Lowering Nicotine in E Liquid

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first full week of 2016! Have you been keeping up on your New Year’s Vaping Resolution? We’ve heard a lot of people talk about cutting back on nicotine in 2016. If you’re looking to step down your nicotine level this year here are some helpful tips on lowering nicotine in e liquid.

With all the wonderful things the world of vaping has to offer it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of why we started vaping in the first place. For me that reason has always been to cut down on my nicotine consumption, and eventually get off of nicotine all together. That is why I would like to offer up some advice on lowering nicotine in e liquid.

Compared to others my experience with vaping has been a short one. Less than a year ago I started with a Kanger Evod Starter Kit and some Hawk Sauce (18mg 50/50). Needless to say I was hooked. Not only was I getting my nicotine fix, I was doing it without any sort of tobacco product. I was absolutely stunned. Prior to this moment I had come to accept that fact I would probably never quit smoking. A couple days turned into a couple weeks and before long I had upgraded to my first mech mod: the SMK Flagship paired with my first sub-ohm tank: the Atlantis.

Things were looking good, except no one told me about lowering my nicotine level! That first hit of 18mg Hawk Sauce out of the Atlantis nearly made me give up vaping for good. I had no idea that sub-ohm tanks delivered so much more than what I was getting out of my Kanger Evod.  It didn’t take long to learn from this mistake and I quickly jumped down to 6mg nicotine in my e-juice.

So, my first tip for you would be try upgrading your electronic cigarette hardware. Stepping up from that first starter kit can make a huge difference. At least it did for me! However, I know a lot of people are fans of older vape gear, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Once you’ve found a setup that works for you the best piece of advice I can offer is to stick with it. But don’t be afraid to try new things.

Sub-ohm vaping isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to upgrade your hardware just to lower your nicotine. I hear from people every day who are loyal fans of products such as the Nautilus, or they prefer chasing flavor with the Kabuki as opposed to chasing clouds. No matter what kind of setup you’re using there are still ways to lower your nicotine.

First of all it’s good to set a goal for yourself. Write it down, put it in the calendar on your phone, post a reminder on your refrigerator. However you do it, make some clear reminders for yourself about cutting down on nicotine. For me it was not so simple. I knew I wanted to get to vaping 0mg but didn’t know how long it would take. So I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and continued happily vaping on 6mg.

Several months later…

I started noticing I was getting regular headaches at work (where I vape the most) and was going home feeling nauseated a couple times of week. It didn’t take long to realize my body was experiencing a little of that dreaded nicotine sickness. So I jumped down to 3mg, the problems went away, and I kept on vaping.

I had surprised even myself. In less than a year I had transitioned from 18mg to 3mg. My goal of one day getting to 0mg nicotine seemed more attainable than ever and so I set my sights on 2016. I thought it would be a great goal for the New Year to finally kick the nicotine habit I had started so many years ago with that first cigarette.

This is when things got tricky 

Being that by this point my all day vape had become German Chocolate Beefcake from our line of GWAR Fluids the only place to go from 3mg was 0mg. One day I woke up and decided I would just start filling my tank with 0mg. But I wasn’t ready! I only lasted a few days before I became increasingly irritable (more so than usual) and found myself chain vaping at 3mg again. My body still craved that sweet sweet nicotine.

So I found a vape shop in my area that offered e-juice at 1.5mg and they also had a  pretty delicious desert flavor, but it just didn’t hold up to Beefcake so I was quickly back at 3mg again. That’s when a coworker suggested I just dilute my juice. Problem solved! I started buying 0mg unflavored base liquid and adding it to my all day vape. Thankfully Mt Baker Vapor offers a wide variety of options when it comes to unflavored e juice. Alternatively you can buy any of our flavors in 0mg and add it to your favorite juice.  By adding 0mg to 3mg I essentially cut down the nicotine level to about 1mg. I’m by no means a scientist so this is purely my best guess. If you’re going to be diluting your juice or mixing your own e liquids be sure to take extra sanitary and safety precautions.

Mt Baker Vapor recognizes the appeal in mixing your own juice and we want you to be in full control of your nicotine level and your flavor. That’s why we offer up a great selection of DIY supplies.


If you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking with me! Set a goal for yourself. Put it on your personal calendar. Write it down and make sure there is plenty of evidence to remind yourself that you WILL get off of nicotine. Having a schedule is good, but keep it loose. Your body may need extra time to adjust to lower nicotine levels, especially if you’re starting at a higher point like 18 or 24mg. Spend a week or two vaping at a lower nicotine level than normal and see how you feel.

Try DIY mixing or diluting your juice. Not every vape company offers every level of nicotine you may want. By diluting your e-juice, or mixing your own you can be in complete control of your level of nicotine.

Having an extra e-cig device can also come in handy. You can keep one filled with 0mg and one filled with a higher level of nicotine. Try switching back and forth and eventually you should find yourself gravitating to the one with 0mg more often.

Really it’s all about setting a goal for yourself and sticking to it. The next time you order your e-juice try buying a lower level of nicotine. If you keep lowering the nicotine in your e liquid at a regular rate you’ll eventually find yourself vaping comfortably at 0mg.

