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This blog has served our customers well, but it is also a bit outdated. For new Mt Baker Vapor users, we recommend using our Beginner’s Guide to Ordering with Mt Baker Vapor

Here is a list of our most Frequently asked questions. This list will have questions added to it over time.

Q: What is the difference between an atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer, and a tank?

A: An atomizer is just the heating element, typically requiring insertion into a cone or cylinder shaped attachment before use (these can also be built by the user for use in RDAs and RBAs). A cartomizer is typically a cylindrical tube with a preinstalled atomizer inside surrounded by a wicking material. A clearomizer is a clear tank typically including a preinstalled, prebuilt and disposable atomizer. A tank is the opaque version of a clearomizer.

Q: What does NR (or SR) and LR stand for? What difference does it make?

A: Regarding a cartomizer, NR stands for Normal Resistance, which is also sometimes called SR for Standard Resistance, and LR stands for Low Resistance. The higher the resistance of the cartomizer, the higher the ohm rating; the higher the ohm rating the higher the voltage/wattage the atomizer can support. Ex: Having voltage/wattage turned higher then the atomizer can support, will burn it out quicker, and most likely cause a burnt taste in vapor.

Q: What does the X/XL/XXL stand for on my cartomizer?

A: X/XL/XXL indicates a larger physical dimension then what is standard, see individual product details for specific size differences. Ex: Some tanks might need a larger cartomizer to match it’s larger then normal dimension, (typically this is found on refill products matching specific tanks).

Q: What is the difference between 1 hole and 2 holes on a cartomizer?

A: The more holes allows more liquid to be absorbed by the wick quicker, also the more holes the looser the draw becomes.

Q: What is the difference between the single coil and dual coil cartomizer/atomizer?

A: The more coils found in a cartomizer/atomizer the quicker it can vaporize more liquid, dual coil cartomizers/atomizers also tend to last longer.

Q: How do I know if a drip tip will fit onto a tank?

A: Drip tip connectors are pretty universal, every drip tip sold at will work with any tank sold.

Q: What is battery mAh, why should I increase it?

A: mAh (milli-Amp hours) is the rating which describes how much current a battery can output over time. A higher mAh would allow for longer battery life. Some mods can support various battery types, and it will be listed on our site the different battery sizes that each mod will take.

Q: What is “threading” what does it mean to me?

A: Different electronic cigarettes have different attachments and those attachments typically will screw on, so threading is a way to describe the radius and style of the attachment connector. On our site, we only have Ego and 510 threaded devices, and make it clear on the product page which threading is on which device.

Q: What is a “blunt needle tip” used for?

A: Some tanks are too small to fit the standard bottle nipple into, the blunt needle tip has an especially small tip to fit especially small holes.

Q: What are flavors for? Can I just vape flavoring?

A: Flavors are for DIY (Do-it-yourself) products, if you try to vape straight flavoring, you will almost certainly ruin your atomizer/cartomizer and probably taste a very burnt vapor.

Q: What does PG/VG stand for? What benefits come from the different blend types?

A: PG and VG are what is used as the solvent, or base, for our e-juices. PG (Propylene Glycol) is a thinner, tasteless liquid, that increases throat hit, and allows for more flavor. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is a thicker, sweeter liquid, that increases vapor density, has no throat hit, and allows for less flavor. Typically more PG can increase risk of flavor burn, where more VG can reduce flavor potency. Learn more about Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

Q: I think I am allergic to PG what can I do?

A: You can order Max VG as your base, which is the highest concentration of VG (and lowest of PG) that we are able to sell. Here is a great article to read if you think you may have a PG Sensitivity.

Q: What are Ohms(Ω):

A: Ohm (Ω) is a unit for measuring the electrical resistance in a wire. When held at a constant voltage, lower resistance coils (1.5Ω – 2.0Ω) will burn hotter and produce more vapor than standard (2.1Ω – 2.6Ω) or high resistance (2.7Ω – 3.2Ω) coils. Standard and higher resistance coils will allow you to use higher voltage devices. Your end goal should be to reach about 8 watts of power total.

Q: What is Voltage (volts)?

