PRICE DROP! All 15 mL Bottles Now $1.50!

It is with great excitement, and a bit of melancholy, that we announce the price drop of Mt Baker Vapor 15 mL bottles. All Mt Baker Vapor Blue Bottle 15 mLs will be listed at $1.50, while supplies last.

This sale comes with a catch. To be completely transparent, we will be discontinuing Mt Baker Vapor 15 mL bottles when our stock runs out. This decision was not easy, as many of our customers are loyal to this bottle size. However, it has been decided to blow out our stock of 15 mL bottles to further streamline our selection. If you consider the previous price of $4.99, $1.50 is a whopping 70% markdown. Take advantage of this unprecedented 15 mL price, while supplies last!

Why is this happening?

There has been some confusion on the cost of 15 mL bottles versus 30 mL bottles in the past few months. The market for e liquid has changed over the past years. Higher-power devices have raised the demand for larger bottles. Before the era of sub-ohm vaping, a 15 mL bottle could last you a long time. Since more vapers have moved to advanced hardware, the 15 mL has become more of a novelty. Additionally, the FDA’s PMTA process makes a wide variety of customer options incredibly burdensome.

Though we’re sad to see the end of the 15 mL bottles, we’re excited to provide you incredible savings while we blow them out.

Happy shopping, and happy vaping!


Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

60 thoughts on “PRICE DROP! All 15 mL Bottles Now $1.50!

  1. ajust got this email and all the 15ml’s are gone, will there be any more? in chat i was told from now on the 15ml’s will be 1.88.

  2. Just a way to drive up the price By making people buy the 30 ml @.50 cents more than 2 15ml bottles. Do you take your customers to be idiots?


    1. I kinda like then120ml. If ya know what ya like and ya know youre gonna be vapin for at least a while’ then I wanna buy bulk bulk bulk if the flavors are dope!

  3. I tried to stick with you people as long as I could. Your competitors offer so much more. You better get your act together before you lose all your customers. You used to be great. Sooo long.

      1. i don't believe you!! Even you rlittle prof pic looks adb@loae!rSusan, yay! And yes, it did make sense. It is just a style that I am not familiar with on me, lol

    1. It seems most humans are resistant to change. I too was a bit upset when MBV made their first big changes, like no more create your own juice and the move from freshly-made liquids to pre-steeped. But business is business and these changes are happening all over the country thanks to the stupid new laws. Even my local vape shops have been forced to stop selling certain brands (THANKS Indiana law – not), and most have also moved to 30ml bottles as the smallest size. While I loved all of the previous options MBV offered, if they have to make these changes to stay in business, then so be it. I’m glad MBV is still around! The prices still cannot be beat, I just ordered about 12 bottles of juice (sale items – YES, I did find flavors I like that were still in stock!) for about $30 including shipping… at my local store I pay $20 for ONE 30ml bottle. I’m not complaining!!!

  4. I remember when 30ml bottles were $4.99. Than there was the 236ml bottles for $33.99 which turns out to be $0.144 per ml.

    $0.144 x 30ml = $4.32
    Now that’s a Deal!!!

    So you imagine us your loyal customers saying Whazzz Up! with the major price increases.
    I used to tell all my fellow Vapors that MtBakerVapor Rocks.

    Guess I am going have to DIY ☹️

    1. Currently all 15ml bottles are priced at $0.13 per ml!
      Evan cheaper than the 236ml bottles!

      Combine that with any promotional codes you can find online such as 20% off for taking this survey:
      combined with 20% off for bulk purchases of 10 or more of any flavor.
      This would make each 15ml bottle only $1.20 or $.08 per ml.
      Now that’s a deal!!

      1. It’s only a deal if you can buy what you want which is not the case. You have now raised the price of 30 ml by .49 cents by elimination of the 15 ml bottle do the math.

  5. I honestly don’t see why you’re complaining. These bottles are a STEAL. They priced the 2x 15mL bottles cheaper than 1x 30mL so you would notice that it’s cheaper. This way their stock of 15mL bottles is sold quicker, therefore completely depleting their stock of what they’re discontinuing. It’s good for them, and even better for the customer.
    Think about it. $1.88 for 15mL. Buy 10 bottles(150mL), and it comes out to $18.80, PLUS 20% off for buying in bulk. Totals out to $15 for 150mL of juice. On top of that, you can still plug in the [vaporfrombaker] coupon code for an extra 10% off your order. What’s not to like?

