The Benefits of Using an Online Store for E-cigarette Products

Vaping is becoming more popular as former cigarette smokers are looking for ways to improve their health without giving up a habit which they find to be pleasurable. Inhaling the vapors from an e-cigarette, regardless if there are nicotine additives present, can help to alleviate the desire to smoke while also lessening the potential health risks. Customer demand for vaping supplies has made it easier to find e-cigarettes and the required accessories available both online and in local smoke shops or specialty stores. The major drawback to purchasing locally is that the prices tend to be much higher for the same items which are available online. In addition to this, the local selection of e-liquids is usually very limited.

Benefits of Online Vendors

When looking for a place to procure your E-cigarette accessories and e-liquids, you may find a few locally, but you are more apt to discover that their prices are high and the selections are low. The major benefit for local e-cig stores is that you will be able to get your hands on your purchase sooner. The downside is that you may have to settle for a model that is not exactly what you were looking for. If you can exercise some patience, the best bet is to buy E-cig products online. These vendors often provide a much wider selection of e-cig models to choose from in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colors. Some even offer designer packages and beginner kits to help you get started. You will also have a much bigger variety of flavor choices for your e-cig liquids.

Other Advantages of Online E-cigarette Stores

In addition to having a wider variety of electronic cigarette options and e-liquid flavors, there are other advantages to using an online store. Most of them feature additional supplies which can’t usually be found with local retailers. Replacement components for electronic cigarettes, batteries, chargers and other products such as aftermarket mods are more readily available; if your specific model isn’t the most mainstream, then local stores might not even carry parts you use. In addition to lower prices on vaping supplies, most online retailers offer free shipping on orders. These factors all combine to make online vendors a more suitable choice, particularly for people who are looking for new products or perhaps more choices in flavors for e-liquids.

An added feature that is currently available through online e-cig stores is the DIY (do it yourself) selection of supplies. This line is intended for vaping enthusiasts who prefer to concoct their own blends of e-liquids. Regardless of your experience with vaping, we have a variety of products available to help the novice get started on the right track and the avid vapist find something new, innovative and exciting.

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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Using an Online Store for E-cigarette Products

  1. I was the dummy who bought online without knowing what I was doing and not from lack of research. I used the cig2o forever but once you upgrade you can’t go back. That cig2o tasted like butt. So desperate I was cause what I bought went bad fast so I went to the local store and I kid you not, every person who walked in got the same song and dance. DON’T BUY ONLINE. I did make a purchase, remember I desperate, but it was only fair trade for the knowledge I walked out with. But online is the only way to go

    1. I’ve made some poor online purchases myself. It really helps to do just a few minutes of research before buying anything online. But, we also believe in supporting the local brick and mortar shops! We’re all in this for the same cause. If you should run into any issues ordering from us we have a great customer service team who can be contacted at or by phone from 7am – 11pm PST 7 days a week at 1(877)565-8273. Thanks, and vape on!

  2. Im trying to place an order and verification system terrible (blue whatever). Just look at the reviews on line,
    In check out its asking for ID and picture, Im 58 years old. Im over 27. What is the problem? That company has no customer support.

    I have no cell phone. I can email my DL withg my IPAD>

    Ive been a long time customer and don’t deserve this nonsence, If your wonderfull verification system works (which doesnt) WTF

    Why would you use a system that has the worst reviews.


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