Oral Health After Making The Switch

It goes without saying that smoking traditional cigarettes isn’t exactly great for your oral health. What about vaping? There was a study done in Italy which evaluated smokers turned vapers to see specifically how their oral health was affected in the transition and aftermath.

The study consisted of 110 smokers who had just made the switch to vaping and had their mouths examined at the beginning of the study, after 60 days then after 120 days respective to the start date. These individuals were also broken into two groups. Group one: people who had smoked for less than 10 years prior to their switch. Group two: people who had smoked for longer than 10 years prior to their switch.

At the beginning, 85% of group 1 had a plaque index score of 1 out of 3, with only 15 of them having no plaque at all. Group 2, 75% of the participants had a plaque index of 2 and none of them had zero. When examined again at the 120 day mark, 92% of group 1 and 87% of group 2, achieved a plaque score of zero.

They were also examined for gum bleeding. At the start of the study, 61% of group 1 and 65% in group 2 experienced bleeding when poked with a dental instrument. Upon day 120, 92% of group 1 and 98% of group 2  experienced no bleeding at all.

“At the end of the study, we registered a progressive improvement in the periodontal indexes, as well as in the general health perception. Finally, many patients reported an interesting reduction in the need to smoke.”

“In the light of this pilot study, the e-cigarette can be considered as a valuable alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but with a positive impact on periodontal and general health status.”

This is great news for folks who are concerned about their oral health – especially if you quit smoking cigarettes and turned to the vaping alternative. It will be interesting to see data after a year of vaping verses smoking. Does a vapers mouth compare to that of a non-vaper?

What do you think?

Read the study in it’s entirety: here.


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2 thoughts on “Oral Health After Making The Switch

  1. the only issue i have had with vaping is that I will get more canker sores inside my mouth if i start to chain vape too much! But, lowering the nicotine will lessen the risk of canker sore i’m sure.

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