Mt Baker Vapor Official Statement: Automation and Solar Panels

You may have noticed some changes to Mt Baker Vapor in the last couple of months. It is no coincidence that the FDA Deeming Regulations went into effect in this timeframe. Mt Baker Vapor has had to adjust our services to comply with the FDA. Here is our official statement on automation and solar panels.

When it comes to Federal Regulation, you do not want to take any chances.  The cost of violating FDA regulations is devastating. Mt Baker Vapor is putting its best foot forward to be compliant with the FDA, while fighting a legal battle against the FDA via the Right 2 Be Smoke-Free Coalition. In the interest of FDA compliance, we have made changes to our manufacturing, flavor options, and customer incentives.

The Cost of Business:

In the past years, Mt Baker Vapor e liquid was hand-mixed, within minutes of the order being processed. This enabled us to make almost unlimited combinations of e liquids at your command. Unfortunately, this was not a sustainable practice for the era of regulation. Each combination of flavor, blend, flavor shots, and bottle size would be subject to premarket tobacco application (PMTA), with each application costing somewhere between $300,000 and 3,000,000 each.

For each individual product, in each combination, a PMTA would be filed. In the old Mt Baker Vapor manufacturing method, thousands upon thousands of products would be scrutinized, each costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. As you can imagine, a five-year-old business like Mt Baker Vapor does not have 8 billion dollars to dedicate to our original business model. We made a decisive pivot to feature our best-selling e liquids, with fewer options, with the PMTAs in mind.


Mitch Zeller, J.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, states,

“Companies must apply to the FDA first, and then the FDA uses a rigorous scientific review to determine if new tobacco products should come to market under this pathway. Today’s action demonstrates that the premarket tobacco application process is a viable pathway under which products can be marketed as long as the public health can be protected… As other manufacturers seek to market new tobacco products, the FDA will remain committed to upholding the important public health standards under the law.”

By Mr. Zeller’s statement, it is clear the vape industry has an uphill battle ahead. Vape manufactures must do everything in their power to ensure quality, consistency, and safety.

Mt Baker Vapor switched from the classic white-label, hand-mixed manufacturing to Blue Bottle E Liquid, which uses automated machinery to manufacture e liquid with surgical precision. Automated production of e liquid also means we can batch our e liquids, which allows us to pre-steep e liquid.

Further Changes:

The FDA directly mandates certain regulations to our company, while others are peripheral. Direct regulations include the huge warning label on our bottles that read, “WARNING: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NICOTINE. NICOTINE IS AN ADDICTIVE CHEMICAL.” No sales to minors, age verification, child-proof bottles, and a prohibition on “freebies” and giveaways are all clear restrictions in the FDA’s language.

Mt Baker Vapor Blue Bottle Sky

Though not specifically mandated, many of the changes to Mt Baker Vapor have been made in anticipation of FDA regulation. 236 mL bottles have been discontinued with FDA assessment in mind, since consistency is compromised with larger bottle sizes. Flavor shots, DIY options, BYOJ, and some flavors have been discontinued to reduce the number of product permutations that will be subject to PMTAs.

Mt Baker Vapor understands that cutting options for the customer can be upsetting. Keep in mind that these changes were made in the interest of compliance and keeping our doors open for the long haul.

Solar Panels:

Mt Baker Vapor has installed solar panels on our headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, to reduce our environmental impact, and to set a precedent for the future of the vaping industry.


Since the installation of our solar panels, Mt Baker Vapor has produced 63,651 kilowatt hours of energy, which is the environmental equivalent of 104,010 passenger car miles driven, 31,676 gallons of water used by a coal-powered plant, and planting 1,120 trees. Nearly year-round sunshine in Arizona, the mind reels to imagine how much solar energy will be produced in the coming years!

Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

20 thoughts on “Mt Baker Vapor Official Statement: Automation and Solar Panels

  1. What about the bulk purchase options where does that fall within the FDA Regulations? Nixing the 236ml (8oz) bottle now sounds more like a quality control issue vs a preemptive defense.

    I digress, what about the bulk pricing? Is this not going to be option going forward. I can understand an errant error causing supply/inventory problems. Those issues should not take this long to resolve. Reading responses of “… we are trying to bring back bulk pricing but nothing is written in stone..” indicates that there is a chance, more likely than not, that the discount is a thing of the past.

    Please clarify, time and time again it has been proven that customers respect transparency.

    Thank you

    1. Can I get a response?

      Consolidated question(s):

      Is bulk pricing no longer an option?
      If it is going to be an option when will see it come back in play?

      1. Please do not read into this as a complaint or a bashing about the price increase and non-existance of bulk pricing value.

        I just want to be able to swallow the bitter pill vs wondering, waiting, hoping, praying and virtually/mentally being dragged along for the ride.

        I can and others can handle but more importantly respect a simple explanation like this:

        Unfortunately due to the added cost to automate, our premium juice line, B&M location and solar panel endeavors we are forced to discontinue the bulk pricing for the foreseeable future. We still offer quality juice that you can trust at a low price of $7.99 for 30 mls. We sincerely regret to have to do this but the cost of business on our side has raised therefore in order to stay in business we have had to make adjustments to our pricing. We understand that by discontinuing the bulk rates that some valued customers may seek other suppliers. We do ask that you research the company you are buying from when looking elsewhere and ensure they are a reputable company. We ask this because your safety should be top priority. We would like to express our gratitude for the continuing customers as well as previous customers in helping us become what we are today Quality ejuice at a vaule price.

