How to Vape O-Rings

The smoke “O-Ring”, otherwise known as the oldest trick in the book. Whether you’re new to vaping, been around for a while but never learned tricks (and always wanted to), or you’ve never been able to quite master the o-ring, this guide is for you!

The best type of mods for any trick are ones that use sub-ohm coils. These produce more vapor (along with a predominantly VG type E Juice) and will give you the best bang for your buck… if tricks are your interest.

Step One: take a long, cloud-filled drag off your e-cigarette of choice. But! Not into your lungs, into your throat. This may take some practice.

Step Two: shape your mouth as if you’re exclaiming, “OH!” Keep your tongue as flat as you can get it on the bottom of your mouth.

Step Three: push a small amount of vapor from the back of your throat. This part takes the most amount of practice. Some people make a small coughing sound at first to master the movement – this helps!

BOOM! O-Rings! If this isn’t your thing, but you’re still interested – there is an easier way that doesn’t require as much finesse. Take a large drag off your e-cigarette of choice, but keep the vapor in your mouth! Then, put your lips in that “O” formation and tap your cheek. Easy.

Both of these suggestions work best in a room with little airflow (ceiling fans are not your friend when you want to make o’s).

What other tricks do you like to see, and would love to master?


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