The Blood Seekers!

The war on vaping and the governmental regimes that use your precious blood for profit.

Did you know, The World Health Organization or WHO, estimates that one billion people will die early from smoking cigarettes? Yes, that’s right. One billion with a capital—B! According to the United States Census Bureau, the current world population roughly stands at 7.5 billion people. About one birth occurs every 8 seconds while every 12 seconds, a life is lost. So, taking into account the data provided, we can look forward to a lot more room on this planet at the turn of the century due to the loss of life attributed to cigarette use.

What a grim outlook…

Every year, billions on top of billions on top of billions of dollars is spent on programs designed to help smokers quit. But despite these efforts, the number of cigarette smokers continues to rise. To date, the CDC estimates that 36.5 million adults in the United States currently smoke cigarettes. Over ten percent of the population.

Forbes released an article where The Royal College of Physicians, a British professional body dedicated to improving the practice of medicine, stated that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes and offer smokers their best chance to quit. As most of us know, Vapor technology does not require burning tobacco, so it can deliver nicotine— the chemical that makes cigarettes addictive— without the tar or 40 other dangerous carcinogens prevalent in cigarette smoke. Yet, despite the plethora of health benefits that are backed by science, the vaping industry still faces a legion of governmental and special interest “Orcs” that will stop at nothing to see that their pockets remain fat even at the expense of loss of life.

In October of last year, a documentary called, A Billion Lives was released across the U.S. with a limited release internationally. The documentary delved into the vaping revolution and the tragic corruptive bodies that work to suppress it. In the film, director Aaron Biebert exposes the special interest groups that are hell-bent on banning the best hope for smokers who want to put their deadly habit behind.

Below is a Q&A I pulled from a Forbes article between the film director, Aaron Biebert and Forbes contributor, Jared Meyer.

Jared Meyer: Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration finalized rules that it estimates will destroy 99 percent of the U.S. vapor industry. But this was not the first time that the FDA tried to effectively outlaw the industry. Can you explain how the FDA previously tried to keep smokers from switching to vaping?

Aaron Biebert: Back in 2009, the FDA began seizing shipments of vapor devices. A judge determined that doing so was illegal, but severe damage was already done. Many of the industry’s early pioneers were forced out of business.

Undeterred, the FDA started funding research to show that vapor technology was dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also poured funding into public health groups such as the American Lung Association to lobby for new anti-vapor laws at the state level.

JM: It is clear that vapor technology’s increasing popularity threatens the profits of large tobacco companies. But your film shows how other special interests stand to gain by pushing bogus research that exaggerates the risks of vaping. Who are these special interests?

AB: Large pharmaceutical companies are the biggest funders of the war against vapor technology . After all, they earn billions of dollars by producing nicotine gum, patches, and sprays, along with other smoking cessation drugs such as Chantix and Wellbutrin. These profits are at risk as vaping increases in popularity as an alternative to smoking. Since smoking is a leading cause of cancer and other diseases like COPD, emphysema, asthma, erectile dysfunction, and heart disease, there are also billions of dollars at stake with sales of their cancer drugs, chemotherapy, and other prescription medications.

Simply put, smoking is a lifeline for Big Pharma’s profits .

Additionally, because of high tax rates and annual payments from tobacco companies based on sales, governments get a large share of cigarette profits. Since all this money provides funding for the pet projects of many politicians, it is easy to convince them to go along with bans, unreasonable restrictions, and damaging taxes on alternatives to cigarettes. Big Pharma even got a lobbyist for GSK (which markets Nicorette in the United States) to become head of the FDA division that is now de-facto banning 99% of vapor technology products.

JM: What role does the pharmaceutical industry play in nonprofit health organizations’ opposition to vapor technology? Everyone from the World Lung Foundation to the American Cancer Society has condemned vaping as a dangerous choice that must be banned.

AB: Tobacco control has gone from a grassroots movement for smoke-free offices to a multi-billion dollar industry that takes hundreds of millions of dollars from big pharmaceutical industries. The American Cancer Society even did an endorsement deal with Nicorette. The World Health Organization, a division of the United Nations, is getting funding directly from the pharmaceutical giants, and then protecting their products.

Plus, the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, and their worldwide affiliates will likely experience severe cutbacks in funding if smoking and cancer rates drop significantly. This is what happened in Sweden after wide adoption of snus, a smoke-free tobacco alternative. Since these charities get over a billion dollars a year in donations, grants, and pharmaceutical sponsorships, we are talking about a big loss in revenue.

JM:A Billion Lives covers much more than the dangerous alliance between pharmaceutical companies, government health regulators, and public health nonprofits, but this is the most important story the documentary tells. These are the very groups that should welcome harm-reduction alternatives that could save hundreds of millions of lives, making their war on vapor technology  even more troubling. Perhaps their opposition is driven by a realization that the market delivered what government and nonprofits could not—an attractive, safer alternative to smoking


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3 thoughts on “The Blood Seekers!

  1. I can’t believe the number of smokers is still going up!? Why more vape companies don’t advertise and make a push for those customers? I know cost is most likely why which big tobacco spends millions but wish it was different and more of the public vaped instead of smoked!… For everyone’s health!

  2. Money blinds people to just about anything. And the more money a person gets, the more they want. And if that means lives of people they’ve never met are lost, so be it. Greedy, money hungry and down right evil SOB’s.

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