Troubleshooting Leaking Issues

Troubleshooting Leaking Issues

       Welcome to another blog about what you might be doing wrong. 😀 Don’t be insulted, we all have done it, its human error, if we didn’t make mistakes then we wouldn’t be defined as human… we would call you a robot… a cool Johnny 5 type of robot, but a robot none the less. So today lets go over troubleshooting why your amazingly wonderful, but infuriating at the moment, tank is leaking.



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Flavor Friday 08/22/2014

Flavor Friday

Hello all, welcome to our first flavor Friday, a day where we go in depth with new flavors and flavors that are a diamond in the ruff. Today we will be discussing Rhythm and Rhyme, Mimosa, and Lemon Bar. We will discuss what we like about the flavor and what it tastes like. We would also love to hear what you think about this flavor if you have recently tried it.

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Vaping becoming mainstream?

Hey Vape Fans,

Michael Sullivan here, we just returned from GwarBq this weekend and there was something I noticed that I did not expect. There seemed to be as many vapers as smokers. Going into the event I was unsure of the response myself and the rest of the Mt Baker Vapor team would receive as a presenting sponsor, however I was more than pleasantly surprised by the kindness and support of all my fellow vaping metal heads showed us.

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