Something to think about: 

Have you successfully lowered your nicotine consumption? Please share with us your own tips and advice.


Tim is Mt Baker Vapor's resident creative weirdo. He writes, composes music, draws, designs, produces podcasts, investigates, and blows the trumpet for the Common Man.

86 thoughts on “Lowering Nicotine in E Liquid

  1. Great article. I unfortunately experienced more severe medical ailments due to high nicotine and high pg. About 2 years ago on my 3rd attempt at vaping (and last and most successful bc i havent had a cig in 19 months) i bought what was my 3rd beginner kit for the 3rd time. I was vaping on an aspire clearomizer and pen at 24mg nic for a few months then 18mg. At the time i didnt know why or what was causing it but i had terrible stomach pains. The pain in my stomach was so bad i made 2 trips to the emergency room on 2 separate occasions. Oddly enough i never put 2 & 2 together that the high nic and pg could be causing all this…i just thought i had a bad stomach problem. I eventually went to a gastroenterologist who performed a gastro test where they shove that massive tube camera down ur throat into ur stomach to see whats going on. He told me there was some redness and inflammation. Right around this time (may/june 2014) i found out about the istick 30 & 50 and the subtank nano/mini. I decided to upgrade to an eleaf 50 & subtank nano. No1 told me i couldn’t put 18mg nic in there, so i did and it was brutal. The next morning i went to the vape shop (dash vapes who carries mbv and thus would begin my obsession with mbv juices) and asked him y the flavour was harsh and horrible and of course he told me my juice sucked and needed 6mg. Btw up untill that day i was buying juice from a flea market lol. I ended up getting a 30ml bottle of watermelon for like $9cdn at 6mg and i was blown away! Over the next weeks and month my stomach pains completely vanished and only then did i realize i was causing the pain myself with high nic and in my case high pg which most ppl can handle but i cant. Mbv juices literally changed my life. I was very sick before i made the switch to mbv juices and have never had a stomach ache since. Now im at 3mg and 0mg and depending on the day i vape either or. With the amazing options mbv offers on their juices i can customize my eliquid to fit my needs. I usually get 80/20 VgPg 3mg. Of course id love to get 0mg exclusively but for now im contempt. Who knows maybe mbv with offer 1.5mg nic in the near future & i can buy that which would make life easier for me so i dont have to dilute it. Sorry to ramble on but i tried to make this as short as possible. Mbv has had some awesome blog posts recently and i wanted to share my little story if any1 cares lol. So thank you mbv and the entire staff for your amazing products and customer service!

  2. My hubby and I were very heavy smokers so we started on 24mg. When we felt ready to cut down we started buying 1 x 18mg bottle with every 24mg bottle and mixing the 2 in the tank until we finished up on just 18mg then repeated the process with the next strength down. We’re comfortable on 12mg now and about ready to cut down again via the same process.
    Works for us and we couldn’t be happier.

  3. You don’t have to go with an unflavored juice to mix – that’s going to dilute your flavor as well as your nic. I regularly buy a 6 and a 0 nic of a juice if a shop doesn’t have 3 in stock. I vape for flavor, so a half-as-strong flavored juice isn’t going to do it for me. Buying a 0 and a 3 and mixing them is going to give you the same flavor but half the nic.

  4. My girlfriend and i have been steadily dropping down in milligram levels since we started vaping. We were forced to really, since switching from a vape pen to a mod box requires it. but its really been helping us both to quit smoking cigarettes.

  5. Thanks for the info Tim,MBV does great blogs and this one is totally relevant to my situation, i’m on day 56 off the cigs and am vaping 24mg nic,occasionally i get nausea when i over-do it, i have just purchased my second 236ml bottle and have cut it back to 18mg this time round and plan to reduce that even further on the next order.
    I was planning on upgrading my kit to include some box mods as i am currently using Aspire ets with bvc coils because they feel like a cigarette and are easy to carry with me when i’m out and about, your blog has made me realize that when i do upgrade i will need to drop the nicotine right down to 6 or below .
    Why is high nic so harsh in sub-ohm devices?
    Is this because they produce bigger clouds and are more efficient or is there another reason?


    1. Sub-ohm devices generally are more powerful when compared to something like a pen style starter kit. Because of this increase in power you are able to get more nicotine out of your vape. 6 is a safe bet once you make the switch. You may find yourself wanting 12mg, but after a few days with that I’m sure you’ll be lowering your nicotine levels.

  6. Great read, mate. I can relate completely. one question – has mt. baker ever considered releasing a 1.5ml range or is that easier said than done?