        You can even throw in that when discontinuing the 8oz bottle we attempted to try to replace it with the 300ml for $50.00 however due to inventory management issues and the additional cost to automate, label and ship the x10 30ml bottles at $50.00 was just not cost feasible. We will do our best to to offer added value in the future.

        Anyone would take the above vs … Okay just raise the prices do away with bulk discounts make some vague excuses with the promise of hope then stick our heads in the sand and just wait for it to blow over cause it eventually will….

        1. Well I guess that it is the stick your head in the sand and wait for it to blow over tactic. I am very disappointed.

          I will continue to order juice from you for my wife because she is in love with her Blueberry but know that I will do it with a disdainful bitter taste in my mouth.

          The reluctance to communicate with the consumer is becoming seems to becoming more prevalent in the market place. But like voting one consumer does not think their order actually means anything in the grand scheme of things and takes it on the chin. It is a sickening truth. I only wish I would be able to see the day where consumers actually rally together and express dissatisfaction with their wallets. While sickening I find myself preparing to order again in order to make my wife happy. The things we do for our loved ones.

          And if I am wrong in my assumption I make no apologies because there has been more than enough time to bring “us” the consumer up to date.

          1. We produce daily blog content to keep our customers up to date. There are some proprietary, internal details that we simply cannot disclose, though. Keep in mind, this is a transitional period, and we are working very hard to keep our customers happy. Thank you for your patience during this transitional period.

  2. First you only use USPS to ship to Canada and USPS enters Canada in Quebec Where it should enter Canada in Ontario For Ontario customers, Quebec Laws are the worst In Canada and they send back eJuice. Where Ontario doesn’t. We need Fedex shipping options to Canada. If that isn’t bad enough now the only size I buy 236ml is being taking off the shelf? Really, Well then maybe bulk ordering discounts might be an idea, wouldn’t it be easier to make 1x 236ml than 5x 50ml bottles? A big step backwards, I has looking forward to a 500ml mini jug like some other ejuice sites have.

    1. I am noting the shipping problem to Canada and will inform management. As a response to a new era of regulation and our desire to keep our product consistent while keeping customer safety a high priority, MBV has moved to an automated process to meet the demands of the Federal Government, to keep our commitment to consistency and to ensure a safe product. Unfortunately, with the move to automation in an effort to meet our goals, MBV had to eliminate the 8oz option.

  3. It just makes me ill how clear it is that the FDA has nothing but money in mind here. Vaping got me to quit (literally over night) a 28 year 2 pack-a-day cigarette habit. This was 3 years ago. I haven’t been sick ONCE since I quit smoking where before I had pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, colds, flu etc etc EVERY YEAR, several times a year. That’s my story in a nutshell but I know DOZENS of people personally who had the same result and I know there are millions of others.

    But seeing as the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries have the FDA in their back pocket, it’s no wonder the FDA is fighting a technology that is saving hundreds of thousands of lives every year while taking money from the pockets of big tobacco and pharma.

    Not to mention the millions and millions of dollars that states are losing from the tobacco settlements because people aren’t smoking as much.

    Mt Baker vapor was the first e-liquid I tried, the price was low and I didn’t think there was any way I was going to not go back to smoking so I didn’t want to invest much money into vaping. I tried other company’s e-liquid and I always, ALWAYS went back to my Mt Baker butterscotch. It’s been a good long while since I’ve ordered from anyone else.

    I admit I do miss my 8oz bottles for the money savings as well as the convenience, but I do understand that Mt Baker is David to the FDA’s Goliath so 30 ml bottles it will be.

    Yall saved my life and in return got a customer for life.

  4. Ecplain to me why you would double prices then? As a customer of over 2 years with you guys, I can understand cutting out the 236 ml bottle, but sell it in 10 30ml bottles, but the price has went up 60%. That’s just wrong. Your juices are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I got a sticker shock when placing my last order. You could’ve charged more but that dramatic at one time, makes me feel like I’m getting ripped off. Until you change the prices back down a little, I have found another online place that makes quality juice, in 500 ml, for cheaper than what you had originally. Although not as good, I hope to be able to purchase from you in the future.

  5. Here is an option why not make a second line of nic free flavors that would legally circumvent the new rules then we can add our own nicotine at home still get our original good prices and bulk orders most of us can do the math on how much at what mg to come out to our desired strength

    1. I wish we could have kept flavor shots on the menu, but it wasn’t a realistic business practice in the new regulated industry. Hopefully, there’s a flavor that’s sweet enough for you. 🙂

  6. It sounds to me as if a certain unmentioned lobby might have a hand in the FDA strictly enforcing the PMTAs. A lobby such as this may or may not be in a like industry and have very “deep pockets”. A lobby such as this may or may not have had to deal with FDA regulations that cost them a ton of money in the not so late past. This lobby may or may not have used it’s influence as well as regulatory devices to make it very hard for it’s competitors to do business. Of course, i am just speculating and trying to make heads or tails of the current regulatory climate. After all, the aircraft industry is a tough one to understand.

  7. Wow I didn’t realize how many different things were affected by the regulations. If somehow the regulations are faught against and beaten,will the large and diy bottles be marketed again?

    1. We can’t make absolute guarantees about our future developments, but we are working to improve customer experience, while upholding the strict FDA laws. We are not happy with the FDA regulations, but we’re putting our best foot forward!

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