I was told that it would be the best tank for flavor. I am not big on the vape clouds, I am all about the taste and flavor. My current delemia I am having is, when i purchased the tank It came with two OHM. The .5 is installed and then there is the .3 OHM. Everyone I ask tells me “DEPENDS ON PREFFERNCE” But my only prefference is the flavor and I amd using both of my tanks for 2 different liquids. The difference I notice is that if I am using the .5 OHM, then my Wattage would be lower, I stick to 25. If I use the .3 OHM, then I need to raise it to at least 50 for better flavor. So currently MT. Vapor is sold out of these coils, but I am still confused which one would be best for me.

  2. Finally getting my first subtank. I can’t wait to start building coils. Any recommendations on good coil builds for the subtank mini?

  3. This information will be useful.I want bigger clouds but it gets more expensive the more technical the equipment is.

  4. I’ve never tried sub-ohm vaping. Never been into blowing big clouds of vapor. It just seems like it will go through e-juice like crazy.

    1. It’s not just about big clouds. It uses e-juice like crazy because it offers the best flavor output. Thicker Clouds = More Vape = More Nic = Better Hit!

      1. I totally agree with you. I love sub ohm vs mtl. I always found mtl hurt to inhale. Subtanks just feel right inhaling that huge cloud. Better nic delivery also.

  5. i came across the Innokin Cool Fire 1V, and to that was attached the Innokin iSub G.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TANK!!! Prior to coming across this beauty, I was using the Kangertech Newbox. The tank is huge, but it was always leaking my juice!!! What a waste!
    I live in northern Arizona and driving around I am subjected to changes in altitude. Was told to puff or turn unit upside down as I ascended and decended to prevent blowing seals. I even added an extra gasket, per a youtube video, of someone sharing my pain. Worked maybe 50% of the time. I was losing more juice than I was using.
    Then one day I was lucky enough to come across this absolute joy. The tank itselft is easy to fill, it is easy to clean, it looks good, and it NEVER LEAKES!!! I also tried the Aspire Cleitio tank. It leaked, AND it required a bit of juice. I was not happy.
    Then I found THE ONE! I highly recommend this tank for everyone. I hit it quite heavy at times, and the coil will still last up to one month! (Don’t need it to, it just does.)
    Also the glass broke on the Aspire tank after a small bump, but I have dropped my entire Innokin unit on concrete, and she does not even show a scratch or a blemish.
    I now have two iSub tanks, and am going to try either the Sigelei Fuchai 213w tc or the IPV5 200w tc. I like the box mods because they have saved me a lot of time cuz I am not looking for my unit that rolled away when I set it down on a table. The box is always standing! Hope this helps. Vape on!!

  6. I am so glad I found sub-ohm vaping. I started with cig-alikes a few years ago, but I never got enough nicotine to cut the smoking habit. Sub-ohms have allowed me to drop from a pack a day to maybe one or two cigs a month. But this is a pretty awesome article for people new to sub-ohm vaping. I’ll be sure to share it with friends who haven’t tried sub-ohm vaping yet!

  7. this article deserves the clapping emoji, people read about subohming and the dangers of not understanding ohms law and avoid subtanks completely, articles like this show newcomers that they can learn to vape high wattage and cloud chase with minimal knowledge learning along the way. NOTE: just because you understand subohming in a tank does not indicate your knowledge of building subohm rda builds or rta builds be extremely careful, gain the knowledge, and if you are using a mech have a FULLY WORKING knowledge of ohms law. chuck clouds my friends.

    1. **Currently clapping like the emoji** Thank you very much for your feedback and we hope this article can help many others with needed Sub Ohm tank information!

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