  7. We started with pen-style batteries, ego c4 clearomizers, and 18 mg juice. That lasted about 3 days, and then we went to 12 mg juice because of the awful headaches! As soon as we got the Innokin MVP20w and the aspire ETS tanks? WHOOSH down to 6mg, and most days I mix my 6mg 80VG 20PG 50/50 with the lovely free bottles of 0mg that MBV sends (thank you soooo much). I end up with yumminess like Blueberry Cheesecake and Carnival Apple Graham Cracker, and Banana Nut Cinnatoast— and no headaches! We will buy 3mg and some more 0mg when my partner is ready to go down, but for now I will stick to mixing, and/or vaping 0mg.
    Upgrading our equipment definitely worked for us, Give it a try!
    A big, HUGE Thank You to MBV, for helping me and my partner quit the stinkies.

    1. Congrats on getting off of cigarettes. Hearing stories like that make this job that much more rewarding. Also, glad to hear people are using the 0mg freebies to help cut down on their nicotine. Sounds like you’ve came up with some lovely combinations there as well! Cheers to you and best of luck in the new year.

  8. I would never dilute my juice with straight vg or flavourless at 0 nic, to me it makes no sense cause ur diluting the flavour and the nic. What i would do, like mentioned above, is buy 3mg of Happy Rancher and 0mg of Happy Rancher and go 50/50 in my tank of each or pour half of each into a unicorn bottle and have a 1.5mg ready to go. Fortunately for me i dont mind 3mg or 0mg so i can vape either or on its own but if a 1.5 was released by mbv i would for sure try that nic level in my orders. In fact a B&M by my house is now making 1.5 nic bottles cause of the demand and it an actual product u can buy now. You had to special request it before u showed up but now they have it as a mainstay product on their shelves and thats a great thing! The more options the better for us customers, it might make life more difficult for the company but its all about the customer 😉

    1. There are many great ways to dilute your ejuice. Whether it’s unflavored or flavored base liquid you can completely mix two bottles together or go half and half. I found that what worked best for me was going half and half. Since my favorite mix to vape is a combination of Ruyan4 and Beefcake I started ordering the Beefcake in 3mg and Ruyan4 in 0mg and mixing them together. It’s in my opinion absolutely perfection! Sounds like a lot more people out there are interested in 1 and 1.5 nic. I’ll definitely pass the suggestion along. Thanks!

  9. You see john in your situation u can mix and match b/c u like 2 different ejuice flavours anyways. You can do 3mg of one and 0mg of the other. I like ejuices on it own, like one flavour, for example carnival apple. If i am on a budget and only want to buy 30ml of carnival apple then i cant get 1.5mg cause i cant afford to buy 2 bottles, one at 0 one at 3. Im just giving an example of a budget vaper. If some1 wanted 1.5mg of carnival apple from mbv they would need to spend double the $ (i understand ur still getting product for ur $ and its not going to waste) but some ppl only wanna buy one 30ml bottle or can only afford one 30ml bottle and want 1.5mg. Truthfully if i was knit picking and looking to gripe i would go with VgPg options that are offered over nic options. I get 80/20 VgPg but i would prefer 70/30 VgPg or even 65/35 so i know all tanks can handle it. At 80/20 im fearful the coil head wont wick quick enough and ill get a dry hit. 50/50 is too high pg for me so something in between would be perfect unless u can guarantee 80/20 will always wick a coil head. 😉 Those are my 2 recommendations. More VgPg options and 1.5mg. Btw i hope this comment didnt come out argumentative. Im just thinking out loud here.

    1. Thanks again for the suggestions, Mitch! Killer advice as always. We’ve been hearing a lot of people ask for different blend options and nic levels and we’re doing our best to figure out what will be the best options to provide if we decide to make a switch here. Stay tuned!

  10. I love everyone’s stories about quitting and how they go about nicotine reduction. I was happy to read this article as I plan to reach 0mg this year. I know a lot of people only vape one or two flavors, but I think everyone should have a few more flavor options!
    I personally have a fairly basic set up and I have multiple tanks (moderate quality) that I keep filled with different flavors. I even go as far as to label my tanks so I know what’s what. Each time I have cut back on nicotine, I start by ordering a few flavors in the next nicotine dose below my current level. Then I find myself seemlessly making a change until I am at the lowered dose for all of my flavors.
    I’m currently reducing from 6mg to 3mg nicotine and it’s going smoothly. I found myself getting more nausea (nicotine sickness) at night than I had previously had and realized it was time to cut back again.
    As I consider making my next transition from 3 to 0mg, I get more anxious. But with all the tips, ideas and support, I feel more comfortable with the idea and future prospect. I’ve still found that the initial switch from cigarettes to vaping was the hardest part, and I love to vape.
    There are so many good flavor options out there! I suggest folks reach outside their comfort zones and give another flavor a try.
    I love MBV, I have never ordered juice elsewhere and don’t plan to. I’m greatful to have had a good friend show me exactly where to go. Many thanks to them as they put “e-cig” out of my mind and showed me vaping instead. I would’ve never quit smoking with a disposable, 7/11 type e-cig. MBV had and has all the info you’ll need to learn and want to understand to make a successful change!
    Sorry to have rambled. I heart Mt. Baker Vapor.

