Look Thru My Eyes

“From Cali back to New York with it.”

 The above is a line from the song, ‘Look Thru My Eyes’, one of nineteen songs on the album, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot.

For those of you who never heard of Earl Simmons, aka Dark Man X, aka DMX— then the title and subtitle of this blog will most likely make zero sense to you. And it’s okay. No need to continue staring at the screen with your brows furrowed in deep confusion. DMX was a hip-hop icon in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but troubles with drugs, alcohol, and run-ins with the law relegated the hip-hop legend to a corner of society that few of us pay attention to.

But I digress. Today’s read has nothing to do with DMX or hip-hop, but rather similar measures that are being passed in places like California and New York, hence the title.

A stretch perhaps, but it’s hump day. These sorta things happen and it’s alright.

Earlier this week, Long Beach City Council members were “all in favor” with a measure that would up the eligible age to buy any tobacco products in the city from 18 to 21.

“Long Beach has been known as the place to buy cigarettes for kids and we don’t want to be known for that,” said City Council President Len Torres.

According to Newsday, city officials said the legislation was long overdue after similar measures were passed in Hempstead, Suffolk County, and New York City.

During a public meeting, Long Beach City Councilman Anthony Eramo spoke on the measure by saying, “Every once in a while we get to vote on something that actually affects people’s health and people’s lives and this is one of those things.”

Councilman Eramo went on to list a statistic in a study that said most nicotine addicts, meaning 90% of nicotine addicts, developed the addiction before the age of 21.

With new FDA regulations categorizing e-cigarettes, hookahs, and cigars as tobacco products, the new measure will apply to these products as well.

In Onondaga County, a small county in the state of New York, lawmakers voted today in favor of a similar measure as the aforementioned.

What does this all really mean? Answer— who knows.

Read more here.

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