To Combat Vaping— California School Closes Bathrooms; Classrooms Get Prettay Shittay!

To all those who took offense to my usage of profanity, my sincerest apologies. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t hold it in. It just came out so effortlessly… no wipe needed.

It comes as no surprise that California, a state which maintains some of the strictest regulations with regard to vaping is making headlines with an El Dorado high school’s decision to shut down school bathrooms in an effort to combat a perceived “vaping issue”.

Oak Ridge High, a public high school located 20 miles east of Sacramento, California, is believed to have a major “vaping issue” on its hands… so much so that principal, Aaron Palm, recently sent letters home to parents informing them that their teenage children are believed to be using vaping devices to inhale tobacco, flavored oils, and even THC – the main ingredient in marijuana.

According to KCRA3, an NBC affiliate station—the letter sent home to parents was a request for help in the effort to combat the growing trend. Parents were asked to:

  • – Speak with students/children about the negative health risks associated with vaping.
  •  – Reiterate that all vaping devices are a violation of school rules.
  •  – Remind students that possession of THC (marijuana), tobacco and nicotine are illegal.

The letter goes on requesting full support from parents in the school’s decision to close restrooms during class time as this is the location where the majority of vaping is said to take place.

According to several Oak Ridge students— vape pens, the nifty little devices which heat E-liquid into vapor, are being disguised as flashlights, mechanical pens, and other devices in order to be hidden from plain sight.

And while students are not denying that vaping does, in fact take place at school, many feel that the new rules punish those who do not vape.

“Well, you have to go in and sign in your time and everything, and they only let two people in at a time, even though there’s like four stalls,” says student Duane Porter. It doesn’t really solve the problem. It just slows everything down.”

Principal Palm says the restrooms will have monitors that will only record outside the restrooms.

The school plans to open all restrooms again once the vaping trend has decreased on school property.

Sounds like some pretty crappy days ahead for the poor students of Oak Ridge High… just saying. Original story here.

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4 thoughts on “To Combat Vaping— California School Closes Bathrooms; Classrooms Get Prettay Shittay!

    1. Hello Punctuationist,
      In the essence of becoming better, would you please inform me where I used a comma and or commas incorrectly. Thank you.

      1. Prettay shittay indeed.I guess cigarettes aren’t enough of an issue to have caused this same reaction already?Okay I understand the issue,under age vapers vaping inside.The thing is when you gotta go you gotta go and now these kids(all of them)are now expected to” hold it” till class ends.
        Damn unfair to the majority who isn’t vaping in the bathroom.They say it will be restored when vaping on campus decreases.How about when kids begin peeing in their pants?

        This is ridiculous and obviously caused by the kids who deliberately blew big clouds in the bathroom thinking it was so cool.My guess is if they had kept it discreet this wouldn’t have happened.Again a case of not respecting others who don’t want to be exposed to the vape clouds,harmless or not.

  1. This sounds like a pretty ridiculous solution to the problem of underage vaping in the bathroom. Let’s take away access to the bathroom because a few people break the rules…. idiotic, in my opinion. How about more education to combat nicotine use or stronger punishment for those who are caught vaping on school property.

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