    1. Reading everyone’s personal stories about their vaping experiences really makes this job so rewarding. I’m glad that you found the article useful. Sounds like you’re making the right moves to cut back on your nicotine consumption. If you’re not quite ready to make the jump from 3mg to 0mg you should buy a 0mg bottle of juice and add it to your bottle of 3mg. By diluting the juice you’ll still get a little bit of nicotine in your vape and shouldn’t have to worry too much about nicotine withdrawals. Ease yourself off of nicotine as smoothly as possible. Thanks for all your support and we hope to continue serving your vaping needs in the future. We heart you too!

  11. Thanks all for the tips. I’m on the ipv 4s with arctic tank @ 12 mg nic. Going down to 6 mg with my order that is in the mail. I remember when I went to12 mg from18 mg and the struggle the first few weeks if my body wanting more nicotine. Stay strong and stay the course.

    My 2 cents, a 1.5 mg nic option would be great. Can’t wait till I get to that point.

  12. Anyone trying to give up nicotine completely? I’ve been vapin for about 2 yrs, starting at 18mg (pen) and ending up at 6mg before switching to 0mg about a week ago…. And it is oh so hard.

    And I’m really only prolonging the process as I’ve been allowing myself to smoke a joint almost every night (with tobacco, and hence – nicotine) until I receive the dry herb vaporizer I ordered last week. I should get it in two days, and I’m nervous that I’ll have as bad a ‘withdrawal session’ then as I did the first night I went without nicotine.

    I’m the type that is extremely addicted to nicotine. I smoked nearly a pack a day for about 12 yrs before switching to vaping 2 yrs ago, and I LOVE vaping. I don’t smell, I can hide it from non-smokers who don’t understand my addiction, and it’s just. so. satisfying.

    Would love to speak to anyone in the same boat, and hear about your experiences. I can tell that the only way I’ll stick to my goal of being free – from smoking, vaping, nicotine, all of it! – is if I can share this journey.

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone trying to quit, or someone who’s successfully done so!

    1. I’ve been working on giving up nicotine completely. I recently got down to zero but will admit sometimes I still vape 1.5mg (I have a bottle of juice I just cant bear to see go to waste). Vaping anything is going to be better for your body than it is to smoke. Eliminating the element of combustion will go a long way in improving your health. There is a great community of people here who all have the same goal of eliminating nicotine from their life. We hope you are able to share your story and find inspiration in others. Please let us know if there’s anything we can ever do.

  13. Just wanted to toss my two cents in as a smokeless tobacco user/social smoker of 15-20 years. I used smokeless every day, all day and was a “party” smoker. The smoking wasn’t really that enjoyable to me, but I definitely enjoyed the extra rush of nicotine. Vaping came along through a friend of mine and I was blown away! My nicotine craving was a tough animal to gauge, though. As with smokers, the analog “wallowing around” the pinch of tobacco between my cheek and gums was part of my brains enjoyment. So I began chain vaping in my second week and made my self sick on 6mg juice one day. On to 3 mg and after only a month of vaping, I’m totally tobacco free and my cheek and gums look wonderful and can seriously see 0mg in my future. Oh yes! Now I’m a fan of MBV’s tasty flavors, not mouth rotting smokeless tobacco.

    1. Thanks for offering your two cents. Glad to hear you’ve been able to cut back on your nicotine consumption. Once I started to notice I was feeling sick from vaping too much it made it real easy to cut down on nicotine pretty fast. It’s good to be able to recognize the signs of nicotine sickness. Hopefully you can reach 0mg soon! I just got there myself and never thought it would be possible. Every day I’m off nicotine is a huge win. Feeling better every day! Cheers to you and best of luck in the future!

  14. I just got through my first 48 hours nicotine free, and I’m quite proud of myself. I did have a joint (with tobacco) last night, but just knowing that I can get through over 48 hours without is a huge step and a big relief. It really makes me believe that I can actually do this. Now I just need my dry herb vape, so that I can eliminate ALL nicotine.

    It’s been a huge help reading peoples stories and progress here, so thank you all very much, and keep up the good work!

    John, you said you sometimes still vape 1,5 mg – how often do you do that besides the 0mg?

    And I was wondering – is there anything in the PV/VG liquid that can be addictive?

    1. What kind of vaporizer are you getting?

      I have two tanks and keep one with the 1.5mg and one with 0mg. If I’m feeling particularly stressed out or needing a little buzz I’ll take a puff on the 1.5 but it’s a rare occasion. I sometimes go entire weeks with just vaping the 0 nic.

      There shouldn’t be anything addictive in straight PG or VG. I’d say you’re more in danger of just being addicted to the habit of vaping than you would the juice if there’s no nicotine in it. I just always really enjoyed the act of smoking and blowing clouds so that’s why I still vape. I guess you could say I’m hooked on the oral fixation.

  15. Thanks for pointing out we could dilute our juice. LOL. It had never occurred to me and I’ve been wondering how to cut down my nic level with all the juice I have premixed!

    1. It was honestly a slap in the face for me when I finally realized I could do this. It seems so obvious now, why didn’t I think of it sooner? I know a lot of people already do this, but it just took a while for it to register for me. Depending on your situation you can buy flavored or unflavored 0 nic juice and just add it to what you’re vaping on. Cutting down on nicotine was my goal to reach before 2016 started and I’m proud to say I am nicotine free!

