17th Edition of The MBV Monday Vaping Quiz

Welcome to the 17th MBV Monday Quiz! If you have been reading our blogs over the past week, you should be able to answer the questions below with ease.

Especially relevant: if you missed last week’s quiz, check it out here.

MBV Monday Quiz – 17th Edition

Spew E-Liquid is a green-colored e-liquid inspired by what uniquely grotesque punk band?

What year was the punk band, mentioned in the previous question, formed?

The Hohm Base 4 Battery Smart Charger, is a 4-bay, must-have battery charger made by what company?

According to Public Health England, how many smokers wrongly think nicotine causes tobacco smoking-related cancer?

According to the CDC, how many children have died thus far from this year’s monster flu virus?

Japanese drugmaker, Shionogi, has claimed to have developed a new miracle flu pill treatment (a single pill) that can kill what virus within in a day’s time?

The acronym CDC stands for what?

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  1. Sometimes one needs to engage in hearty laughter. “Metal comes from Western Classical Music not punk. vs. “Metals enemy was always leftism. So given punk musics explicit political/social focus and the latter statement we are correct to conclude then that metal does in fact stem from punk music and may be considered a right leaning reaction to it? It”s lineage to Western Academic Pretentious Pedantry in Audial Format is no more substantive than any other form of music in “The West since.

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