Is Your Order Delayed?

Some of you may have recently experienced longer than normal shipping times for your vape mail. We want you to know, we have done everything we can to find out specifically what is causing the delays. Here is what USPS has to say on the matter.

“First, let me apologize for the impact and inconvenience experienced by both you, and your customers.

Mt Baker Vapor has followed all of the proper mailing and dispatching processes to effect a timely delivery.

The West Valley Processing Facility in Phoenix, AZ, has been experiencing mail processing delays.  The severe weather situations throughout various areas of the country have made a diversion of resources necessary, throughout the Postal Service.  This has had an impact on both mail processing and delivery.

The Management team and staff at the WV Processing Facility is currently working diligently to rectify the situation and bring all of these mailings into a current processing status.

This should be considered an isolated incident and I appreciate your patience while this situation is being remedied.

Let me assure you that the Postal Service is constantly seeking ways to improve service to our customers and meet or exceed the current standards that have been set.  While we are generally very proud of the manner in which the mail is processed, it is disappointing to accept that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, errors and delays do occasionally occur.”

For those of you who have had orders affected by this delay – we apologize for you having to wait! We also wanted to make sure to thank you for being patient, understanding and aware that this is not typical for our shipping service. We take pride in having ultra fast shipping speeds and making sure your vaping needs are met.


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11 thoughts on “Is Your Order Delayed?

  1. Mine is lost says can’t read address return to sender I asked support to ship a new one cause forcing me to buy locally yuck! Lol he said till it’s returned they can not 2 weeks later still waiting ;(

  2. My first order delayed and I wondered if this was a USPS issue or a Mt Baker issue. Good to know it was just a hiccup in the postal service. Somewhat new to vaping, but from what I can tell Mt Baker offers great products and great prices! Hoping my recent order gets shipped much faster!

  3. I placed my order back on the 13th of this month and still have not recited this order now it has been shipped to two different center and still is not in transit to my home I’ve had to go and pay a lot for my vape juice now twice from a local shop and it was not cheap now when I checked my tracking it said I’ll get it next week NOT HAPPY AT ALL !!!!!!!!

      1. I have contacted them twice now and it’s the same story we are working on finding your shipment and we will get out to you as fast as we can. Not even a sorry for mistake.

  4. Hi becca! Just wanted to say, I work for another Vape company. And we to are experiencing delays in large volumes as well. Good luck! And best wishes to your staff and customers!

  5. I ordered juice before I made a purchase from you and the package arrived 6 days ago. Guess which package hasn’t been delivered? The one in USA Arizona to Texas seriously

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