  16. Thanks for sharing! I started at 24mg on a coolfire a year and a half ago. In my area at the time, I believe everyone was misled to believe we needed this much nicotine, you really don’t. I gradually lowered to 18 and then 12. I would go a few months and then just decide to lower. I noticed I did vape more, though. I also, like another reader, have gotten pretty sick a few times in my stomach. Then recently I got a sub-ohm device and learned (thankfully) BEFORE I used it that you don’t need as high nicotine in them so now I’m at 6 and ready to move to 3. I’ll probably hold there for awhile. I love the diluting idea, I will be using that, thanks!

    1. Great to hear you’ve been able to cut down on your nicotine consumption. Vaping at 3mg on a good sub-ohm setup was my preferred style for a few months. Let us know if you ever have any questions about diluting once you get to that point!

  17. I’ve been successfully mixing 3 and 0 mg for several months now. When I need a nicotine fix, I just add more 3 than 0 and vice versa. It works very well!

  18. I have been vaping for 10 months, I traded a 2 pack a day habit for vaping. I started out high at 18 mg and I just recently purchased 6mg. It feels good so far, it has been a few days

  19. Good article. I experienced the same. Started on a Kanger EVOD with 18 mg juice after smoking analogs for 35 years or so. Quickly learned that 18 was too strong and dropped to 12 mg. Then got an Atlantis tank and about choked, much like the author. Moved to 6 mg juice and was good there. Then tried 3 mg and was OK too. Tried moving to 0 mg and did so for a while but found I was chain vaping all day and unsatisfied. I now mix 3 mg with 0 mg to hit that 1-2 mg level and it’s perfect. And since nicotine is relatively harmless, I think I’ll just stay at this level.

    1. Sounds like we have very similar stories! How are you enjoying the Atlantis now that you’ve lowered your nicotine? Glad to hear you’ve been having success with diluting your juice.

  20. MBV has definitely helped me lower my nicotine level. I started vaping June 2015 with a gas station brand ego pen 18mg nic. It was love at first sight. Didn’t upgrade to a sub ohm tank until my brother (who was vaping long before I was) showed me how to build coils and add the right amount of cotton. I was finally confident enough to upgrade to the MVP 2.0 box mod with the Atlantis tank. That’s when I realized my error of vaping at 18mg lol I got nicotine sickness right away and began to lower my nic. Now I’m at 3mg with the MVP 3.0 PRO with the Kangertech plus tank and have been vaping at that level for awhile now. Would love a 1.5mg level from MBV so I can make that jump down to 0mg!

    1. So glad to hear that we’ve been able to help you lower your nicotine level. You’re lucky to have such a nice brother to show you how to build coils! Sounds like you’re on a clear path to getting to 0mg nicotine in no time! Thanks for the suggestion on offer a 1.5mg option. We’re always looking for better ways to serve our customers vaping needs. If you ever have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to let us know!

  21. So glad to see as many positive comments about 1.5mg blends! I’ve been hoping to see MBV add that option to the lineup since quite a number of other brands (including Charlie’s Chalk Dust sold by MBV) are making that available these days. But for the MBV flavors that I absolutely love, I do as many others have suggested and buy both 3mg and 0mg and mix them 50/50 myself. Given how affordable MBV juices are, it’s a perfect situation until you (hopefully) start offering 1.5 mg blends.

    1. I’m glad to see so many great comments here about diluting your E-Juice and people wanting 1.5mg. If there is enough demand for it, which seems like there is, it is very possible we could start offering this in the future! Thanks for all your support.

  22. I’m currently at 6mg using an Evic Mini TC and Eleaf IStick 60 TC running a few Kanger Subtank Mini’s using their RBA deck. I build my own coils so I can save $ and also get the desired resistance. I’ve been at 6mg for 2 months now and it’s time to lower my dosage. Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to buy some 3mg and mix it half and half to get down to 4.5, then 3mg…etc. There is a great e-juice calculator that is free to download. It’s called “eJuice Me Up.” Download it then click on tools then nic combine. Fill in your nic strengths that you are combining then hit combine. It will give you the results. I used this when I went from 18 to 6mg when I got my mod boxes and didn’t want to waste my 18mg juice. Good luck all, and let’s do this together!

    1. The Evic Mini is a great setup. A lot of people in our office actually use one! Thanks for sharing the e-juice calculator. I will definitely have to check it out! Best of luck to you in the future! Let us know if there’s anything we can ever do for you!

  23. Started at 12mg with my box mod 8 months ago and I’m down to 3mg! I smoke a little over 5ml a day out of my atlantis but I’m determined to cut down more. I vote for the 1.5mg nic level!

    1. Glad to hear you’re successfully cutting back on your nicotine consumption! Love seeing all this support for lowering nicotine. Looks like we may have to seriously consider offering some lower nicotine levels.

