Things to Experience When Vaping [UPDATE]

With the popularity of last week’s blog, the Top 15 Things to Avoid When Vaping, I thought it would be a good idea to write about some positive things you should experience while vaping. There’s just so much to love about the wide world of vaping. So, without further ado, here’s my detailed list of things to experience when vaping.

Update: As of August 4th, 2016, BYOJ and DIY products have been discontinued, in compliance with FDA regulations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

There are so many things to love about vaping: enjoying sweets without the calories, learning basic principles of electricity, interacting with a wonderful community of responsible adults…the list goes on and on. With all that vaping has to offer I sometimes finding myself wishing there were 10 more hours in a day.

Let’s Get Started

So, you’ve spent a little time vaping. Maybe you finally quit smoking cigarettes? Or you’re working on it. Either way, congratulations on making the switch to vaping. By now I’m sure you might’ve noticed some small changes in your day to day life. For me my first life changing experience when vaping was simply climbing the stairs to my apartment. This is why my first thing to experience is…

Climb Some Stairs

Let’s face it. If you’ve smoked for any extended period of time I’m sure you might’ve found yourself short of breath once or twice. I can’t even calculate how much time I’ve wasted in my life just waiting for an elevator some place because I didn’t want to take the stairs due to my fear of being sweaty and out of breath.

Now, obviously climbing just any old set of stairs in a building might not seem like the most exhilarating activity to experience when vaping, but it translates into other great activities. Since taking up vaping I have found the energy and motivation to get back into hiking and more physical activity.

Climb up to a nice look out, take a trip to your favorite local park, or go hiking on a trail. Whatever you’re comfortable with just get outside and breathe. The fresh air will do wonders for your body and your mind.

Test Your Tastebuds

You’ve gone outside. Good times were had. Maybe you climbed a mountain or maybe you just conquered that set of stairs finally. If you’ve noticed any sort of change in your breathing chances are you may have noticed a change in your sensory perception as well.

When I used to smoke I had no idea just how dull my senses had become. Offensive smells never seemed to bother me as much as other people, and all food just started tasting the same. Flash forward a couple years and now my tastebuds seem more alive than ever before. I always tell people that once you find an e-juice you enjoy, stick with it! It’s good to have an all day vape, and most people do, but don’t be afraid to try new e-juice.

One of the best things a vaper can experience is trying out all the flavors this industry has to offer. I remember growing up I was one of the pickiest eaters in my family. I would turn my nose at many meals put on the table, and sometimes for no reason other than I was unfamiliar with it so in my mind it had to be bad. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know what may end up becoming your new all day vape!

And if you really feel like putting your tastebuds to the test, take advantage of our Build Your Own Juice option. Most all of our flavors are available for you to experiment with here so you can be as wild or tame as you want, and trust me things can get pretty wild. Don’t believe me? Just check out our ongoing series where we taste test customer submissions from the Build Your Own Juice Contest.

Do It Yourself

Update: As of August 4th, 2016, DIY Supplies are no longer available, thanks to FDA regulation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Mt Baker Vapor offers a great selection of DIY supplies. Maybe you’ve exhausted yourself experimenting with our Build Your Own Juice tool, but you still want to take full control of your flavor? Well, it just so happens that we offer most all of our great tasting e-juice flavors as concentrates. That’s right, you can purchase a bottle of pure flavoring. Now, this isn’t good to vape on it’s own so that’s why we also sell unflavored base liquid as well. You can craft any flavor combination you desire and mix it in with your preferred blend and nicotine strength. Need something a little sweeter? Or perhaps sour flavors float your boat? We offer sweet and sour additives to help you create your perfect vape.

The do it yourself approach doesn’t just apply to e-juice. Have you ever thought you were spending too much money on replacement coils? Buy yourself some wire and learn about the wonders of building your own coils. Rebuilding coils will definitely save you some money in the long run and it’s a fun hobby for any vaper who likes to work with their hands. When building your own coils you should make sure that you are familiar with things like Ohm’s Law and basic principles of electricity. Safety first! We also have some coil building tutorials you may find useful.


