Stoptober. Should The Effort be Year-Long?

Ever since 2012, the U.K. has held a smoking cessation crusade during the month of October. Appropriately, they refer to it as, “Stoptober.” This year, the organizers of the campaign included electronic cigarettes as part of their advertisements and promotions, for the very first time. This comes with what we had written about a couple months back – the U.K. has released official statements recommending vaping as an alternative to smoking. More about that here.

Now that we are in the month of November, the U.K. is reporting great success in their Stoptober campaign this year – so much so that they are exploring possible efforts to have a year-long smoking cessation movement. The Vice-Chair of the All Political Party Group on E-Cigarettes, Mark Pawsey MP, made a statement to the House Of Commons and advised,

“The positive public health message regarding vaping has up to now been failing to get across to the UK’s remaining 7.6 million smokers. The Public Health England campaign was a welcome change and has had an obvious effect, but it needs to be sustained, not just a one off.”

To this point, why only dedicate one month per year to something that could save, literally, millions of lives? The Stoptober campaign has gathered an incredible amount of attention and could continue this momentum. This year, here are some staggering statistics referenced from a Churnmag article regarding sales at U.K. vape shops:

“… the vast majority of the increased sales reported were Starter Kits. Indicating that most of these gains were from smokers looking to try vaping for the first time. Vape Club and JAC Vapour both had substantial increases in starter kit sales compared with last year, 37% and 65% respectively. The largest brick and mortar vape chain in the UK, Vaporized, saw a 40% increase in sales this year compared with last October.”

This shows that smokers are interested in quitting, and even more interested when they can fall back on something similar to the analogs they’re leaving behind.

What do you think about the efforts led by the U.K.? And how can other countries follow suit?

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