  24. The Atlantis was the best tank at the time. Still use it now and then but have since moved on the the Starre Freemax tanks. More airflow and lower resistance coils. Also have tried a few RDA clones. Mutation X v4 is nice but because of the bottom airflow, is prone to leaking when over dripped (which I do a lot). The Yep clone would be good but the one I have must have something loose because the resistance jumps around no matter how I build it. But over and over, I return to my Dark Horse clone. That is my favorite.

  25. I understand the article but I would like to add my experience and deliver some faith to those out there who see no light at the end of the tunnel in regards to their nicotine addiction.

    I smoked tobacco heavily for 17 years and similarly was intrigued by vaping as it became more popular in Australia. I bought a starter kit and 12mg juice. The day my starter kit and Mt Baker juice arrived I immediately was able to stop smoking tobacco. I vaped heavily for 7 months on 12mg juice until I (almost purposely) was down to my last battery which failed.

    With no back up hardware I was left with an ultimatum to buy cigarettes (definitely not) or stop smoking/vaping. (If I wanted more hardware it would take me 5 days with an online order). So I just stopped. I haven’t struggled or craved nicotine or anything which I find astounding and still require to pinch myself as I cannot believe I am a non-smoker now. Moral is that once I had no option or hardware, the nicotine addiction was almost negligible.

    1. Thanks for sharing and for your support. Glad to hear you’ve been able to get off nicotine. When you have no other option quitting is just that much easier. Best of luck to you in the future!

  26. My husband & I smoked over 45 years. July of 2014, we had only $5, a sample ecig set. I bought a bottle of juice at a local store ( 21mg menthol). We made it 5 days until payday. Bought the $25 pen set at the gas station & used it and replaced them a few times. We heard about MBV from a dart buddy. Fast forward…. We have stepped down our nic level. He’s at 12, I’m at 18. We really can’t afford sub ohm. I use a kanger mini & he uses a regular. We’ve been using ego II batteries. I am a die hard mbv menthol vaper. He is on the never ending search for rainbow sherbet. Any idea if y’all will make that flavor again?

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to see all these great comments about people lowering their nicotine consumption. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any immediate plans to bring back Rainbow Sherbet, but have you ever considered using our Build Your Own Juice option? I’ve been told that by combining Pineapple and Blood Orange you can get pretty close to the Rainbow Sherbet flavor.

  27. Been stepping down regularly and really feel great about it. Such a great thing vaping has been for all of us.
    You mentioned you used a Kabuki to get greater flavor and less vapor. Is that really true of that device.

    1. Good to hear you’ve had success with cutting down your nicotine. And yes that statement about the Kabuki is absolutely true. I’m just using a 1.6 ohm Nautilus coil in there and the flavor production is just unreal. Best tasting vape I’ve ever had from a tank. You won’t be blowing big clouds like you can with a sub-ohm device, but for my vaping style it’s the best bang for the buck.

  28. John, your staff at MBV are excellent and my go-to for all my vape needs. Items arrive within 3 days of me placing my order. Also, I love your prices and blog. Keep up the great work!

  29. I have been vaping for almost 2 years now. I smoked over a pack of marlboros a day for 17 years. I started on 18mg and would step down by mixing half 18 and half 12, then going to 12, then mixing with 6, etc. I was so excited to read that others have been mixing levels to step down also! So far, my body has told me when it’s time to step down, I tend to vape allot when I read and every 6-9 months all of the sudden after a good read I’ll feel really nautious and dizzy, and I know it’s time to step down again. I’ve been buying the grape 236 ml bottle in zero and 3mg and mixing for about 6 months now so I’m hoping to get to zero soon! With sub ohm vaping becoming so popular now, I really encourage MBV to offer the 1.5 mg option, to help vapors out there to continue to step down easily and conveniently, from all of the comments on this article it sounds like there are many others in the same boat 🙂

    1. Congratulations on making the switch to vaping, and being able to cut down on your nicotine consumption! I too noticed the nausea and dizziness for awhile and realized it was time to cut down on nicotine for myself. Thanks for all of your support. We hope to be offering more nicotine levels for our customers in the future!

  30. First let me say I am so grateful to have given up the awful stink of cigarettes. That cough that I was starting to develop that reminded me of my Grandfather bless his heart is gone as well. My Drs are very happy though my sister is quick to tell me I can not claim to be a non-smoker because life insurance companies look at nicotine levels so still consider you a smoker.
    I am however still really confused with the pg/ vg thing. Some friends tell me the pg is very bad. I use the 12mg Candy Cane at 50/50. I love my Candy Cane flavor. I was trying to cut back on nicotine so was mixing 0mg unflavored. Consider me slapped upside the head! Of course 0mg Candy Cane would be the better way to go. I have been adding the extra shots thinking it would make the flavor stronger. But then I found myself adding about 15 drops of sweetener to a 30ml bottle. I am using a Kanger Pro Tank and Ego twist variable voltage battery.
    I have read about these mods and these fancy contraptions that seem terribly complicated.
    Now that you know how unknowledgable I am can anyone suggest better vape hardware and /or a better eliquid combo? I don’t know whether to go with more complex equipment or maybe change my pg/vg ratio. I love to make a cloud of vapor.

