Three MBV Fruit-Flavor Highlights

MBV 3 Cheap e Juice Flavors For Expensive, Discerning Tastes

You get what you pay for. If you want a product that’s high-quality, then you got to be prepared to fork some serious dough to get it. Well, that’s how it usually works…but not all the time especially when we’re talking about cheap e-Juice.

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MBV – Have you vaped with us?

Have You Bought An E-Juice From Mt Baker Vapor?

If you haven’t yet, that just begs the question: “Why!?” The ‘e-juice engineers’ and the rest of the guys here at Mt. Baker Vapor love, take pride, and give nothing but the best in what we do – to deliver the best e-cig juice possible.

Of course, that’s a shallow, empty statement without any concrete backup. So if you haven’t bought your bottle e-juice from us yet, let me give you an idea of what you can expect.

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New at MBV!

Mt Baker Vapor – a Vaper’s Company

Here at Mt Baker Vapor, we like listening to the customers. We also enjoy providing for our vaping customers in all kinds of ways. Every now and then, we inform people of a new flavor or a new program and the customer we are talking to has never heard of it!

Our customers should know about everything we do that helps them, so I am going to go over some of the awesome things we started this year that is all about the customer!

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USA-Made E-Juice Hype

What’s The Deal With USA-Made E-Juice?

You may have taken a look around vaping forums, and found that a lot of users talk about vaping only US-made e-liquid. It may be easy to shrug it off as extreme patriotism – bordering fanaticism.

But believe me, sticking with USA-made e-juice has less to do with patriotism (which isn’t bad in itself IMHO) and more to do with quality.

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Stocking Up on E-juice

Keeping Your e-juice ‘Juicy’ – Storage Tips

Nothing beats vaping after a hearty meal! But when you drew out your e-cigarette, you can only stare at it in horror: “I’m out of e-juice!”

Running out of e-liquid is one of the biggest and most common problems faced by vapers. As a solution, many have stocked up on their favorite e-juice flavors so they can keep smoking for weeks or months without any worry. But the question is: How long is the lifespan of e-juices? How do you store so the flavor is preserved for a long time?

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