What’s in E Juice?

E Juice comes in all flavors, thicknesses, smells, and colors but the composition of e juice is actually pretty straightforward. Although the ingredients aren’t complex, the most simple of recipes can taste horrendous if improperly mixed. If you don’t believe me, do what I have done and add a “tbsp” of salt to your cookies dough instead of a “tsp”. The result is a trash bin full of freshly baked salty cookies! So what is in the e juice? At Mt Baker Vapor, we use four main ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and Flavoring. Come along with us as we explain each ingredient and its role in making some of your favorite e juice!

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Ownlife Vapor Podcast 51 – Dealing With Addiction

Hey there vape fans! It’s time again for another episode of the Ownlife Vapor Podcast. Tune in and vape on!
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Ownlife Vapor Podcast 50 – Vape for Your Ownlife

Greetings, vape fans! This weeks installment of Ownlife is a momentous occasion for us as it is our 50th episode of the podcast.  Continue reading “Ownlife Vapor Podcast 50 – Vape for Your Ownlife”

Tobacco and Humanity: A Troubled Timeline

About eight thousand years ago, a nightshade plant sprouted throughout the Americas. Its potent effects would bring millions to addiction, slavery, and death. In addition, it would enable the United States to rise from the chaos of colonies to the surplus of superpower. Tobacco has been the subject of epic poetry, the instigator in civil wars, the soother of chronic pain, the pinnacle of industry, the enabler of shamanistic visions, and the murderer of the masses. The saga of tobacco has been gruesome, but the future might be brighter.

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