A: The volts (V) of your battery is the energy per unit charge, or how strongly electrons are pushed through a circuit, and is measured in volts. The volts in your battery will vary depending on whether it is being charged or discharged. A standard ego battery outputs about 3.8 V when charged, and should go no lower than 3.0 V when discharged. A variable voltage device can usually put out between 3.2 to 6 V, and also should go no lower than 3.0 V.

Q: What are Watts?

A: Watts (W) measure the final power output of your device. This is found by measuring your Voltage (V) and your Ohms (Ω) and using the following equation: V*V/Ω = W. For example, if we had a 2.0 Ω coil and we were running the device it would look like this:

(4.2V*4.2V)/2Ω = 17.64/2 = 8.82 Watts.

Most flavors taste best at around 8 Watts. This is a recommended wattage, not a mandatory setting, so please do adjust for personal preference.

Q: Why won’t my Ego battery fire?

A: There are a few things that could cause a battery to not fire:

  1. Make sure that your battery is properly turned on. For most batteries, this involves clicking the primary button 3 – 5 times in succession.
  2. Make sure that your battery is completely charged.
  3. If you’re using a variable voltage battery, make sure that you are at a high enough voltage for the coil that you are using to fire.

If these things don’t work for you, always feel free to contact our lovely customer support at:

Q: What flavor is closest to a traditional cigarette?

A: The closest flavor to a traditional, or “Analog” cigarette is our East Coast Tobacco. It has a robust tobacco flavor and mildly smoky-sweet notes.

Q: What is a Variable Voltage Battery?

A: A Variable Voltage Battery is a type of battery that is designed with the ability to increase or decrease the voltage supplied to the atomizer. This allows for greater versatility, as well as a more controllable vaping experience.

Q: What it is the difference between VV vs VW?

A: VV (Variable Voltage) allows you to fine tune the voltage output on a particular battery, in order to achieve your desired vapor output on a particular coil. The correct voltage output is dependent on the ohms rating of the coil that you are using in order to produce the correct Power, or Watts. VW (Variable Wattage) allows you to adjust the wattage output on a particular battery, in order to produce a desired vapor output. The variable wattage is independent of the ohms rating of the coil, and may be adjusted to achieve desired results.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do ship anywhere internationally. The laws regarding customs are at the recipient’s own risk. There are no refunds if the item is not able to get through customs. International shipments can take up to 20 business days to reach its final destination. Once the order hits LA or New York we lose tracking on it as it is on the way to your local postal service. You will see your package after it clears customs and sometimes your local postal service will assign a new tracking number. If you have any questions about your package it best to contact your local postal service.

Q: How much is shipping and how long does it take to get my package?

A: Shipping costs depends on the weight of the package, as well as the preferred method of shipment. USPS First class is generally between $2-$4. USPS Priority is generally between $6-$15. International Shipments can very greatly. You may use the shipping calculator located in the shopping cart section to gather an accurate estimate of shipping charges.

Q: My juice tastes soapy, what can I do?

A: Soapy/sweet taste is usually attributed to either too much flavoring or not enough steep time. Its really best to try a flavor first with no extra shots before you move to adding some in. What we would recommend is giving these e-juices more steep time, we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks (4 weeks for tobacco flavors), if steeping doesn’t help then we recommend trying to dilute the amount of flavor down a bit by either adding unflavored base or more of the same juice with 0 extra shots.

Q: What is steeping? How long should I steep for?

A: Steeping is just an oxidation process that occurs between the flavoring, nicotine, and base. We recommend 2-4 weeks of steeping (minimum) for the juice to develop the flavor properly (Tobacco may require 4-6 weeks). Just set the juice out of direct sunlight, shake is once or twice a day during steep time, and you’re good to go. There’s nothing wrong with vaping right away, but you won’t get the best experience unless you steep.

Q: What are flavor shots? Do I need to add more for a bigger bottle?

A: We produce our e-juices with a set amount of “shots” or “portions” of flavoring. These are proportionate to the size of the bottle ordered, so the number of shots is scaled to bottle size. Each “shot” is an additional portion of flavoring concentrate, and each one has a noticeable impact upon the flavor of your liquid.

Q: How many flavor shots do you recommend?

A: We recommend you try the juice first without flavor shots then if you find that you want more flavor you can order more next time. Taste is very subjective but as a general rule it’s best to not go over 2 shots if your blend has more than 50% PG.  Too much flavor can actually have the adverse effect on your e-juice and diminish how much you can taste. Basically, it overloads your tastebuds. Extra flavor shots can also increase the amount of time you will have to steep your liquid.