      1. A doesn’t realize that most 15 ml bottles are not in stock. And from here on in it will cost more for ejuice. You people gave and now have taken away

    1. They don ‘t have the stock to begin with and the you actually end up paying more for 30ml of e juice. 7.99 verses 2 15 ml @ 3.75 is 7.50

    2. Thank goodness, kudos for the math, but I could not understand why people are saying it’s a ripoff. All e juice is going to be higher…new year, FDA, tax changes, etc. Cigarettes just went up 50 cents. I’ve bought premium juices and other “bargain” juices and nothing comes close. I have a difficult problem with flavor, and I’m able to add “shots” here. I still consider myself a newbie, but this site is the best for flavor, freshness, and actually making a juice that is custom to fit me, not like some sites that you get and if you don’t like it tough… bye, bye $20. So as you can see here, no complaints from me!

        1. Flavor shots were discontinued because we no longer mix by hand. All of our e-liquid is made in large batches and we had to remove the flavor shot option in order to keep up with demand.

  6. I also have been a loyal customer for a year and never ordered elsewhere. Ordered in bulk last time and just came on to order again with my two flavors out of stock and finding out that mt. Baker will no longer be stocking the no nicotine vapor liquid ??? Oh my!!!
    I now have to and just ordered elsewhere as I had to place an order before I ran out and this online co had the extra vapor shots that you use to offer?? Reviews were great.
    So upset that you have phased out no nicotine liquid. I prided on quitting smoking so to not offer it anymore..and this is after being told by one of your employees it just amazes me because reading reviews I know a lot of people quit smoking using these vapor products. Was told it was not selling as well so not cost effective and you had to cut down on your inventory after the FDA regulations. Just really disappointed because would love to still order from here but cannot go back on nicotine so just used up my final award points on accessories.

  7. To clarify: you are not discontinuing the flavors, just the size? Could only get 1 bottle of 30mg Monkey Mouse & kinda freaked out!

  8. What will be replacing the 15ml? Bigger bottle sizes I hope. It was much cheaper to buy the 236ml bottles than it is to purchase the 30ml bottles in bulk. Please tell us you are bringing back bigger bottle sizes.

  9. Good bargain although I’ll miss the 15ml bottles, they were a good way to try a new flavor without committing to the cost of a 30ml bottle. I’ll have to stock up next week if there’s any left.

  10. It says out of stock on certain nicotine levels.My question is how could this be? I hope you aren’t running out of Also I usually get cotton candy and my last order it doesn’t come in the blend that I use anymore.Being my favorite this is 1 bottle I have to by at the Vale shop near me for a lot more money.Is this gonna change?

  11. I’ll admit I haven’t shopped at MBV in a while (sadly went back to the cancer sticks during the summer until winter came and I decided to quit those again!), but when I got the email for these $1.88 bottles, I was on the site ordering a ton of them! Sad to see the 15ml will be discontinued, but I almost always ordered 30mls anyways (only got a 15ml if it was a new flavor I wanted to test out first). And, as the blog says, 30ml is becoming the new norm as well. QUESTION, is MBV open to accepting requests for new flavors, or old ones that have been discontinued? Maybe each month loyal MBV shoppers could vote on a flavor to bring back for the month (or whatever amount of time would make sense for business purposes)? I really miss ECTO COOLER! I would have stocked up on them had I known that flavor was being discontinued once the big switch was made to pre-steeps liquids. If that flavor could be offered again I would definitely stock up!

  12. The 15ml didn’t last long enough for me. I think the price for 30ml is fair just wish there were “free shipping” promotions.

  13. I am hoping for a bigger bottle size option again in place of the 15ml. It sure was nice while it lasted with the 236ml bottles. In the meantime I stocked up on 15 bottles of French Toast and 10 of Desert Rain. My 2 current favorites. 🙂

    1. We hope to bring back the bigger bottles soon! Great choices on the 2 that you got. Did you know that if you purchase 10 or more of the same flavor you can save an additional 20%? Use coupon code VAPORFROMBAKER for an additional 10% off! This should help bring the cost per mL down for you 🙂

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