It’s giveaway time people! And you know what that means? Sorta FREE goodies to be had, enjoyed and ultimately rubbed into the faces of those unfortunate souls who missed out!

What is this giveaway contest?

Mt Baker Vapor will be hosting a week-long puzzle contest offering participants a chance to win a set of three Lazer Wolf E juice flavors by Hometown Hero.

When is this giveaway contest?

The contest will begin on Monday, December 4th, 2017 and run through Friday, December 8th.

What the heck is being given away?

Boy, would you like to know, huh? Following the conclusion of our week-long contest, Mt Baker Vapor will be giving 30 lucky winners a set of three Lazer Wolf E juice flavors listed below:

Lazer Wolf Turbo
Lazer Wolf Neon
Lazer Wolf Ultra  

How does this giveaway work?

Starting Monday, December 4th, Mt Baker Vapor will provide the first of five clues. Each clue will be in the form of a letter (1 or more) that will ultimately get you one step closer to unscrambling the puzzle and scoring some free E juice.

Throughout the week, we will share the different clues on one of the social media platforms: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel and our Newsletter. If you’re not already a subscriber to our newsletter, be sure to click on the link and sign up.

So How do I participate in this giveaway?

To participate, simply follow us on social media throughout the week, gather the daily clues to our puzzle and submit your answer to Once you have collected all letters, and unscrambled the word, the first 30 participants to submit the correct answer will receive a coupon code that gives them the line of 3mg Lazer Wolf E Juice with a qualifying purchase from Unfortunately, the word “free” does not legally exist in vapor land, thus place your normal order be it E juice, coils or whatever and get the Lazer Wolf E juice line for FREE with the provided coupon code!

Check out our YouTube video for more information!

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