How to Recycle E-Liquid Bottles

I’m sure many a vaper can relate to have too many empty bottles lying around. Maybe you’re someone that goes through a 30mL a day. All that can add up and create a lot of waste. So, I just wanted to take a second to talk with you about how to recycle e-liquid bottles and properly dispose of them.

Now i’m sure many of us think that just tossing used bottles into the trash or recycle bins is good enough. The major concerns with that are two fold: First, there are health threats that may occur when people, particularly children, might mistakenly pick these bottles up if they are carelessly disposed. Secondly, the chemicals inside e liquid can cause harm to the environment if disposed into the sewer system. This is because sewer treatment plants  do not adequately destroy the materials and can end up entering the water supply.
So what is there to be done you might ask. Your first step in proper disposal should be to get a plastic ziplock bag and pour any remaining e liquid into it. Then add some kitty litter, sawdust, or other absorbent material into the bag, seal and mix it until absorbed. Then place that bag into the trash. Next, take your now empty bottle and add a little bit of kitty litter to absorb any excess juice that might be remaining. Your final step should be to place your freshly cleaned bottle into a recycling bin to be be reprocessed. That all, it’s not hard but will make a world of difference.

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8 thoughts on “How to Recycle E-Liquid Bottles

  1. I didn’t think about recycling them, but I do have small dogs that aren’t so great at staying out of stuff so I’ve been taking mine and putting them in empty plastic containers such as butter, sour cream etc, putting in the silica beads like what come in the white packets that say don’t eat in your beef jerky and taping the lid on before I put them in the trash.

  2. great help – thank you!!! i have literally a massive pile of bottles accumulated because i just refuse to throw them away (being a child of the 80’s/90’s i’m definitely of the “reduce/reuse/recycle” generation and believe EVERYONE should recycle more than they just toss out ALWAYS – especially in “first world” [apologies for the antiquated terminology there] industrialized societies like ours that have recycling programs widely implemented) so i was so happy to come across this article! i will have to do some experimenting of my own to try to reduce the waste associated kitty litter, &c. – i never have enough juice left in my bottles to get any out (other than putting the litter, &c. in the bottle), but definitely a better solution than tossing them and releasing numerous “poisonous” substances into the environment without thought. happy to find this one 🙂

  3. Thank you for the info, I am always worried about what to do with extra juice and refuse to just dump it down the sink. I had asked my local vape shop about recycling old disposable tanks and they had no information for me so the questions stopped there, they actually looked surprised that I had asked. So any information about a safe way to dispose and recycle leftovers from vaping is so greatly appreciated!!! I try to be ‘green’ as much as possible and refuse to pollute the earth for a safer alternative to cigarettes for my own health. Thank you!

    1. Sara, I’m so glad you’re being proactive about the environment! E-waste is a tremendous polluter, and you should ALWAYS know the proper disposal methods to ensure a sustainable future. Thanks for being wonderful!

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