The Old Japanese Proverb


People often use this saying to make a point about Japan, how it’s hard to be different, and that any deviance is met with resistance.

I am fully convinced that vaping is akin to this nail, sticking up from the rest only to be hammered down due to its deviation from the norm. And due to this relentless pounding (no pun intended) on the part of governmental bodies and big tobacco lobbyist to stifle an industry on the rise, it is our duty as fellow vapors to make sure we continue to disseminate good science concerning vaping.

ConsumerAffairs recently published an article suggesting that vaping isn’t harmful to the health of young adults who have never smoked.

Researchers from the University of Catania in Sicily, concluded a long-term study involving nine e-cigarette users and found that vaping had no new impact on their health.

CT scans of the participants tested did not reveal any indication of lung damage, lipoid pneumonia or popcorn lung, according to ConsumerAffairs.

As we are all well aware, questions surrounding e-cigarette products and whether they are good for public health is a hotly debated topic. While there are those who claim that e-liquids contain high levels of toxicity and harmful chemicals, the team of researchers at the University of Catania found that young people who never smoked displayed no variation in blood pressure, heart rate or lung function while vaping during the study.

Of course, much more information is needed to completely change the mindset of those skeptical toward vaping.  However, researchers point out that the results of the study suggest fears about the impact of vaping on nonsmokers may be unwarranted.

Click here to read the ConsumerAffairs article in its entirety.

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