Q: What flavors do you recommend?

A: Taste is subjective, but you can find a list of our bestselling juices on the Mt Baker Vapor website.

Q: Is my credit card information safe with MBV?

A: Your credit card information is safe with, there are no known attacks which are able to break the secure transaction system in place as of this point in time. Even if we were to play devil’s advocate and try to envision ways to break the system, the techniques would be so skill reliant and so incredibly difficult to execute it would be strange for someone to target and not something more lucrative, as the skill requirement would be similar to cracking into any number of banking websites. does not retain any credit card information in any way shape or form, the information is directly posted to a credit card processing company through a 128bit SSL connection which, as of this date, has the most secure record of any encoded system. Our transactions are also handled and processed on their secure servers entirely and then erased, and not logged after the transaction is processed.’s hosting is done by one of the largest most reputable data centers in the world running the most up-to-date security. The resources required to crack into our systems would be tremendously disproportionate compared to the possible takeaway when there are so many more companies with such larger payloads available. If you still aren’t sure what to trust, consult for the latest attempts to break 128bit SSL sessions. Rest assured, your information is safe with our fully secured site. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Q: Do you accept Pay-Pal?

A: Unfortunately PayPal has banned Electronic Cigarette companies from using their services within the US, there are a few companies that use Pay-Pal but they are mislabeling the items that they are selling. We are an honest company and choose not to do this.

Q: Do your flavorings contain Diacetyl?

A: Our flavors contain absolutely no Diacetyl.

Q: Why won’t the blunt needle tip fit on my bottle?

A: The blunt needle tip will fit on the 15ml and 30ml bottles. To equip the blunt needle tip you must first remove the original blue cap and the dropper top from the bottle.

Q: How much do I have to spend to get free shipping?

A: All domestic orders over $50 before tax and after discounts is eligible for free shipping on their order.

Q: Why does my tank leak?

A: There are a few reasons that a tank could be leaking, and leakage is usually a sign of improper assembly. Make sure that none of the threads are crossed during tank assembly, and that all silicone gaskets are firmly in place. Make sure that the wick assembly is intact, and in place. Make sure that the tank is not overfilled, and that no liquid has gotten into the center cylinder. Also, please verify that the atomizer/coil has been placed correctly. If the coil is not properly in place, it may not fire, and it may cause juice to leak from the top or bottom of the tank.

Q: Why does my vapor taste burnt?

A: A burnt flavor could be attributed to the following:

  1. Too high of a voltage/wattage. If using a VV/VW battery, try dialing down the voltage/wattage until a more desirable result is achieved.
  2. If you’re not using a VV/VW battery, make sure that the resistance on the coil is high enough for the battery to output properly. A lower resistance coil will fire hotter, and may contribute to a burnt flavor.
  3. Make sure not to overdo the extra shots, particularly at higher PG blends. Extra shots will thin out the e-juice, and may contribute to a burnt flavor.
  4. The coil on the atomizer may be burnt out. Coils are a disposable portion of the e-cigarette, and have an average life of 1-2 weeks. This lifespan may be longer, or shorter, depending on vape habits. Replacing the coil should alleviate a burnt flavor.

Q: Will dark flavors harm my atomizer?

A: Darker flavors do contain sediments that may decrease coil life. A dripping atomizer will have an increased durability to these kinds of sediments.

Q: Are there any tanks that won’t be damaged by certain e liquids?

A: Tanks that are made with a glass tank instead of a plastic one will hold up to tank cracking e-juices. Here is a link to some of the glass tanks we sell on our site.

Q: Where do your packages ship from?

A: All orders are shipped from Mesa, Arizona.

Q: How do I turn an Ego battery On or Off?

A: You can turn the Ego style batteries on or off by pressing the fire button 3 – 5 times quickly.



Co-Founder of Mt Baker Vapor. Love e cigs and everything they have to offer. I have three kids and a wonderful wife. Also enjoy dirt bike riding, poker, and street bikes.

Author: James

Co-Founder of Mt Baker Vapor. Love e cigs and everything they have to offer. I have three kids and a wonderful wife. Also enjoy dirt bike riding, poker, and street bikes.

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