I’ve had a lot of different hobbies in my life; surfing, music, hunting, camping, fishing, igloo building, and other tomfoolery, but I have never met a more wonderful community of people than I have in the world of vaping.

I’ve met a lot of people who claimed they were afraid to make the switch to vaping because they felt like there was too much of a learning curve. It might seem overwhelming at first, but there is a great community of responsible vapers out there who are always looking to lend a hand and help people make the switch. Remember: we were all newbies once. No one should be too afraid to enter the world of vaping. Get involved in some of the many online forums that exist. Some of the best interactions with vapers I’ve had have been on the E-Cigarette Forum. Mt Baker Vapor even has it’s own discourse where people are ready to answer your questions and offer up advice and personal anecdotes.

There are also countless YouTube channels and podcasts related to vaping. Whatever your preferred media is, I guarantee you there is someone out there talking about vaping. I know you can’t always believe what you read on the internet, so if you ever have any vaping related questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always ready and willing to investigate any issues you may experience.

Of course one of the best ways to get involved in the vaping community is to get off the computer and experience vaping in real life. Check your local area for any vape shops that might exist. A good vape shop will employ friendly and knowledgeable folk who are more than willing to make some new vaping buddies. See someone vaping in your neighborhood? Don’t just give them the ole head nod and walk on by. Stop and ask them what their vaping on, or just how their day is going. You might be surprised what you learn. I can safely say that working in this industry has helped forged many life long friendships.

Dare to Explore

One of the greatest pleasures I had as a smoker was chasing a nicotine buzz out on the open road. There was nothing better than pulling over at a scenic lookout and lighting up. However pleasurable it may have been it was also one of the greatest annoyances in my life. With the music cranked and the windows down I would cover myself and my car in ash as I sped on down the road towards my next destination. There were also countless cigarette burns on the interior of my car and I ruined more than one good jacket doing this.

Now I can take a road trip to any of my favorite destinations without fear of smelling like an ashtray upon arrival. I no longer worry about accidentally burning holes in my car or ruining my clothes. So put the pedal to the metal and vape on my friends!

I’ve also travelled a lot by ferry or boat over the years. Whether it was personal fishing trips, or riding the Alaska Marine Highway System to get to my summer job, I always found it extremely difficult to smoke as the wind would sometimes cut through the cigarette like a knife. I lost many a smoke to the sea as the wind ripped them right out of my hand or mouth. But with vaping I could hang off the bow like Rose on the titanic and still get my nicotine fix.

In Conclusion…

There are many wonderful things to experience while vaping. Test your tastebuds and explore new realms of flavor. Build your own coils and take full control of your vaping experience. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to gain some elevation in your life and breathe. The world is a big wonderful place. Don’t let smoking hold you back from experiencing it to the fullest.

Something to think about: 

What are some activities you recommend other vapers get out there and experience? Share your own stories with us in the comments!

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

25 thoughts on “Things to Experience When Vaping [UPDATE]

  1. I like the points you made about driving and traveling as a smoker, and the contrast as a vaper. I got myself a used car with low miles, a clean interior that had never seen smoke, and I refused to smoke in it. Which meant I had to pull over on a road trip to smoke. Now I just crack a window and vape away. It’s also less stressful to travel with my family of non-smokers, and not worry about when I can smoke to get my nic fix. All around, I find myself enjoying things differently than I used to.

    1. Thanks! Vaping definitely makes those longer road trips less stressful and certainly more enjoyable. Plus I save some time not having to stop for a smoke every time I make a pit stop. I’ve found the little things in life that vaping has a positive effect on are what I really end up appreciating the most.

  2. One of the greatest things I experienced when Vaping was no longer smelling like an ashtray. Oh yeah, and the ENDLESS flavors to choose from…I once had someone tell me “Dude, every time you come around all I smell is pancakes!”. Thanks MBV.