    1. Congratulations on giving up cigarettes. The most important thing here to know is that if you’ve found a flavor and a device setup that works for you – stick with it! Diluting your favorite flavor with a bottle of the same flavor at 0mg nicotine would in my opinion be the best bet for cutting down on your nicotine consumption. If you are indeed looking to blow bigger clouds I would suggest getting a mod and a tank that will run sub-ohms. The MVP V3.0 Pro Starter Kit is probably my personal favorite starter kit on the market. It is very durable and simple to use and will provide you with a great tasting vape and large clouds.

  31. Great read! I would just like to throw my support behind a 1.5mg option. I have tried to switch to 0mg numerous times, but couldn’t last for more than a day or so. In the meantime, I will try and dilute my juices down to 1.5 myself

  32. John, here is a request for 1.5mg. I typically buy the 236ml bottles at 3mg. I prefer not to buy two of those to mix up a 1.5mg bottle. I have tried 0mg a few times. Guess I am still not there.

    1. You’ll get there eventually! Just takes a little bit of time and persistence. I like to keep some empty bottles on hand so that I can mix my 3mg and 0mg juices together.

  33. I love Mount vapor juices. I had an extremely hard time trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Patches, gums and lozenges were horrible. I decided to start vaping. I bought 18 mg which was way too strong for me and made me sick. I bought a 12 mg bottle of juice and it was perfect. This was bought at a local ecig shop. I found Mount vapor online. My nephew also buys there. After being off regular cigarettes and strictly vaping for four months, I started lowering my nicotine by mixing. I like to have at least 2 flavors in 2 different pens. I like the original glass aspire. I continued weaning every couple months. Right now I’m mixing 1/3 3 mg and 2/3 0 mg. I’m on my 13th month of vaping. Next month I’m going to go to one pen this mixture and one with 0 mg. My plan is to go to 0 mg in both pens. If I manage to quit vaping regularly, I still plan to keep some 0 mg around in case something happens that triggers you to want to smoke. (Think death of a family member or another major stress.) My doctor considers me a nonsmoker at this mg. My brother has successfully stopped smoking cigarettes and he uses 0 mg now too. Vaping is the best way to quit smoking for people who really have a hard time. My husband is now down to 6 mg. I think it’ll take longer for him. We both started at the same time. But I’m happier with him vaping than smoking cigarettes.

    1. Congrats on getting off of cigarettes! Love reading comments like this! Sounds like you are making some great moves towards getting off of nicotine. I especially like your idea of keeping two tanks handy so you can go between 0mg and 3mg. At this rate you should be at zero nicotine in no time. Best of luck to you! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you in the future!

  34. Hi all, thought ho I started reducing nic.
    So after a starter kit, i started off with innokin tanks, ( duel coil at 12mg) these were great at first to get off the ciggies. They works just the same as smoking, (mouth to lung) and this was good until I tried my friends sub ohm. After that, I had bought one and reducing my nic down to 6mg, which I still felt strong.
    I’m now down to 4.5mg and aiming to 3mg next time I mix.

    As for mixing your flavours, I found sub ohm tanks make the flavour much more intense, so I was fine to dilute what 12mg I had left with flavour less 0 nic juice.
    Gwar and menthol flavours were fine for me to dilute, Others felt like waltered down juice.
    Either way, dropping nic has been my goal for a while now and I’m doing it in steps.
    Thanks for the article and great info here 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you’ve had some success with diluting your ejuice. I found that when I switched to sub ohm tanks the flavor was way better, but I also got more nicotine so I immediately had to drop my nicotine level. Wishing you the best of luck as you pursue your goal of dropping your nicotine. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you in the future. Keep taking those little steps and you’ll be at zero nic in no time!

  35. Thanks for this post..I started out on 36mg hawk sauce and lightning..36mg! I bought 2 huge bottles and still have a tony bit left for when all my other juice is gone..i out it in the old nautilus and its great for a sneaky fix on the long plane ride home! Outside that i mainly use drippers now and dropped 36- 24-18-12 and now 6mg. Just wish i could buy mbv locally..if i import there is a 100% ‘luxury’ tax applied in Indonesia!

    1. Congratulations on being able to lower your nicotine levels! It’s great to hear that someone was able to start out at our highest level of nicotine and work their way down so low. We wish you could buy MBV locally too. Are there any vape shops in your area? Perhaps you could request them to carry our products? Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you in the future. Cheers, and vape on!

  36. January 1 of this year was my one year anniversary of no cigarettes and full on vaping and i couldn’t be happier. I feel better, car,home and myself don’t smell like a nasty ashtray so i have nothing but good things to say about my whole transition. I started with a starter kit with the little plastic tanks and limited juice options due to the coils so i quickly stepped up to the K Box mini with the Kanger mini subtank and also the Atlantis Aspire subtank and never looked back. I’m down to 0 to 3 milligram and now have a new DNA 200 with an Arctic turbo sitting on top. The flavors are massive and there are so many choices out there that it’s unreal. Anyone that really wants to quit ? don’t hesitate to give vaping a try because not only can it help you quit the health improvements are unreal if you just do a little research before you start. I have no misconceptions that there could be some health risks with vaping but they are not the same as smoking cigarettes by far. Im speaking from my own research and experience. Good luck to everyone out there trying to make the transition to vaping ….

