DIY E-Juice Basics [UPDATE]

Making Your Own Premium e Juice – The Risks

The sky is the limit as far as e-juice flavors go. Companies offer all kinds of flavors, but sometimes we all want something unique to us and fills the perfect flavor; it’s called DYI E-juice.

With a few ingredients and a bit of mixing, you can treat your throat and tastebuds to the perfect vaping experience. But as you’ll learn later, making your own e-cigarette juice isn’t as easy as one initially thinks.

Update: As of August 4th, 2016, DIY Supplies are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Picking the Right Nicotine Strength

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure With The Wrong e Liquid Nicotine Strength?

Experts have recognized e-cigarettes as one of the best smoking cessation tools out there. However, perhaps you know someone who raved about vaping as the next best thing since sliced bread; that he’ll never go back to traditional cigarettes…only to see him back to his old smoking habits after a month or two.

I, for one, have two friends who initially loved vaping who relapsed only after a month. Maybe e-cigarettes and vaping aren’t as effective as we think?

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510 Cartomizers – The Basics Every Vaper Should Know

510 Cartomizers – The Basics Every Vaper Should Know

Since e-cigarettes have been introduced by Hon Lik to the public back in 2003, manufacturers have been quick to streamline the technologies and improve the parts that make the device tick.

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Maximize Your Vaping Experience: E-Cig Accessories You Must Have!

The vaping experience and the cost savings – what’s not to like about e-cigarettes?

However, you shouldn’t let the extremely soothing and satisfying draws of vapor overwhelm you. True, your starter kit has just about everything you need to enjoy vaping, but to get the most out of your e-cigarette, there are a few accessories you need to keep them in tip-top condition.

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Innokin iTaste 134 – A Quick Review

The Size And Weight

If you’re looking for something you can easily carry and flaunt wherever you go, you may want to think twice about getting the 134. Spanning 146 mm from one end to another and goes a little over 34 mm-wide at its bulkiest point, the 134 is quite large especially when you consider that most tubular mods just measure a bit over 22 mm wide.

With its dimensions easily filling up my hand, I wasn’t too surprised to find that the 134 weighs significantly heavier than most tubular mods – enough to give my biceps an effective workout each time I vape.

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