  3. Yes walking up my 2 flights of steps did get me outta breath when I used 2 smoke, in a house of non smokers I would have 2 go out side everytime, plus the walls would turn yellow after a while from the smoke, now that I vape there is no need 2 go out every time 2 vape walls don’t turn yellow, there are many flavors 2 satisfy your needs and most of all vaping rates a lot of money thanks 2 MT BAKER VAPOR

  4. Very good comments on this blog! I agree that the vaping community is awesome, it was from a vaper that I first became familiar with the concept. I started with a small starter set and worked my way “up” as i became more knowledgeable. Funny how I can no longer stand the smell of smoke, after beinga cig smoker for so many years! And the vape shop employees I’ve come across were all awesome, super helpful and knew their stuff. Thats a great way to start vaping if u want to quit smoking– its what I did, and I will never go back! This blog post could also be named “Reasons to switch to Vaping”!

  5. And I agree, another point is being able to vape indoors, not only in my own house but in some public places as well! No more freezing in the cold, getting frostbite or finding an umbrella to use in the rain while I stand outside smoking! That was my first reason to quit cigs, second was the cost! Vaping is a no-brainer!

  6. the day i stopped smoking i cleaned my entire room carpet sprayed clothes in the laundry and walls wiped down . Ashtrays were taken out smoke free room !!!!!!! Have not looked bake since that was May 8th 2015. Things have changed for me . You will see all those items mentioned in the artical and more like MORE MONEY on your pocket !!!!!!! Thanks MBV

    1. Congrats on quitting smoking. Cleaning up my house and other aspects of life was a great welcome change when I first made the switch to vaping much like yourself. Thanks for all your support!

  7. I smoked for 45 yes and there was no way that I was going to quit
    Then 5 yrs ago I ran across Mt Baker Vapor and decided to give vaping a try. It was so easy. I haven’t smoked since. Thanks Mt Baker, you saved my life.

  8. Hi John, I never got to the point of smoking where I was experiencing shortness of breath but now that I do a boot camp type workout there’s no way I could have the endurance I do if I was still smoking. I hate the smell of it and yes, no more clothing or seat burns. I can now smell things that I couldn’t before because my sense of smell was shot. Not to mention the fact that my bf works for you so I get to try new juices all the time. I’m also planning on working for Mt Baker next year when I move back to AZ. Woot!

  9. I was a smoker for 40 years and my kids were always bugging me to quit. I picked up an Evod and some juice around Christmas to use when at family gatherings. Then I picked up some Bananas Foster , Mount Baker vapor and loved the flavor. Within a week I found that I loved the flavor of vaping more than smoking and totally quit, quite accidentally. I can take a couple of hits off my vapor and be satisfied but as a smoker I was always looking for a place to sneak off and have a cigarette. My kids are so proud of me and no longer annoyed by how bad I smelt for catching a whiff of smoke while we were outside. Thanks for all your great flavors which have made quitting smoking easier than I ever would have imagined

    1. Very excited to hear you have managed to quit smoking! Vaping really does open up a whole new world of experiences for people who are able to make the switch. Thanks for the support, and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you in the future.

  10. Of all the comments (which I agree with each in some way or another) The 1 that stands out to me is the cigarette smell. I think back on all the comments over the years from non-smokers and the little hints thrown out about how bad cigarettes smelled and never understood what they were talking about.. Now I know completely.. I can’t be around people that smoke.. it actually makes my stomach turn.

  11. Hey, for those of you with cats that seemed to shy away from you when you smoked cigarettes, even when you weren’t holding a cigarette and they wouldn’t let you pet them… try vaping. My cat will actually enjoy being petted now, and I think it’s because I no longer have that burnt tobacco stink all over my hands.
    Little Pepper is so glad I’m vaping instead of smoking now! 🙂

  12. It was very long journey to stop smoking. It cost me money, nerves and patience:-) But finally i am smoke free for almost one year. I am happy that something like ecigs or vaporizer exists. Had my first ecig from Vapour2. I loved that small sleek design. I think every women wants to look good even when holding ecig. And this was it:-) Now i use even lover intensity of nicotine and try different flavor. Good there is such a good selection. But i have never experienced any short of breath, well at least have not realized that:-)

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