    1. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on one year cigarette free! I absolutely love reading comments like this. Sounds like you’ve had quite the vaping journey over the last year. I really wish I could convince more people to make the switch to vaping, and hopefully they’d have a similar story to yours. Best of luck to you as the year rolls along. Please let us know if there’s anything we can ever do for you! Cheers.

  37. MBV allowed me to move from 12mg max VG on a Sigeli 150 with a CLT infinite v2 running 65-70w on .1 ohm coils to 3mg in about 3 months running 55-60w.
    Great product. Good method.

  38. Hi
    I am on day 13 of not smoking cigarettes and very happy that it has not been too awful. Vaping has stopped it being the living hell that I was bracing myself for. I am using an Endura T18. I have gone half way through my second 10ml bottle of tobacco flavour 12mg juice. So I guess that means I have used just over 1ml of 12mg juice per day. I have no idea if that is a lot of vaping or average or low? I am mystified by all the types of vape machines. I have no idea what an ohm means or why I would need to switch. What are the recommendations? Or can I just stick to what I have forever? I am buying more juice today as my 10ml bottle is only half full now. I was going to buy one 12mg and two 6mg. Am I dropping nic too quickly if I do that? And should I mix drop into my vape ?

    1. The T18 is a great device. You are vaping way less than I do but everyone is different. I can go through a 236 mL in 2 weeks whereas some people can go through that in 6 days. Whenever you feel like you can step down in nicotine, go for it. Try it out and see if it works for you. There is no set time for that. Also, if you would like to learn about ohms, check out our blog here http://blog.mtbakervapor.com/an-introduction-to-li-ion-batteries-and-ohms-law/ and it will help inform you on it. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to ask 🙂

  39. If you want to dilute high NIC juice, use the dilution formula c1*v1=c2*v2, where c1 is concentration of bottle and v1 is volume of bottle. C2 is new concentration and v2 new volume. (Example: you need to dilute a 30mL bottle of 24mg nicotine to 6mg of nicotine. 24*30=6v. 24*30=720. 720/6=120. The total new volume should be 120mL. Now subtract the initial volume (30mL) from the new volume (120mL) and you’ll see you need 90mL of 0mg juice to dilute 30mL of 24mg juice to 6mg with a new volume of 120mL.

  40. I need help with lowering my nicotine. I started out(almost 3 years ago) with 24mg and either 80pg/20vg or 75pg/25pg on a pen style(evod twist). After batteries dying/breaking, i have upgraded to a mod with more power and a better dual coil tank. I dropped to 18mg with the new set up and it was fine even with a 50/50 blend. About 3 months ago i tried going down to a 12mg liquid and i feel like im in a constant need of more nicotine and ALOT stronger throat hit. I currently have a eleaf 60w with a kanger sub tank and want to lower nicotine level as i can only buy juices online and never any of the new flavors i want with such high nicotine. Also impossible to find a juice with higer pg then vg in stores. What can i do to lower my nicotine but keep a strong throat hit? Someone help please!

    1. If you are looking for a throat hit, try to get the highest PG available. Currently, we don’t sell pure flavoring but you can also purchase this, which is PG based, and it will increase the throat hit for you as well. Hope this helps!

      1. Thats one of my 2 biggest problems. Nobody sells higher pg here. Unless I buy it online and wait for shipping i cant get anything more than 50/50. I could care less how big of a cloud i have as long as there is max throat hit.

  41. The difference between 3mg and 1.5 mg in the way it is absorbed by the body through vaping (20w-50w range) is negligible. So much so in fact that any difference one would feel – i believe – would be purely placebo. I’m not a chemist, nor am i a medical professional, but from what I understand only about 10 percent of the nicotine you receive from your “vape” is actually absorbed in to the bloodstream. This is opposed to the 80 or 90 percent you’d get from traditional analog cigarettes. The average analog cigarette is equivilant to about 12mg nicotine. However, because less nicotine is absorbed through vaping, most new vapers require around 24mg to be successful in cessation. Certain cig a like products offer as high as 48mg, but 24 is probably sufficient enough for a ego pen user running 1.8 ohm coils in a 2ml tank. With the rise of sub ohm vaping and it’s new found accessiblity (thanks in part to 30 buck sub ohm starter kits), many are finding they need 6mg or even lower for a satisfying vape. As a former smoker who started at 18mg and worked my way down to 3, i can tell you that all of those Pg, VG and nicotine “allergy” claims are bogus. 90 percent of the vape horror stories I hear about negative reactions or nicotine sickness sound like cigarette withdrawal… and not a whole lot else. Common sense people if you’ve been a pack or two a day smoker for several years it’d be very hard to overdose on nicotine through a standard set up at 18 or even 24mg

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